What's on your 'To Do' List Oct 26 to Nov 1st?

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    Good Morning all.......

    Anne Theresa, so sorry you had to cancel your trip but it sounds like a very exhausting adventure and you do have the move coming up.

    Hopefully a bright new future for you as well. It simply has to get easier to not have to live with him anymore.....that must have been so difficult for you lately. Surely this is one way to begin moving on....and I think it must have been impossible before the move.

    I don't blame you for having a messy house, it should be that way before a move...can you tell I've done it many times?

    My husband got home on Saturday as planned but has to return to the states and he's leaving again on Friday!! Yikes, only a few days to see him before he's out the door again.

    But it's a good thing for him and I'm so proud of him so Katy and I are just going to keep up our 'new' normal flow since we're in the habit of taking care of everything anyway right now.

    He can concentrate on work things, getting my car in the shop and getting ready for the next trip.

    Today I have a doc appt to straighten out my meds and we'll pick up a few groceries while we're on base. Good thing I didn't stock up for him coming home since he won't be staying...

    Hugs all,

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    Liam is home sick. He threw up yesturday evening and had a headache. Today he has a low grade fever, cough and headache. I am worried about the flu. We have our IEP tomorrow and may cancel if I get sick too. I have a headache but I was up at 2am with him and didn't get much sleep after that.

    Anne Theresa-I am glad you got to rest over the weekend. That trip was more than I realized! Yikes! You can save all your energy to keep your nice new apartment clean:) Sorry you didn't get to visit with your son though.

    Nancy-Sorry your husband has to leave so soon. Hopefully he will have some time to spend with you this week.

    To do:
    Already made phone calls to cancel our ABA today and our respite tomorrow.
    Drop off prescrip. at pharmacy
    get some popsickles for Liam
    prepare for IEP just in case

    Hope everyone is well!!!!
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    Hello Nancy & Molly those who follow,

    You're right Nancy. Between the dismal quiet and the messy house, the idea of moving, though still sad, is beginning to look like a more attractive option. Particularly given how nice the new apartment is; with bright picture windows & plush beige carpeting throughout, more and more I'm beginning to feel okay.

    Thank God for my sister and her willingness to share an apartment. Were it not for her, I'd more than likely be headed for a bachelor apartment in some cold basement, given my measly pension and lack of resources. When I tried to thank her (for disrupting her life to share an apartment with me) she said the timing was perfect for her, that she was beginning to feel unhappy living alone. Also, this particular apartment building is somewhere she's always wanted to live (she told me) but she couldn't afford to - so it works out for both of us.
    God is good.

    After a string of bad days, I had a nice day yesterday. I went shopping with my friend Cristina, then we joined a larger group of friends for dinner. I bought a shower curtain and matching bath towel and dark blue curtains for my new bedroom window. The dark (almost navy) blue curtains should contrast well with the purple bedspread I bought previously. This will be the first time in my 50+ years that I'll have my own bedroom. Strange, but true.

    I have a few more things on my 'to buy' list and a lot more things on my 'to do' list but I'm making progress. I've booked the moving company and acquired all manner of cardboard boxes so I can start packing this week.

    Today, I'm going for a much-needed manicure, then with a few friends to the grand opening of a new section of the mall (40 new stores!). I've been up since early this morning and so I may try to take a little nap first.

    Enjoy the time with your husband, Nancy!

    Molly, I hope your little guy feels better soon. You take care.

    God bless,
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    Good morning,
    My son is still home sick. His fever is the same as yesturday. I just found out 8 children in his class are absent today. Luckily he doesn't have a sore throat because I'm so afraid of strep for him. He gets this autoimmune illness from strep called PANDAS. So I will have him tested as soon as he tells me he has a sore throat. But due to the 6 weeks of OCD and tics that causes I'm praying real hard!

    We have our IEP today. My MIL is coming to watch Liam so we can go. I feel prepared and hope I do not get overwhelmingly anxious. Our ABA supervisor is coming with us to help with strategies for the behavior plan. Wish us luck.

  5. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Molly, I hope Liam feels better and that his fever doesn't develop into PANDAS. It would be a shame if he couldn't go out for Halloween. How did your IEP meeting go yesterday? Good, I hope.

    I've had a couple of good days in a row, mostly owing to the fact that I've been staying busy and out of the house most evenings. I've been doing some shopping; buying odds and ends for the new apartment. I'm going shopping again this eve., this time to buy a microwave. My sister doesn't have one and I'm leaving ours with Dave because it was a gift from his mom. I'd be lost without a microwave.

    Fortunately, I received a healthy sum from the insurance company to reimburse me the physiotherapy/massage therapy/etc. sessions, so I have those $$$ to spend on domestic niceties for the new place. All this retail therapy has been helping me feel more positive about the upcoming move.

    I packed my first box today. I plan to pack one box per day until I'm finished. Dave is going to pack my books for me. Between us, we have 8-10 thousand books (seriously) so I've decided to let him figure out which are mine. I probably only own a thousand or two, none of which are very valuable. I was going to go through them and donate the bulk of them to the GoodWill but since my sister is an avid reader, I decided to bring them all with and let her go through them. At some point in the future, I'll slim down the collection.

    Nancy, this week has gone so fast - it's a shame you'll be saying goodbye to your husband again so soon. Hopefully, you've had a nice week together and he'll be home again before you know it.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  6. alaska3355

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    Eight to ten thousand books! And I thought we had a lot of books......nuthin' compared to yours, Anne Theresa! I hope you find some nice things to help you look forward to your new apartment.

    Nancy- I hope the time is nice with your hubby there and that the time apart goes quickly. Are you enjoying the fall colors? Ours have peaked and are now on the wane. I love all of the reds this time of year....one of my favorite colors.

    Molly- I hope your little guy is on the mend. My granddaughter has been sick for 4 days now, but today she finally has no fever. It has been an early flu season, to be sure. I asked yesterday at the doctor's about flu shots, but they were all out. I'll have to look around if we intend to get a shot.....I'm still not certain about getting one.

    We have been enjoying our apples that I picked awhile back....they are soooo good! Little cameos, but they are just the right combo of sweet and tart. My friend has been feeding them to her goat, but I just enjoy them for people ( I don't have any goats!).

    The boys have one more cross country meet, then life will be less hectic around here. No, it will probably fill in with something else! My older son has set a date, I believe, for their wedding. It is June 12th .....so the excitement has begun! DIL to be has already begun registering and has her gown.....I think she is in a hurry to get married! Ah yes, we were young once too......

    Take care everybody,
    Hugs from Terri
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    I'm sick:( My son is still home. We were going to send him to school today since he had been without fever for over 24 hrs. but he had a second vomit incident last night and coughing sounds very bad.

    My dh will take him to dr this afternoon to check his lungs, check for strep just in case. He was crying and screaming for about an hour last night at 12:30am. I could not calm him and felt sooooo bad. He refused any cough medicine.

    I'm really angry at him because he coughed and hacked all over me on purpose yesturday(!) I was trying to stay about 6 ft away from him and washed my hands constantly. He thought it was funny even after I explained that I wouldn't be able to care for him if he got sick. I guess it is the empathy component of his autism? I have no idea.

    We had a good IEP.

    BOO HOO I'm sad, sick and very grouchy.
    I hope you are all staying well. Since you aren't hanging around young kids in school hopefully you will be okay.

  8. sorekitty

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    I know where Nancy is (lol)but where is everyone else?

    Well, we made it through the week. My son went back to school today. He really wanted to wear his Indiana Jones costume and they are having a class party so it wasn't hard to get him off to school today. We took him to the dr yesturday. No fever just really bad cough. Dr has him using Mucinex and I used his humidifier last night. She said he could go back to school today. So yippee I have one day to myself:)

    I feel better after two days. I slept each day and that helped a lot. I know I will need a nap this afternoon.

    We have our appointment with the child psychiatrist tomorrow. I have to gather all his assessments and information regarding his history.

    I hope everyone is okay and staying healthy. Have a good weekend all.

    To do:
    Call insurance and Medi-Cal for psych approval (already got okay from our ins)
    buy a pumpkin and candy for goodness sake!!!!
    Answer e-mails
    wash all sheets so we can rid ourselves of cooties
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    Hello all,

    Hi Terri. A June wedding will be nice. Wonderful that she has her dress already! I've been watching a show called Say Yes to the Dress It's about Brides and their entourage choosing a wedding gown at an upscale Bridal Salon - have you seen it? Oh, such lovely gowns! Shows like this seldom appeal to me but there's something about this one I enjoy - I guess the fairy tale aspect of a wedding, I don't know. At any rate, I hope your son and his intended have a fun engagement!

    Molly, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and that Liam is well enough to go to school in his beloved Indiana Jones costume. I woke with a sore throat yesterday and was afraid it was going to turn into something but it eased up after a few hours, thank God. I'm glad the IEP went well and I hope tomorrow's meeting with the child psychiatrist goes well too.

    I've been up & down all week, physically & emotionally. Yesterday was bad, today's been okay so far. Tomorrow would have been Dave and my 21 years anniversary - I just want to get through the day without too much grief. I've cried enough.

    God bless,

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    Hi all....

    Seems a shame to have a to do list on a Sunday but Katy and I need to finish up a few things...take trash to the base and get some fruit in for me.

    I woke up with a cold today so that isn't good news. I had one day last week when I had to brace my hand again so I probably didn't wash my hands as well as usual but did use anti-bacterial stuff....

    Yes, we had a wonderful week but it was too short. I got an e-mail from hubby this morning and he misses me so he's changed his flight to get home on Saturday now instead of Sunday....whew!

    Molly so sorry you've been sick, I hope you feel better soon.

    Anne Theresa you poor thing...but you did make it through a very important anniversary and I promise you, eventually it will get easier. I do know that won't help now but.......breathe...you're doing great.

    I'm so glad that you're shopping for a few things for the new apartment. Stuff like that is sure to lift your spirits and hopefully help you to look forward to this move. Although life changing....it's going to get easier if you don't have to see him every day. I don't know how you've managed all of these months but bravo for you.....

    Terri you must be so excited about the wedding....

    Where's Ellen???

    Hugs all,