What's on your 'To Do' List Sept 28 to Oct 4th?

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    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa, bless you for your kind words and support. I think you and I would have a wonderful time with a huge cup of cappuccino. And yes I have been struggling lately.

    Katy suggested yesterday that I go talk to someone about it and she's completely right. (brilliant too bless her) My life is very difficult and living with this new disease/condition just makes everything that much harder. I'm hoping to find that number and make that call today.

    She's really not feeling well and I don't know why the doc didn't increase her thyroid meds. We're hoping to fix that soon.

    Since we have appts on Tues and Wed, I'm hoping for a relaxing day today. We're behind on laundry and need to get that going too.

    Hubby's doing great at school and he sounds so happy. This is a great opportunity for him and I'm glad he's able to enjoy it and pour everything he has into it. He's studying hard, is a team leader so he's also making the most of it. Very few get this opportunity.

    Hugs all and hope to hear from you all soon.

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    Okay, it's Sunday night and I came on hoping to hear from you Nancy to cheer me up. I'm really glad that you have posted. It is good that you will make that phone call to talk with someone. It sounds like Katy is doing really well lately and your husband, wow that is great news. Hope your day turns out relaxing.

    My husband is/has been in such a bad place for so long. We have been doing couples counseling and she has suggested my husband see someone individually. He is going on Tuesday. He has a lot of anxiety and feels as though the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. It has been a real challenge, our lives. We are trying every way possible to get support and help through this.

    I am really depressed. I think I may wean off my prozac. I should call my dr and let him know. I am wondering if I could do more natural things like 5htp or something. I am so tired of meds seeming to work and then stop working.

    I wonder how much our stress affects Liam? I hope he doesn't notice it too much. He seems so happy-go-lucky much of the time.

    Tomorrow will be hard to transition Liam back to the school week. He will refuse to get ready and say he doesn't want to go. I am so happy we are carpooling with the neighbor girl. She has been his friend for 5 years and it helps move him along to school.

    I got a new book to read to Liam. The teacher suggested we read above level books for our child. I hadn't thought about it. My son goes through about 10-15 chapter books a week. Lately the Box Car children. The book that was suggested is 'Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism' and was in the middle school section. We started it tonight. I am excited that he is letting me read to him.

    I have some deadlines and appointments this week. I don't really want to think about it!

    I wish I had more positive attitude to write to you all and start the week.


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    So Nancy, how long is your hubby's schooling? I assume it's military based....I'm glad he is well enough to take advantage of it. Is he able to stay at home while he attends, or is he away?

    Molly, I would talk to the doctor first before weaning off of the Prozac. I don't know much about the drug, but I hope you don't do it on your own. Hurray that Liam is letting you read to him! You'll have some nice memories of those times.

    I have had a friend give me a ton of zucchini lately. She made a good recipe with it and I tried it- delicious! I'll tell briefly what it is: slice the zucchini and brush with olive oil. Salt and pepper it. Then grill it lightly...watch carefully. Then top it with feta or goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, and sprouts. Sprinkle with basil and/or coriander. The zucchini is wonderful grilled!

    I hope to hear from more of you soon.....blessings to you all!
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    Hi all,

    Terri-you are right I will call my dr and make an appt before I go off prozac. The zucchini sounds very good. I like grilled veges.

    Today I feel like I accomplished so much. I turned in my son's Medi-Cal redetermination packet. I guess I need to do this once a year. I decided to go there in person and put it in the drop box.

    I got a thank you card for our behavioral tutor. Her last day is Weds. We have been together for a year now and I will miss her so much. I plan on getting flowers. I just don't know what gift to get. What do you get for someone who was both teacher/behaviorist to us the parents and our child.

    I am planning to call the pediatrician. Remember over a week ago when Liam fell off the jumpy and hurt his arm? Well he tells me from time to time that it hurts. But he plays normally. He had a dozie of a tantrum last night (lasted over an hour). Screamed and cried that he wants to see the dr and get an x-ray. He refused to go to school til he saw a dr. But then this morning he was fine. I think he is using it when he gets upset. I am torn though about what to do because what if it is something? I told him if we have to get an x-ray it cost a lot of $ and that would mean less Legos. I am just trying to get the truth out of him.

    The Mars Rover Society is coming to the library for the children's program today. I know Liam would like that a lot. Maybe I should tell him we would have to miss it if we were to get an x-ray. But then I still won't know for sure. Uuggh.

    Call ped
    Call my dr
    rest before school is out
    go to bed early (field trip tomorrow and I may drive or carpool)


  5. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all.....

    Monday was just so beautiful that Katy and I had lunch out at one of our favorite restaurants and shopped a bit.

    Yesterday I was so tired, but determined to go to the mall before Katy's appt for her other elbow. She does need the surgery on her right arm too but the doc wants to wait until the left elbow heals properly. Her right arm got worse after depending on it after the left arm's surgery.

    This is getting tricky since her divorce is pending...so she told the doc the truth about it. He said he would do the surgery for free if necessary. Wow, she came out of the appt with the most peaceful smile on her face. This kind of stuff happens to 'other' people and she was shocked that it happened to her.

    Molly, I'm so sorry that I wasn't on here yesterday.... but please don't ever wean yourself from an AD. I did that once years ago when the docs wouldn't listen that the Elavil wasn't helping me but causing me to gain weight. It didn't turn out well at all....

    My husband's been on the 5HTP but it didn't really do anything for him. I think in your situation, you need a doc experienced in medications who knows your story so he/SHE can find the best med for you. Katy's been on most of them through the years and many caused side effects or didn't help at all.

    I started Effexor about 6 years ago for menopausal symptoms and have stayed on it ever since. It works for me, although some have problems with it. I was very anti AD at the time but my doc assured me that it wouldn't cause weight gain and other problems. They do have new meds now....let your doctor guide you to see which one's best for you.

    I'm so glad that your husband is going to see someone by himself. Mine does that too because he also feels the weight of the world on his shoulders and there's really nothing we can do to help. (That's why he's having such a good time at school, it's all for him and he can concentrate on himself for a time) He deserves it!

    Terri, my hubby's away for 6 weeks in DC for this school.....

    Today is my CT scan for my hand. I'm not sure how problematic it is at the moment, it's feels much better since it's been braced for a few weeks now. Odd though, I have another bone sticking out really bad on my left wrist too.

    Oh, and we did good at the mall yesterday. I gave Katy some money to shop for basics and she came out with a wonderfully cute, hip outfit and she's so proud that it's in style. She's lost weight and I felt she needed something new to celebrate that. And she got a wonderful pair of slacks too.

    I got a nice pair of slack type jeans (more my age than the one's the 17 year old's wear) and an adorably cute jacket. I'm back to needing new everything for the season since my weight change is drastic from last year. I last shopped for underpants in the little girls section and bought size 12's. It's so nice to have a pr of jeans that an adult woman would wear again.

    Hugs all,

  6. hugs4evry1

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    Just finished my Woman's Day magazine and there was a quote at the end that I wanted to share with you....

    "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much"......Mother Theresa

    This really gave me the giggles ..... nice to know that even Mother Theresa felt overwhelmed at times....


  7. Beadlady

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    For Hubby--get the lawnmower fixed again
    Then get the grass moved
    Pick up the stuff I tried to cut down

    For ME get the weeds pulled in the back & front yard
    sweep off the house for dust bunnies and spider webs

    Drag out the Shop vac and vacuum the stairs & porch around the doors
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    Hello all,

    I love the Mother Theresa quote. I expect we can all relate to it, at one point or another.

    Hi Beadlady, It looks like you have some fairly strenuous chores ahead of you. Be sure to pace yourself and don't over-do it. From your screen name (Beadlady) I would guess you make jewelry - is this correct?

    Molly, I agree with Terri & Nancy's advice not to wean yourself from your anti-d without first taking the issue to your doctor. I know first-hand the frustration of trying to find an effective anti-d and how some medications seem to help for a short time, then stop. It can be very disheartening. I hope you find an effective medication soon, then the frustration will seem worthwhile.

    I've not tried the 5htp but my experience with St. John's Wort was that it helped somewhat with a mild depression but it took six weeks to 'kick-in' and the effect was very subtle (I can't even be sure if the easing of symptoms was because of the supplement or if it was just a spontaneous easing of the depression). St. John's Wort did not help me at all with moderate/severe depression.

    It's great that you're reading to Liam. I used to love reading to my sons. We read some wonderful books and, especially as they got older, I enjoyed the stories as much as they did. Happy memories!

    Terri, The zucchini dish reminds me of Zucchini Parmesan which is the vegetarian version of Veal Parmesan. It's one of my favourite dishes. Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable and very healthy. I love it grilled! I expect you're a good cook - so often your posts make my mouth water :) Take care.

    Nancy, how wonderful that Katy's doctor is so kind-hearted. It's amazing to find a doctor who values patient care over money, what a blessing! It's nice you're shopping for new clothes - that's always fun - though your ongoing need for smaller sizes must be frightening for you.

    It's sadly ironic that as adult women we spend so much time and energy worrying about being the slightest bit overweight that we completely forget to be grateful that our body accepts and works so well with the nutrients we feed it. It's only when the body breaks down and no longer turns food into body-fat that we begin to realize how absurdly stupid the quest for a thin waist-line can be.

    However much time and energy I've devoted over the years to diet and exercise and the incessant need to look a certain way, I'd gladly trade for a cure for you, Nancy. It breaks my heart that you're still losing weight. I had hoped that the new enzymes were going to help more than they have. What now? Will you go back to the doctor or give the enzymes a longer trial? I hope my frustration hasn't upset you - it just seems like a long time for you to suffer without answers.

    All is well with me, though honestly I feel numb, like I'm moving through my days without thought or emotion. I'm sleeping as much as I can and when I'm awake, I read or watch TV, to keep my mind busy. I'm doing very little housework, avoiding Dave as much as possible and whenever I start to cry or worry I do my best to shut it off (except for every couple of days when I have the house to myself, I give into a good cleansing cry-a-thon). I see my best friend twice a week and so avoid isolation. I'm keeping up with my appointments etc., getting manicures, taking showers, washing my hair, eating healthy, doing all that good stuff.

    Sister and I have an appointment to put in our application for the apartment on Friday (did I tell you about the apartment?) and we'll know that very day if we're accepted. In the meantime, I'm gathering the documents I need (proof of income, letters of reference, etc.) and doing what I can to manage the anxiety I feel.

    It's cold, so cold I had to put the furnace on yesterday.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  9. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I finally made it over to the library this week. I feel like I've been so busy lately, I sometimes wonder how I found time to work! Monday and Tuesday were not good days for me due to the FMS. We've had a weather change-rainy and cooler and that effected me healthwise. In fact I missed my pool class and my computer class yesterday and stayed in bed. I did manage to do some things in the morning yesterday, though.

    I finally mailed in the letter to the Bishop about the church secretary and decided to give the copy of the letter that goes to our pastor to Loretta, a church employee, and asked her to give it to him on Friday. He is out of the office until then. I feel I can trust her with it. I didn't feel comfortable putting it in his mailbox.

    I also finally typed letters and put them in the sympathy cards to my friend in Austria whose mother has just died. I also sent a letter and card to her father. I have been to Austria three times so I know her parents well and I have felt so badly that her mother had a stroke and them passed away. I had hoped that somehow I would be able to see them one more time, but with my health and our finances it just wasn't to be. Eva and I have been penpals since we were 17 years old!

    All this typing, plus my computer class has taken a toll on my hands and arms. I had hoped I would be able to take the next computer class, but this teacher also gives out homework assignments which are pretty lengthy. And while I have enjoyed the class, my FMS has not. So while I will finish out the class (2 more classes), I guess I will have to give my hands and arms a break. Of course I'm not sure how much is the class as unfortunately I also had these letters to do at the same time, but I am sure the class is largely to blame, too.

    Nancy: I must have missed something. Have they finally come up with a diagnosis for your weight loss? I looked at last week's post, but didn't see anything. You certainly have had your share of ups and downs and more downs lately. I am glad that Katy has offered you some support. I, too, thought it had been longer that your mother had been gone. But no matter how long they have been gone, you always miss them as I have found out. I really missed my parents this summer when I was so sick and needed help. If you have a diagnosis, please let me know what it is.

    Anne Theresa: You are so fortunate to have such a thoughtful and caring doctor. My FMS doctor is that way, too. Now that I am unemployed and have to stay on the Cymbalta, which is more expensive, he always gives me free samples to help me out. And he always talks to me and asks how things are going. Most doctors are in such a hurry. I think of you often and wonder how you are. I hope and you and your sister can work things out so you can live together.

    Molly: Prozac was the anti-depressant that made me have all the awful side effects this past summer! But, of course, everyone is different. It just may be you need another medication. I have also heard that some people need more than just an anti-depressant for their depression. But talk to your doctor and ask if you might need more than an anti-depressant for your depression. If you can afford it, Cymbalta has worked well for me and I think my FMS doctor said that Cymbalta was made for people with FMS, but don't quote me.

    Terri: Our weatherman said that we might get a frost here tonight so I have decided to cover up my tomatoes. I am wondering if I need to do this with my squash. I will check to see if they are ready to be harvested. I checked a week ago, but they didn't come off the vines. Your recipe sounded good!

    Well, I need to go as I am swimming today to make up for not going yesterday!

  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Anne Theresa, you must surely be one of the kindest souls on earth and I appreciate all that you've said. You made me feel like you took the time to understand how difficult this has all been for me and I'm truly touched.

    I was so proud when I had stabilized my weight at 119-121. (almost 3 months at this weight) I felt like I finally had an end to this problem so I have no idea why I dropped back to 117 again, but it looks awful. Buying new clothes and paying full price means I've begun the acceptance process that this is my weight and now I need more than a few things. But it is frustrating to say the least. At this level, a few pounds makes the difference in a size and now my small tops are falling off in the chest area again.

    I knew new clothing would become an issue again as it is with the weather changes and new seasons. All of the sweaters I bought last Dec will no longer fit, nor apparently do any of my jackets and long sleeved tops from last year. I'm scared to try on my winter coats so that's why I'm on the hunt for new cute things so I don't have to go through the agony that I did last year when trying to get dressed and nothing fitting.

    I know at times I've forgotten to take the enzymes, especially when I'm cooking.....it's difficult to stand for any period of time so my brain is often going south whether from blood sugar dropping or exhaustion I'm not sure. That could be a cause of the weight loss too. But I will need to take the enzymes forever....

    Ellen, I have Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency....my body doesn't have the necessary enzymes to process food. (or it no longer produces them) My case is pretty severe since malnutrition is also a factor. But I don't have the usual causes like gastro/pancreatic surgery, cancer or Cystic Fibrosis so I'm left out in the cold with no resourses for information.

    And yes, my Mom died 4 years ago, when I was too sick to go back and see her one more time. It was an amazing mess, my sister being the medical power of attorney but on a hunting trip with her husband in the wilds of Canada, my Mom had a DNR yet they had to continue to do things she didn't want done because no one would tell my sister while she was on vacation to bring her back home. So my Mom suffered for 3 weeks in the hospital waiting......it was a very difficult time.

    Oh, and my husband was gone on a business trip that was supposed to be a week, but ended up being 6 weeks and due to legalities and he couldn't leave. Katy was in a psych hospital etc......horrible mess.....

    Katy cleaned the house yesterday while I had my CT scan done....so that's off the list.

    Today we need to sit and map out a plan for the little things that have piled up. Groceries, TriCare, prescription refills, handicapped sticker for hubby's car (my service light is still on) phone calls etc....

    Hugs all,

  11. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I have a friend here who sounds like she has the same issue as you....pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. Her doctors haven't been able to help her, and she has dropped an alarming amount of weight. She is having major trouble digesting anything, so she is not eating meat. I think she's anemic. What enzymes do you suggest for her to try? Is in an all around digestive enzyme or something specific? I'd like to share this info with her.

  12. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    My German doctor has me on Kreon 25000 which is a very high dosage. I take 6 a day with my meals, I have to eat that often because of the severe hypoglycemia.

    The testing for this included a ton of blood work, an abdominal ultrasound, and a basket full of stool samples. I also had a CT scan done on my Pancreas to eliminate a tumor as possible cause. A tumor can block the ducts of the enzymes. (mine was negative)

    I do NOT have pancreatitis which can lead to this, nor do I drink alcohol and if I do it's a half glass of wine every few months so I don't fit in with any 'norms' for this disease.

    Although I have had IBS for over 20 years now the symptoms increased just awful but it was after a very stressful time (last year when Katy was hospitalized in London) so I didn't think too much of it. The gas was horrible, just horrible too and the weight loss was major and distressing.

    I too am horribly low in Iron Stores, mine are almost non-existent but I do eat all meats.

    If any of this sounds the same for your friend, she needs to have this battery of testing done by a gastro doc. Taking enzyme supplements WILL NOT help at all.

    And now that I'm on this medication, I can't even take a few bites of food without it and the horrible symptoms set back in. Even if I nibble on a few grapes, the gas is awful...and my tummy feels like it's going to explode. Not pleasant at all.


  13. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    Yesterday was a complete down day for me. I spent all day in bed unable to get anything done. Bless Katy, she's taken up the slack in a wonderful way and has been cleaning, organizing and doing my laundry too. She even cooked dinner for us last night.

    So today I still have a very lengthy list of things to do....

    Get handicapped sticker
    Refill Meds
    Go to TriCare
    Get groceries
    Check mail on base
    Cash checks at bank

    Yikes, that's enough to think about for now but I did wake up feeling human again so that's a good thing.

    Hugs all,

  14. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I hope you have a better day today.....thanks for the info. It sounds like my friend here will need prescription help if she has what you have.

  15. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi all,
    Well I took Liam to the pediatrician. He sent us on to an orthopedist for his arm (he fell of a jumpy about 2 weeks ago). Well 2.5 hours later he had a cast put on. It is luckily very minor. A wrist fracture that the dr said would heal very well and very easily. I am trying not to feel bad about not having him x-rayed sooner. But the dr said not to feel bad he sees hundreds of cases like this and you can't tell. It was just that he complained of pain only when trying to get out of going to school! My husband didn't even think I should have taken him to the appointment yesturday. Then we came home with the cast. He said "You knew!" to me!

    We had a good couples session yesturday. We have some homework we have already started. I am going to get a book that our therapist recommended. Something like 'Solutions for Adults with Asperger Syndrome' It is a book for couples where one person has AS and gives a lot of examples. I hope it can help us. We still love each other a lot but I feel really disconnected from him and would like that to change.

    I ordered my son an Indiana Jones fedora hat and a whip for his Halloween costume. He was Indie last year and wants to be again! I have the costume but the hat that came with it was terribly cheap and looked awful. I bought him some desert sand colored cargo pants for back to school and I will have him wear those. But I stop at buying boots or brown shoes! He can wear it all with his plaid velcro Converse (lol)!

    Our fridge is broken and the repair guy is coming today. It is only about 6 years old! We had to replace our old washing machine not too long ago so we are hoping it will be something inexpensive.

    Nancy-What did the CT scan show? I remember when I lost a lot of weight and was lucky enough to get hammie downs from my friend. I wasn't digesting properly and it took me a year to gain the 15#s back. Now I am 120-122 and look much better except I am flabby from not working out:( I love the quote from Mother Theresa! Thanks.

    Beadlady-You are way more motivated than I! I hope you are feeling okay after all of that hard work.

    Anne Therese-I'm sorry you are having to go through such a loss and grieving. You are so good though to keep up with the self-care such as seeing your friend and manicures. You are awesome! I hope the apartment turns out for you and your sister.

    Ellen-Sorry your arms and hands hurt so much. I bet the pool therapy helps.

    To do:
    follow up appt at Gyn for fibroid surgery
    grocery shop


    P.S. My son came home with a paper from school with a synonym. He wrote "I love my delicate Mommy" and he drew a picture of us hugging in black crayon. There were pink dots all over our faces. He said they were kisses:) OMG it made me feel so good. He has always had a very hard time with writing and coloring. He is doing it!!!!!!!
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  16. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    That picture Liam drew sounds like a keeper! What a sweetie!

  17. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    I know! I plan on framing it. Everytime he has a bad tantrum lately I go over to the fridge and look at it:)

  18. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    and didn't get any of the things done on my list. I'll work on a new list for next week :)

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