What's on your 'To Do' List Sept 21 to Sept 27?

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    Good Morning all....

    Ellen, your post really has me thinking....perhaps you were meant to be a volunteer at this church if you have found out that something is amiss so early on in your new position? We don't always get to know what God's plan is for us but it usually unfolds if we give it enough time....

    Anne Theresa, I hope your reconnection with this woman went well but I understand your desire to keep her at arm's length. No one needs another toxic person in their life.

    My Dad's surgery went well but again, no one let me know anything about it until I was worried sick and livid as well. Eventually got a copy of an e-mail my sister sent my husband (huh?) that things went well. My son then wrote that his heart rate was only 46 when they checked him in but at a steady 60 when he was released.

    So....I called my Dad as usual last night and he sounded good. But...he told me my son was flying out to Afghanistan from his house....which wasn't mentioned in the e-mail I got from my son. I did try to call him last night but couldn't reach him so I guess I'm left wondering again if he's gone/ or not.....Can't help but wonder what I ever did to deserve this?

    Molly I hope your surgery went well and that you'll be on the mend soon. I've been thinking about you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Terri, your canning sounds wonderful as always...

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    Hi Nancy, Thanks for getting us started today. I'm glad your Dad's surgery went well though I'm sorry for what you had to go through to get the news. The uncertainty about your son's whereabouts must be very frustrating - God bless you. I suppose there are some ideal family situations whereby family members communicate directly, respectfully and well, but my experience is similar to yours - I'm frequently left shaking my head wondering what I ever did to deserve this. I'm sure more people than not, could say the same.

    It's raining today and truth be told the past couple of days I could have justified putting on the furnace (it's been so cold) but I opted for extra socks and sweaters instead, not wanting to admit summer is over. Today is the first day of Autumn and I feel it in my bones.

    I don't have any plans for today but I'm going to see if I can get an appointment for a manicure this afternoon. Then a few things around the house

    paper filing
    insurance forms
    prepare materials for collage making project
    swish washroom
    tidy living room

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

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    Hi all,

    (((Nancy)))) OMG how sad about your son. I'm so sorry and feel bad that you do not even know why. I am glad to hear you spoke to your Dad and he is okay. I'm glad Katy is there to help you.

    Anne Therese-Hugs to you as you try to mend your broken heart. I am glad you are still getting manicures and other things to take care of yourself. You deserve it. I always have a difficult time with season or weather changes. It is very mild here but everything affects me. We are due to have a scorching heat wave starting tomorrow. It won't be near as bad here at the coast but inland Oy! Oh forgot to say, stay away from the toxic lady! I'm serious. Life is too short.

    Ellen-(lol) Nancy Drew! I hope you take care and good for you helping your diocese. I hope your ultrasound goes well. I have endo too. I had a lap surgery in 2000.

    Hugs to everyone else I missed.

    My surgery went well. Dr found a few small fibroids and one polyp(these can never be cancerous in the uterous, yay!). I spent the rest of the day sleeping. I woke the next day with a severe headache. I had it til I woke this morning. So now my cramping pain feels worse I think because I am not focussed on the headache. Today is my last pain pill. I'm a little scared. It just feels like a bad period of which I am very experienced! I cannot drive til tomorrow.

    My son fell off one of those jumpy obstacle course things at the church picnic yesturday. My dh was there and saw it. We called the doctor and it isn't swelling and he can move it. But I know it hurts and I am a little worried. He tried to use it to get out of school today. But he was running around playing, laughing and able to put together legos and clean up. I am wondering if the school nurse will be calling today. We will see.

    To do:


    call dr to ask about OTC pain meds and make 2 week follow up appt

    paperwork for teacher and for Medi-Cal for my son

    take care of my son from 2:30 to 5:30 til respite can get here

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    Hello all,

    Molly, I'm glad you came through your surgery without a problem and I hope, by now, your pain is a thing of the past. I'm sure it's a good feeling to have the experience behind you. I'm sorry your little guy had a tumble, but I had to smile at his 'using it' to try to get out of school.

    I finally got out for my manicure this afternoon. (I wanted to do this on Monday but I couldn't overcome the greater desire to stay in my pajamas all day.) After the manicure, I picked up a few groceries as well as a few items from the pharmacy, including a new lipstick. New lipstick always cheers me up. It's a very pretty mauve colour.

    At weight-watchers last night, I was down another three pounds, making for a total of 34 lbs lost. Two more pounds and I'll be at the halfway point (my overall goal is to lose 72 lbs). I'm eating healthy and losing at a very slow pace (average 2.8 lbs lost per month). I'm proud of myself for staying the course.

    The manicure and shopping took a lot energy so I don't know how far I'll get on my to-do list today:

    empty wastebaskets
    clean kitchen counters & sink
    water plants
    start box for Goodwill
    cut-out images for collage
    read, watch TV
    pizza for dinner

    God bless
    Anne Theresa

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    Good Morning all....

    Molly I'm so relieved you came through your surgery ok. Are the headaches getting better?

    Anne Theresa, good for you for getting out for the manicure and finding a lipstick shade that you like.

    Yesterday Katy and I stayed in, she wanted a moping day but it turned out to be my turn. She wanted hers after the appt with the lawyers yesterday but says she's 'reserving' the right to have one on another day.

    Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mom's death, 4 years.....I was ok with it but then my son tried to call me 4 times on my cell phone. (I'm 47 not 17 and have a land line) So of course, I didn't catch any of the calls because I was in bed all afternoon.

    He said he'd try to call before his next flight....so I have no idea where he is or what he's doing. He certainly knows which buttons to push to hurt me the most......But perhaps he expects me to call around and beg information on him and I'm just too stubborn to beg for information, nor is it anyone else's responsibility to let me know where he is.

    Today Katy has a doc appt on base so we can find out the results of her blood work. I'll try to get my handicapped sticker paperwork finished so I can start driving my husband's car. The service light is on in my car so it's time to switch.

    Hugs all.....

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    Boy, the weeks just fly by any more! Is it because I'm getting older???

    My canning is finally slowing down, or at least taking a break. I still have garden tomatoes to deal with. Only problem is, my canning shelves are all full already. No room for more shelves, the freezers are full- what to do? I may try dehydrating them.....it would really save space. Has anyone had any luck dehydrating tomatoes?

    I have some fresh oregano to dry as well- they would go nicely together!

    I took my MIL to have a Holter monitor put on. It is to monitor your heartbeat for 24 hours, and the last test they did on her, she had a heart rate of 38! Even worse than your dad's, Nancy! But she is older, so that may be why. Like you, I'll worry and pray until it's over, since it looks like that is the direction we're heading.

    Not much else to report....the twins are busy running cross country and loving it. They have NO problem sleeping at night!

    Hugs, Terri
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    Good Morning all.....

    Terri, don't forget my Dad was put on medication to speed up his heart rate and that's what caused him to need to have the pacemaker put in. Something tells me this med might be better in younger folks, not the elderly. Just wanted to warn you in case this scenario comes up with your MIL.

    Katy and I managed to get everything done that we needed to do yesterday but just barely. She had to have more blood work done, her Thyroid is acting up again, she may need to take even more iron and both of these things will make you feel just awful.

    Her thyroid was back up to 3. something yesterday (while on meds) yet it was a very normal 1.4 a few months ago. Something's up there.....

    She also had her chest x-ray done, she tested pos for TB as a kid, took the meds and now needs this every 3 years. So.....the doc visit took hours instead of minutes again.

    This stuff with my son is driving me nuts...was so very weepy yesterday and that's just not like me.

    So...Katy and I are going to rest for these 3 days and try to find some time for some fun things, hopefully. I do need to go back to base and pick up my handicapped sticker for hubby's car.

    I also made the mistake of weighing myself yesterday......and had lost 4 pounds in 2 days, yuck!!! So depressing.....

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    Nancy, I hadn't realized you mom had so recently passed. For some reason, I thought she'd died many years ago, as did my own mom. The grief surrounding your mom's death must still be fairly new to you. That, along with concern for your son, your father's recent surgery, stress from your sibling, adjusting to your husband's absence, supporting Katy's through her ongoing health issues, not to mention your own health issues, additional pain and incessant weight loss more than accounts for your recent bout of weeping. God bless you, dear. I wish I was there to give you a big hug and some TLC but a cyber hug, warm thoughts & prayers will have to suffice. I hope you and Katy find some fun things to do over the next few days and have some much-needed & refreshing rest.

    Hi Terri, time passes quickly for me too, the month's, the years just fly by. My youngest son will celebrate his 30th birthday next month and I just shake my head in wonder. It doesn't seem that long ago that my children were small boys. The notion of your running out of freezer space & shelves to store your canning boggles my mind. What a wonderful thing to do for your family!

    I'm sorry your mom is having heart problems - God bless her. I hope she receives a timely and successful treatment. Nice that your sons are enjoying cross-country running. That takes a lot of stamina, no wonder they're sleeping well:)

    I saw my doctor yesterday for my regular, monthly appointment. He is such a sweet man, made all the more apparent by his reaction to my breakup. When I saw him last month, I was distraught and weepy and he was more than kind. At yesterday's appointment I felt more composed and I didn't feel the need (or expect to) talk too much more about it but he drew me into further conversation. He was very empathetic, shared some helpful philosophy and advice and I felt better leaving his office than I did going in. I'm fortunate - particularly here in Ontario where there is a shortage of doctors - to have such a good and caring doctor. My recent lab tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, etc.) were all perfect:)

    Today, I'm meeting my sister for lunch and then we're going to look at an apartment.

    To do Today

    Make physiotherapy appointment
    Make counselling appointment
    lunch and apt. viewing with Sandra
    paper filing (I've been procrastinating something terrible on this task)
    clean inside fridge & cupboards

    God bless,
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    Hi, Girls:

    I don't have much time on the computer. I've spent a lot of time doing the letter to the Diocese about the church secretary.

    Nancy: glad your dad is okay. Sorry you don't know where your son is.

    Molly: Glad your surgery went okay.

    Anne Theresa: Congrats on the weight loss!

    Terri: I'm still canning and freezing, too, although I don't do as much as you. I've never tried dehydrating anything.

    I've had a busy week. My Excel computer class has started. Three more classes to go. I have found that the evening class is working well as long as I rest before I go. I had a job interview on Tuesday a.m., but have already found out I didn't get the job. But it was only 16 hours.

    Well, gotta go. I'll try to get on here more next week.