What's on your to do list? Sept 8-Sept 11

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  1. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Good Morning!

    Where is everyone? Holiday weeks make me feel off. I cannot believe it is Wednesday already!

    Just an update about my surgery. I had the 2nd opinion and have decided to go through with the removal of the uterine fibroids. There are more than one but they are all fairly small. I am having enough symptoms that I think this will really improve my life. I go in on Sept 18th. I am trying to line up respite care for the days following. It should be about 4 days of recovery.

    The heat wave is over! When the cool breezes came in I had to put on sweat pants and a hoodie I was so cold and it was 75!!!! My body never adjusts to temps very well.

    Today's to do:

    grocery shop

    vet appt for Skeeter, blood work. I can stay with him and take him home instead of leaving him all day

    in-home ABA therapy

    I hope to hear from everyone!
  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Molly thanks so much for getting the list started this week. We've been so busy here getting hubby ready to leave on Sat that it just slipped my mind.

    I hope your surgery goes well. That's the same day my Dad is having his pacemaker put in too. So I'll be thinking about you both that day and wishing you well.

    I had my doc appt yesterday and it went very well. I think I know why I've been feeling so awful lately. A few months ago they changed my iron tablets to a different brand/size/shape/color and for some reason I thought the prescription was double strength so I was taking only 1 each day instead of 2.

    Big mistake since my iron stores were nearly non-existant....so we did the blood work again and I fixed my pill pack to go back on 2 a day. This really should help since low iron stores make you feel just horribly awful.

    And my doc is sending me to an orthopedic surgeon next week for the painful problem with my left hand. What I thought was just arthritic changes is more than likely a cyst that needs to be removed surgically.

    With hubby gone it's going to be interesting, yet Katy's really able to help a lot now and has agreed to do whatever I need. (Funny how much a right handed person uses the left hand) She even mowed the lawn for me a few days ago, wooohooooo!!! It's only about the 3rd time someone's helped me with it and such a relief to have her helping with the big stuff too now.

    Today she has a psych appt but will be ending her relationship with this guy. He's a moron and she needs to let him know that he isn't helping her. I have a few other things I need to do on base after wards but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get done.

    Hugs all,

  3. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    My children have gone camping with their dad and friends for four days. This leaves me in an oasis of peace and quiet. My head to do list is enormous but what I can realistically accomplish over the next few days is another story...

    I've already cleaned mold off one quarter of a window and would like finish off the rest
    I've done 3 loads of washing
    I've done the dishes
    I've folded clothes
    I had lots of rests in between but am feeling it now

    Over the next 3 days would love to....
    mop floors
    vacuum living room carpet
    clean bathroom sink
    visit friends
    have a naturopath appointment
    do some quilting with some like-minded crafty friends

    This is the most I've ever contemplated in accomplishing in the past 3 years, and is an indication of how much better I am doing.

    Molly and Nancy I hope visit to surgeons and impeding surgeries go well.
    It is great to read what other people are up to.


  4. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, thanks for getting us started this week. Having made the decision about surgery, it probably feels good for you know the issue will soon be resolved. I hope you find the respite care and all you need for a comfortable recovery. I'm glad the heat wave is over for you. Our weather has been hotter than usual this week (though nowhere near a heat-wave) and I've found it unpleasant. I can't imagine how bad it's been for you. I'm smiling to think of you bundled up at 75 degrees.

    Nancy, I'm glad to hear your Dad is having the pacemaker installed. Hopefully this will prolong and improve his quality of life. I have a sense of your Dad from your sharing around his Christmas visit (including a lovely photo ) was it two years ago? and he struck me as a good and down-to-earth man. God bless him.

    I hope the increased iron helps you feel better. It's lovely to find an easy answer to a dreadful symptom, isn't it? I wish it would happen more often :) It would be wonderful if there was a surgical solution to the issue with your hand. Perhaps the upcoming appointment with the orthopedic surgeon will give you hope in that regard. It's great Katy's able to help you with some of the bigger chores. Speaking of Katy, I think it's fantastic she's going to fire her doctor. It really speaks to her personal growth and confidence to be able to take hold of a situation like that. Being assertive is not an easy life-skill to acquire (though she's had a great role-model) so kudos to Katy.

    Welcome! Snez, to the to-do list thread! How nice you have a break from your family, 'an oasis of peace and quiet'. I hope, in addition to all the housework you've planned, you remember to take some quality me-time. Quilting with your friends sounds like a good start :) It's wonderful to know you're feeling well enough to consider doing so much. That's one good thing about this illness, you learn to appreciate your good days.

    My mission today is a trip to the hair-dressers. After that, I'll probably come home and read. Frozen pizza for dinner. An easy day. That's the plan, at least.

    God bless,

  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    This is going to be short. I have to go to the pool in a few minutes.

    Molly: I didn't know you were having problems with fibroids. I've heard this can be very debilitating. Glad you will have it taken care of soon.

    Nancy: Glad you have found the possible source of why you have not been feeling well. I have always been borderline anemic and have always had to take iron. It can certainly leave you feeling totally wiped out if you are not getting enough. I hope all goes well with your dad.

    Snez: Welcome to our little group here. We always like new members.

    Anne Theresa: How are things with you? You sound calm, but I'm sure there are lots of things going on in your mind.

    I will try to get on here tomorrow when I can talk more. Have to go.

  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all.....

    Snez, welcome to this thread! It's a great group of ladies here and I hope you continue to post. As Anne Theresa said, please take some 'me' time while you can. So glad you've been feeling well enough to accomplish some of the things on your list.

    Anne Theresa, you've been quiet lately so I hope everything is going at least ok for you.

    Katy did fire her doc and it went well for her. I was so proud! And yes, my Dad is a very down to earth man, yet a cantankerous old fart at the same time, bless him. I sincerely hope this helps him feel better.

    I guess part of the problem was his heart was beating too slowly so they gave him meds to speed it up.....now he needs a pacemaker so I do hope it helps.

    I'm looking forward to the orthopedic surgeons visit next week, although having surgery is going to be tough, it'll be nice to have that pain gone too. I made steaks last night for dinner so I had to remove the brace to deal with the raw meat. Just turning the burner knob on the stove caused me to cry out in pain......at least the brace helps for now.

    Ellen, as always it's great to hear from you. I hope your pool visit helped. I'm wondering about the anemia though my doc hasn't mentioned that but just that my iron stores are almost non-existent. I'll do some research again to help clear up my poor tired brain.

    Hubby's off today but we're getting him packed up for his trip tomorrow. His 'honey do' list has been a mile long both at home and at work and I have a few small things for him to do today.

    I need to finish up his pill packs for the 6 weeks today and I think we'll try to sneak away for a nice lunch out if the weather's pretty again. (It's been some of the most gloriously beautiful weather ever here this past week!)

    Katy and I had lunch out after her appt yesterday and we stopped at one of our favorite places. It's the place that always packs me up with huge meals because they know I freeze it and it helps so much with hubby gone. Need to break up the enormous meals into my size portions today too. I'll probably end up with 20 to 25 meals out of just 2 ordered meals from yesterday but it'll help so much!

    Hugs all,

  7. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi, wow it's great to see everyone posting and a new poster too!

    Today is my ds picture day. He is so cute. I helped him wash his face and combed his hair and added some of my nice hair stuff. He has on a dark blue Hawaiian shirt. He is so tan just naturally. Unlike my fair, freckled skin.

    He told me he made the girl next to him cry yesturday. He is bewildered and doesn't understand why. He said he wanted to look at her pencil box. The girl though he wanted to steal her pencil. So she got moved and I guess my ds got in some trouble. I tried to role play that he can ask first to see someone's things but if they say no you have to respect that. I guess typical 2nd grade stuff but the social component is lost on my lil guy.

    Yesturday I had severe anxiety. Our couples therapy focussed on my anxiousness. It is due to school. I need to contact the school because I don't know anything that is going on yet I'm anxious because the new case manager may have heard from the other not nice things about us. I need to get a communication log going between the teacher and myself and they were supposed to get Liam a fidget for transitions and line up times. I don't know his speech schedule and is someone still keeping an eye out for him at lunch and playground time. How is he doing? Is no news good news? Has he hit anyone? All this going through my mind. I feel a complete disconnect! Luckly my husband was able to get my refil of xanax yesturday. I will start some cognitive therapy stuff the counselor is helping me with.

    Oh then there is the anxiousness of the other parents who are snooty. One always stares at me. Long story but my ds had sensory defensiveness in line last year and punched a boy in the nose (this lady's son's best friend). Everything is now fine and the boys mom was very gracious. We worked it out the boys worked it out but this other mom stares me down still. It is awful. The whole thing was awful for me last year. Then there is what I call the kindergarten sandbox mom. She came up to me and Liam's aide in K and interupted an important conversation to tell my aide that "Liam is throwing sand in the sandbox!" The aide left and I said loudly "HI, I AM LIAM'S MOM!" She didn't say anything and now avoids me. Ughh I hate this stuff. Do you know how many times at pick up and drop off that i helped kids who were throwing sand? Constantly reminding them to keep it low. Okay rant over.

    Nancy, OMG is that resturant German? I ask because we have a German deli/grocery/resturant here and the servings are so huge I get about 3 meals from one! Hey, I'm so glad Katy is doing well and can help you out with the big stuff. I hope your dh trip goes okay and you feel your best healthwise while he is gone. I also hope your Dad's surgery goes well.

    Snez, Welcome! I'm so glad you came by and posted. How nice to have the house to yourself. It's great that you are feeling good enough to tackle the things you want to.

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad you had an easy day! I hope the heat doesn't get to you. You do seem quiet and I hope you are doing the best you can right now. Hugs.

    Ellen, Thanks for checking in. I didn't know I had fibroids either (lol). Just found out maybe a month ago. How is the voluteer job going?

    To do:
    Call to schedule respite for surgery
    tidy house
    yoga dvd (I start my yoga class next week)
    call new case manager at school to go over my questions
    Date with hubby tonight:)
  8. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Ellen & Nancy, thanks for asking how I'm doing. Facing the end of the relationship, I feel a bit more accepting, though still quite weepy. We've had a few talks about putting the house on the market sooner, rather waiting until the springtime, and it was left with Dave saying he'd look into the status of our mortgage and having the house appraised etc.

    The man next door (who owns the rest of the street) has, in the past, let it be known he'd be interested in buying our house, so, as long as he's willing to meet our price, we may be able to sell privately and save the realtor's fees. That would be nice, given that there's not a lot of equity in the house and, once we separate I'll be desperately in need of $$$. My pension, was fine when I was part of two-income scenario, but it's barely enough for a single person to live on.

    My sister has invited me to live with her and I may just do that, at least for a while. She lives in the next city and I'm taking the bus to visit her today. I've never seen her townhouse and I'm praying it's an okay place and that my heart tells me moving there is the right thing to do. I really and truly do not want to live alone nor can I afford to.

    Having said that, I need to sign off now in order to make the bus.
    Wishing everyone a good day and a wonderful weekend!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  9. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I have to be honest and say that things are not going real well with me. First of all, the church volunteer job is not going real well. The church secretary is acting very strange. Was never very friendly. She's the one who told me she works on the weekends (for nothing-her choice so she works 60 hours a week). Told me she has so much work to do, but I have observed her and she wastes a lot of time. The two days I have worked there, the first day she read the newspaper the first half hour. The second day I worked, she drove across town to Tim Horton's (restaurant) to get some donuts as she hadn't eaten breakfast. She asked me if I wanted anything, but I said no. It seems to me you should eat before you get to work and not use work time for things like this. Both Lorretta (an administrator) and Father Dave were gone on these days so they don't know she did these things.

    She's also very protective of her job. She said it involves parishioners so I can't help her with any of her work. When I talked to Lorretta about volunteering there, she was very positive about it, and said she would have Shelly (the secretary) call me. I left my resume and letters of recommendation with her. But when Shelly called me several days later, she said I could answer the phone and at the end of the conversation, she said to bring something to do. I was so startled, I didn't say anything. She said the other volunteer who works all day on Mondays brings in her knitting.

    I tested her once and offered to come in if she gets in a bind and needed someone to come in if she needed to be out of the office. She immediately got defensive and said, but you can't do any of my work. She was not friendly or welcoming from the start. Didn't introduce me to anyone, didn't show me around the office, when I questioned her why I couldn't help her with her work, she said the Diocese said it was a rule that volunteers can't help the secretaries. She said that was because the secretaries work is all about parishioners and that confidential. And yet she is having me answer the phone and she told me what to say to parishioners if they call needing help with their bills or the food pantry. Isn't that confidential? She said she likes to come in on Saturdays and work even though Father Dave doesn't expect her to and doesn't pay her to because it's quieter. I don't think it's noisy during the week.

    Harry said that he's wondering if she's up to something unethical like embezzling or something. Her behavior is certainly strange. I hadn't thought of that. But she's not friendly at all, and she acts like she's anxious to get rid of me. I'm going to call the Diocese and ask them about the rules. Years ago I worked for a Catholic church for a week as a temporary and there was no problem, unless rules have changed.

    Also, for the past six months I have been sending Christmas gifts, birthday money, and holiday cards to my great-niece and three great-nephews. My niece has been fine about me sending things to her daughter and son although I'm not allowed to see them. This is my dysfunctional family and maybe I shouldn't have attempted to do this, but I really wanted to have some sort of relationship with these kids. All along I wondered if my nephew has been allowing his boys to get their things and just as I thought, he's been throwing out the things I've been sending. Of course he's too much of a wimp to tell me directly. He told my brother, Tom, and asked him to tell me. Tom is the family puppet. He told Tom they donated the gifts to a charity, but I know him better than that. More likely he just threw them out. And the money I sent more likely he just lined his pockets with it. I'm not wealthy so I've not sent much and I just started doing this last Christmas. But it's wrong to use children this way. I called my sister. She wasn't home, so I left a message saying how I felt about this. The next day we all went to a family reunion. Michael was too much of a wimp to show up with the boys. My sister never said anything to me. I'm sure she is enjoying this. Just another way to hurt me. I should never had done this. I had hoped that Michael's wife would allow this, but

    time running out. have to get off
  10. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Okay, I'm back.

    I guess she's as bad as he is. Harry is right. He said he's never seen such an evil family as mine. Those boys are so cute, and it breaks my heart to go to those reunions and look at those children and not be able to speak to them. I tell myself I have the right to go to them, but I really don't get much out of them having to be around family member that I can't stand. I try to stay away from them and just talk to my aunt and cousins. Sometimes I feel angry with my cousins and aunt for having these get togethers. They have no idea what they put me through. It would be so much nicer if my family wasn't there. They say you should stay away from narcisstic people like my sister, but what do you do when they are family?

    And I have been having this strange pain in my groin area for the past several weeks. I know, just what I needed after being sick all summer. More health problems! The pain isn't constant, thank goodness, but it seems to come on when I am more active like bending or walking around. And it is like a pressure thing and causes my groin area to contract when the pain comes on. Also, I've had several times lately when I had a sudden, urgent need to urinate. Fortunately I was home all the times or I'm sure I would have had an accident had I been in public. I am on Lasix, but I've been on it so long that it hasn't caused this reaction in a long, long time. Then I read this article on ovarian cancer and I have some of the symptoms. Of course I wouldn't know about the urinating frequently, which is one of the symptoms since I've had this problem all my life. I know I shouldn't try to figure out what is wrong with me myself, because chances are I am wrong. And we usually think the worst. I did call the Endometriosis Association thinking maybe it might be something to do with my endometriosis, but the lady on the phone wasn't very helpful.

    I made an appt. with the gynecologist next Thursday. I already wasted $600.00 on my last problem. So here goes more money we can't afford to spend and it's probably nothing.

    Sorry I'm so down in the dumps, but I'm trying to tell myself this all will pass. I haven't said anything about the pain to Harry. Chances are it's nothing and with him having to drive for a living, I don't want him being distracted and worried. I haven't talked to anyone except a lady at the pool and you guys.

    Well, I had better go. You take care. It's getting dark. I think we have a storm coming.

  11. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Molly, I hope your anxiety has leveled off a bit today. Your many concerns and unanswered questions - about how Liam is getting along in school - are bound to be anxiety-provoking. I'm sure you'll feel better as you and the new case manager begin to develop a working relationship. Hopefully, this new relationship will be much more positive than was the relationship with the woman you had to work with last term.

    Being stared at by rude people at is no fun either. I'm a shy person and one of my most enjoyable coping mechanisms is reading. Whenever I'm in public and/or feel at risk of being scrutinized, I keep my nose in a book. People may consider I'm a snob or an intellectual/anti-social/geek but I feel safe behind my books and as a result of my shyness, I'm very well-read:)

    Ellen, it's too bad the volunteer position hasn't been a good experience for you. During my working years, I used to love and greatly appreciate volunteers. It's a shame this woman can't open her heart and accept the gift of time & energy that volunteers provide.

    I'm sorry your family is treating you so cruelly. It's the same way my twin brothers treat my sister and it breaks my heart. Old grudges have no right to carry into the next generation (nieces and nephews). As you said, it's wrong to use children this way.

    I'm glad you're going to see a gynecologist and I hope he/she can find the cause & solution to your recent pain. Hang in there, better days ahead!

    I had a good visit with my sister yesterday. To travel to her townhouse, I met a personal goal of managing (with my walker) to use the tri-city transit system. The new buses 'lean' down to meet the curb for walkers and strollers and they even eject a ramp for wheelchairs and scooters. Best of all, given my 'special' disabled status, using the transit is free!

    Unfortunately, my sister's (rented) townhouse isn't at all suitable for me. The stairs (to the washroom & bedrooms) are almost impossible for me to climb. So, I won't be moving there. We did talk about sharing a single-level apartment elsewhere, so that's a possibility.

    To-Do Today

    By the time I got home last eve. I was simply exhausted and with all that's been going on lately I feel wrung out emotionally. So, I'm going to try for an easy day today. My friend said she may call to see if I'm up for a quick trip to the mall. If she does, I'll probably say yes and at some point today, I'd like to have phone conversations with my sons (I still haven't told my boys about the break-up, they're both so hard to reach and it's not the type of news to put in an email or phone message). Beyond that, I plan to rest, watch TV, read, write. I'll probably do a bit of tidying-up, if only for hygiene & comfort's sake.

    Enjoy the weekend, all.

    God bless,

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