What's on your "To Do" List ? Sept 8 to Sept 15?

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    Good Morning all....

    We managed to have a restful weekend, hubby still isn't feeling well at all. Also, it was our 23rd Anniversary yesterday.

    Ellen, I'm so sorry Harry's being such a butt lately...is he still taking his meds as prescribed?

    Grammy, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip but again, so sorry you had to witness your son acting out this way.

    Terri, I hope your MIL moving will help all involved...

    I don't have much planned on my to do list today. Hopefully a bit more rest and relaxation.

    Hugs all,

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    Ellen sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your husband. Hope things get better for you!
    Monday I get to do laundry, Yeah:( Oh, and my Bronco's play Monday night football!!!
    Tuesday we get to see our son for 5 hours at the airport before he moves to Hawaii and then goes to Afghanistan in October. I'm happy for him on one hand and really feeling empty on the other.
    Wednesday, going back to work, only if Tuesday doesn't take to much out of me.
    The rest of the week I'll play by ear. Hope everyone has a great week and if anything exciting happens I'll let you know.
    Oh, I did have a little energy and washed my car today and even clear coated it. Now of course a cold front is coming in and its going to rain tomorrow! That's ok, we need the rain! Take care!
    lindl39-I guess we were responding at the same time, didn't mean to leave you out!
    Grammy-could you please give me that spinach casserole recipe? Thanks! It sounds so good.[This Message was Edited on 09/08/2008]
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    Hi, Girls:

    Another work week. I'm actually starting to dread the weekends. The first half of the weekend was bad and the last half was much better. My cat, Chelsea threw up a hair ball on Harry's chair Friday night. Unfortunately, I didn't see it and Harry threw a fit. I am really going to have to respect his feelings and keep her out of his chair.

    After dinner he went to bed. I happened to get up at 4:30 and he was up doing some paperwork for work. He had closed my bedroom door to block the light, which was considerate of him. And that was the last I saw him until Saturday night. He took off and didn't tell me where he was going.

    When he came home Saturday night, he apologized for being gone that long, but said that it took him that long to calm down. He said that he was afraid that if he stayed home, that he would hit either me or the cat. That kind of talk scares me. He has always said he has never hit a woman and never could. But to get this angry over something like this?

    I had told him from now on when he's not in his chair, I would put my sewing box to keep Chelsea out. Then he got mad and insisted I yell at Chelsea and keep chasing her out of the chair. After letting her lay in the chair for years, this isn't going to work. I told him "no" and he has to let me do it my way and I didn't budge. And who is going to discipline her while he and I are gone at work? My hope is that eventually she will get discouraged and find another place to lay down. Harry seems to want to control every situation and he acts immature sometimes.
    He picked up the sewing box one time from his chair, held it up high, and then let it fall to the floor. I asked him calmly if that made him feel good to which he didn't reply. He hasn't done that since.

    I also told him calmly that in a marriage that it is inconsiderate to just leave for the day without telling your spouse where you are and when you plan to return. With all the problems we've been having, how did I know he hadn't left me again? He said he understood what I was saying, but didn't promise me he wouldn't do this again. Then he said he hoped I had had a terrible day. I then said calmly that that was not a nice thing to say.

    On Sunday things improved and we actually went out for breakfast together. The first time we've gone out together as a couple in a couple of weeks. It felt a little awkward, but we have to start somewhere. I have decided my way to deal with him is to act calmly and not angrily. If I act mad back, that will just add fuel to the flame. If I act kindly and lovingly back then he has no one to fight with. Already I can see it is working, but it's not an easy thing to do.

    I left for awhile on Sunday just to give him some time to himself and so I could see Jim. We went to visit my friend, Tina. I got home late afternoon.

    Grammy: As you can see, I can certainly sympathize with marriage problems. I'm sorry that your son is being such a jerk. Your DIL is lucky to have you act on her behalf. I hope they can work things out especially for the sake of their newborn son.

    Anne Theresa: I wish Harry would look at things the way those of us with FMS look at things. Maybe when he loses his anger he will. Since I don't earn as much, he wants me to use the money in our nest egg, which is really our emergency money. I really hate to use it unless absolutely necessary, but he's not leaving me any choice.

    Nancy: He appears to be taking his medication. I am the one that fills his weekly pill container and he is taking his meds. He did start a new one several months ago. Sometimes I wonder if it's the right medication for him.

    Terri: I'm so glad for everyone that your MIL has finally decided to move to Washington. This will make it much easier for all of you to take care of her. It sounds like a nice place for her that hopefully she will enjoy living in.

    Linda: I'm sorry you are still flaring and that your husband isn't doing well either.

    Colorful Colorado: Thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry you have to be separated from your son for such a long time. That will make the five hours you are with him all the more precious.

    To-do list:

    -grocery shopping
    -pay taxes
    -tacos for dinner

    Sorry this is so long!

  4. greygodess

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    Got back fom Kentucky on Sunday. Started bowling on Monday. I established an average of 160 which is way to high for me. I'll never keep it. And boy am I sore. It's amazing the muscles you aren't used to using.

    Tuesday: I go to the nature center. Starting my walking again.

    Wednesday: I hope to get some yard work done. We're finally getting some much needed rain.

    Thursday: Shawl ministry

    Friday and Saturday: More yard work.

    Those are the plans but who knows. Godbless
  5. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I so hope you don't get tired hearing the saga of my life, but it now looks as though I will not be getting the job working for the Social Work professors. There has certainly been a lack of communication between the professors and Dr. Nesbary. I talked to the professors this morning and they were quite shocked to hear that Dr. Nesbary has told me twice that I have the job.

    But maybe the job is over my head anyway and both professors have told me that they had thought there was going to be a search for a secretary and they were concerned about my computer skills and also how we could separate my duties between the English Dept. and Social Work. I personally don't see it as a problem (although the head of the English Dept. isn't happy about it, but she gets mad about everything).

    In the meantime my old job in Mahan is still open (as far as I know) so I'm wondering if possibly I could combine my current job with that one. I could just work for the English Dept., but there isn't that much to do and I don't want to be bored. And Cathie Royer from Mahan (one of the main people in Mahan I used to work a lot for) said she would be happy to have me work for her and the other people in Mahan again. So I called her and left a message asking if the job was still available.

    Things have remained quieter between Harry and I, thank goodness. I pray it remains that way, but, of course, we have things to work out. He was an hour late getting home from work yesterday and I worried that maybe he wasn't coming home-that maybe he had left me again. I guess it's understandable with what's happened.

    To-do list:

    -pool therapy class
    -make dinner


  6. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa, I hope you're enjoying your trip and that you'll feel ok when you get home.

    Ellen, no...I don't think any of us are tired of hearing about your life. I just feel really bad for you. I know how hard you're trying to please Harry, but I'm not sure that anything you do will help. He seems to be picking on you for everything and it just breaks my heart.

    Grammy, don't you just love that feeling when you wake up feeling almost human again? I know I do...glad your legs are getting better.

    Yesterday we all had doc appts although mine was just for medications. They're doing more intense blood work for hubby since his showed a problem with his iron stores and red blood cells. He really isn't feeling well, but I was wrong about his thyroid being the problem, tests showed his numbers are fine, although the doc is running more specific tests on that as well.

    I'm planning an easy day, no running around for hours....

    Anne Theresa, you were right the other day in mentioning taking care of myself right now. The stress is beginning to get to me with very little happy time to myself. I need to rethink this and find a way to put some joy back into my life.

    It's just hard right now with everyone being sick here...

    Lenore, Kim, Linda, Erin and all.....hope to hear from you all soon.


  7. alaska3355

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    The week is flying by and I haven't contributed at all this week......

    I think we all have some family stresses and I'm busy trying to get ready for MIL's move. I needed to find doctors for her, and that was no small task. I found a storage shed for my BIL, who is also moving whatever he has in Iowa to Washington, since Mother will be here. They are flying out on Sept. 27th- please say a prayer for their safe travel.

    I'm sorry to not reply to each person here, but I'll have to run soon-
    My To do list:
    Freeze peaches
    Water plants
    Piano students
    Dinner- let hubby fix it!

    Hugs all,
  8. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Thanks for saying you're not tired of listening to the saga of my life. I guess that's what this message board is for, isn't it?

    I thought we were having our dishwasher installed yesterday, but the installer wasn't told it was being put in a place where a dishwasher had never been put before, so he's coming back Saturday as it will take several hours. It will be so nice to have it. No more dirty dishes sitting on the counter! I have never operated one, but I'm sure it's not hard.

    My counselor told me yesterday that she was impressed with the way I was handling Harry and with what I am doing to save my marriage. She also said that she really likes me, which made me feel good. We got through chapters 2 and 3 of Harry's book. Actually the book has worked out good in the counseling and I'm getting time to say what I want to say. Five more chapters and then we will be done with the book. We are covering two chapters per session and then it will be time for Harry to attend therapy! Unless he changes his mind, which hopefully he won't do, but I don't feel right now like I can trust him.

    I haven't heard anything about this job at work that I am trying to not take. It's just going to be too much for me. I wish they had told me everything about the job before I had said I wanted it. It was handled poorly. I should have been given a job description. If I had known it included Social Work certification paperwork, I would have never applied. That's too much for this FMS brain! I haven't heard anything from Dr. Nesbary, but just to be on the safe side, I decided to e-mail him again and this time tell him about my FMS (without using the word FMS). I told him I have a physical illness that affects my brain and I feel that attempting to learn the certification process would be too difficult along with the other job requirements. And again, I suggested that if my old job was still available that perhaps combining my old job with my current job might be a better match for me. And I apologized for trying his patience and asked for his understanding. I told him that some people in my situation would stay home and collect disability, but I wanted to keep working, but only if I can do first class work and so far I can do this.

    So now I am crossing my fingers and seeing how this goes. I can't talk to Harry about any of this any more, so I just have you girls and my girlfriends here.

    Grammy: I can't imagine your son and DIL living in a house with mold! That is so unhealthy and especially with a child! Aren't they getting sick? Your legs must have looked terrible with 18 lbs. of fluid in them. I'm glad you are doing better now.

    Nancy: Yes, you are right. I, too, think Harry is just in the mood to pick on me. Of course he won't admit it. I'm so sorry your husband is sick. Katy must be sick, too, since you said everyone is sick. That must be hard to have everyone under the weather. It certainly wouldn't make your household a very happy one. How about you and I going off on a tropical island somewhere? That sounds good to me right now!

    Linda: I'm glad for your sake that the temperatures are finally going down. It's getting cooler here in Michigan, too. The past week or so it's starting to feel like fall. I've been getting my sweaters out in the mornings. After your big flare-up, it's probably a good idea to take it easy and relax. That sounds good to me right now! Not always easy for a working girl!

    Terri: I imagine you are busy getting things ready for your MIL. Try not to stress out about it too much.

    To-do list:

    -pool therapy class
    -clean toilet and sink
    -get garbage ready

  9. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Well, there's been a big change in my job. When I came in this morning there was an e-mail from Dr. Nesbary and he wants me to go back to my old job. So that makes me happy, although I will miss the English professors, especially Don Kleinsmith. Don thinks so highly of my work that after I gave him the news this morning, he said he will continue to give me his work, which I said I would be happy to do. He doesn't have work for me all the time and our buildings are close on campus so it shouldn't be a big problem. I just love that man.

    So while I am happy to go back to my old job, I am sad to leave my English professors. But I will have more work to do in Mahan, although I will still have some slow times. I wish I could have been allowed to combine the two jobs, but this is Dr. Nesbary's decision.

    Plus, I am losing hours again. I am going from 30 to 20 hours, which has me concerned. You have to work at least 24 hours to be eligible for health benefits and sick and vacation time. I'm hoping it was just an oversite on his part. I e-mailed him back and pointed this out to him so hoping my hours will be increased. And I will be back in the building with my friend, Vanessa, again. She was thrilled when she heard the news! But, as you can see, I have mixed feelings.

    I told Carman, the dept. chairperson, this morning that I will still do work for the English professors until they get a new secretary. I would never want to leave them in a bad situation. She thanked me.

    I think Dr. Nesbary wants to combine the English Dept. job with the Social Work job (the job that I didn't want) and that why he decided I should go back to Mahan.

    I haven't talked to Harry about any of this until this morning. He asked how my new Social Work job was going and then I told him that I hadn't started it yet and hopefully wouldn't be. He said he would discuss it this weekend since I was getting ready to leave. I later called him with the news that I was working at Mahan with less hours. I told him he might really want to reconsider his plan of having him and I pay half the bills now. He responded angrily and said that I should have thought of something like this happening before I started "flapping my jaws" earlier about leaving him. I don't remember what I said, but I didn't let him get to me. But you would think he could see that now that I can't pay half the bills, wouldn't you? I can't believe he's going to let bills go unpaid.

    I ended up going out to the apple orchard yesterday instead of today because of the weather. It's raining today and it's supposed to rain all weekend. Oh, well. We really need the rain. I plan to can some applesauce and have the rest for eating.

    On Saturday we are having our new dishwasher installed, which will be nice. We won't need it as much now that my hours are being cut, but oh well. It will still come in handy and cut down on my housework, I am sure. This was Harry's idea.

    Have a good weekend, everyone!

  10. greygodess

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    It has been raining for 2 days now and supposed to rain tomorrow so no yard work this weekend. Oh gee! That's too bad. Have been knitting lately. Supposed to get a hat and scarf done for a fall festival sale our church is having. Tried to learn to how to knit in the round but that didn't go well. Will try again later. I have a Cinderella costume cut out to sew for Abby, one of our grandaughters. She is 4 and into all the princess stuff. I also am making a double sided fringe blanket for a silent auction. Fun, fun, fun.

    Today I am knitting and cleaning. Not looking forward to telling dh that there is a leak in his office ceiling. He redid the room about a year ago and we had the roof done last summer. I swear this house is just one problem after another. Godbless
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    Grammy 27.........I'm glad you are feeling good and have a lot more energy. Wow, that fried chicken recipe sounds good.....I may have to get some coconut flour and try it myself.

    It's a busy weekend here as well. Remember that we are raising our first steer? Well, his name is Chuck and he is getting his own shed now. My hubby and sons are helping to build it and the neighbor will help out too, since he is a carpenter. Soon Chuck will have a nice spot to stay out of the elements.

    I'm playing for both services at church today, so it will be a full morning. I'm glad I don't do it all the time! It makes me a little hyper.....

    Take care, all-