What's on your 'To Do List' this week??

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    Good morning all,

    Sorry don't have a calendar with me, unless I could possibly find one on my new cell phone....too much trouble!

    For the last few weeks I've been living in a hotel room with hubby and Katy, before that I was staying with friends for a few weeks, might have to move back in with them since we have to move hotel rooms for 5 days in the middle of our stay, ugh....I'm really hoping to be settled soon! (And hubby is working shift work so sharing a room can be difficult although at the moment when he sleeps at odd hours I just sleep in Katy's room which has 2 queen sized beds)

    We had put a contract on a short sale house 2 days after we moved in here, it was supposed to be an 'approved' short sale but since we didn't hear anything, I decided to continue looking for a house. Found one on Saturday, so we put a contract on it on Sunday. So far, so good...it's been approved and it's a regular sale so we're scheduled to close on June 9th...so exciting.

    If there were any compromises on this house it's that it doesn't have a kitchen island, one bedroom short of what we wanted but it's such a beautiful home, beautifully decorated and updated so all we have to do is move our things in when they get to the states, hopefully soon!

    This home shows like a model house, I don't know who the owners are but she deserves a medal for decorating so beautifully! Pristine condition....Since the market is full of short sale homes it's really no longer a buyer's market unless you can wait a year for things to finish, I can't....

    Hubby's doing well in his new job and loves it here, Katy's doing well too. We'll be giving her the entire basement for living space, this home doesn't have a 'bedroom' per see down there but since the entire space is hers she'll be just fine. It's upgraded as beautifully as the upstairs and I know she'll love it.

    For me, I'm finding the states to be noisy! Everything beeps, the coffee pot to let me know it's done brewing, the microwave to let me know my food is done and everywhere you go something is beeping, beginning to drive me nuts!

    I'm hanging in there with my health, I seem to have the energy when I need it and I rest on the days I have to.

    Today I'm hoping to go to the nearby outlet mall, they have a hotel shuttle (wow that helps!) and I prefer to be out of the room when they clean it. Not much for Katy and I to do all day but shop on my good days.

    Hope all is well, I'd love to hear from you all soon and I'll check back in when I can...

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    Hello Nancy, It's so nice to hear from you! I've been out of the loop lately but I gather from your post that you & your family have relocated to the USA. That's awesome!

    I'm glad your husband is enjoying his new job and that you have a new home to settle into in the not-too-distant future. This all sounds very exciting, though I'm sure it comes with it's own share of stress. I'm happy to know your health and energy levels are not troubling you too much and that you're able to rest, as needed.

    I've been struggling lately, thus my absence from the board. My pain has been quite bad but it's the fatigue that's knocked me off my feet. I've only been doing the bare minimum in terms of housework and self-care. I've been housebound for days and weeks on end, with only an occasional day or two of feeling okay before I crash again.

    I started counselling and although I like and respect my couseller I'm not as optimistic as she that she'll be able to cure my depression in three months of counselling. Over the past thirty years I've tried psychotherapy, in-patient psychiatric hospitalizations, out-patient programs, group therapy, art therapy, music therapy, energy healing, occupational therapy, pastoral counselling, peer support groups, medication, meditation, guided imagery etc, yet the depression remains.

    My new counseller is a social work student from the university who is doing a placement with the counselling agency. Although she has some wonderfully sound spiritual philosophies to share, I don't think she has a clear understanding of clinical depression, significant mental health issues or fibromyalgia. She told me my fatigue stems from 'thinking too much', that it's my busy mind that's draining my body of it's energy.

    She has given me some interesting things to read: some affirmations that I like and a good article on surviving the loss of a love. Rather than allow my cynical side to reign, I'm going to keep an open mind for three months and allow for the possibility of a cure. I have nothing to lose and much to gain. Even the cost of the counselling sessions are on a sliding-scale (according to income) and so, as a person living on a disability pension, I only have to pay $10 per session.

    I miss the to-do list thread and people. It would be good if we could begin posting regularly again. Is anybody out there?

    God bless,

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    Good Morning all,

    Trying to be optimistic and hoping the others check in soon....

    Anne Theresa, I'm so sorry that your depression continues after all of your attempts to get help. I'll remain hopeful with you that the next 3 months will bring positive changes and healing.

    After the success of Katy's medication changes I hope that they can find something for you too.

    Yes, we've been in the process of moving back to the states for awhile now. Katy and I left Germany at the end of March after my surgery to remove my ovaries, which was successful although I wish I could find out the pathology reports. I haven't been able to do that yet, nor have I found a doctor here. I'll need to soon as all of our medication refills are useless since our Doc on base in Stuttgart doesn't have the authority to write prescriptions here, wish we all had known that would have saved all kinds of trouble.

    Moving is so expensive, this week we bought a new mattress for me, box springs so hubby can use my king size mattress for his room, he's working shifts here and for the day shift he gets up at 3:30 am, ugh! We also had to buy a living room set of furniture, since he's so tall ours wasn't comfortable for him to sit in and we also donated it to the fire victims in Stuttgart. Back in December, 106 families lost all of their belongings in a warehouse fire so we tried to do our best to help them out.

    Now we're in a set of hotel rooms that the gov't won't pay for. We didn't properly reserve our old room for a long enough time now we've had to switch rooms yesterday and probably will have to do so again in a few days.

    Today I won't be doing much again, my old horrible cold symptoms started back up again last night and I'm just plain tired today. I might try to get a shower, hopefully I can accomplish that!

    I've managed to have the energy to get done what needs to be done although my blood sugar still causes constant problems. I've been around my realtors enough so far that they've caught on to my problems so hopefully they can help during the closing process. While researching dementia for a friend I stumbled upon information regarding hypoglycemic dementia that I need to have a doctor look into. The constant low blood sugar seems to have had lasting effects on my poor brain, although I can have moments of being sharp as a tack as in the old days....

    Katy's going to the grocery for me today, it's so hard to feed my gluten free husband while in temporary lodging. That's one thing I'm also looking forward to when we get our home, being able to cook for him.

    For now we're scheduled to close on the house June ninth, my nine key quit working when I dropped my laptop! Then we get our belongings on the 10th of June, it will be a mess for awhile but the timing is just about how you hope it goes. I'd hate to have to sleep on the floor of the house with nothing inside but us and our suitcases!

    Take care all,
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    Hi Nancy and Anne Theresa,
    I have been MIA for some time as well, good to hear from you two. I hope others will respond when this gets bumped back up again!

    Nancy, are you into a house yet? I totally understand the need to settle down...my hubby refers to it as the nesting instinct! It's why we hate to move.....need our nest around us.
    Hopefully an end to your hotel-ness is in sight.

    Anne Theresa- so sorry to hear of your depression and health problems. I will say a prayer for you. It is so beautiful outside today...I hope you can get out and enjoy it yourself. How is your bunny doing? What is its name?

    I have been very busy musically lately. Today I am accompanying a recital, but it is all music I've done before, so I'm not too anxious about it. Half of my job is to calm the student down!

    Still trying to be gluten free and it helps my RLS symptoms. I've discovered, to my dismay, that dairy is another trigger. I haven't totally given up dairy, but less of it does help my legs. Man, is there nothing left??

    I should not complain- I don't have half the health problems a lot of you folks do.

    Just finished planting some radishes. My tomatoes and basil are in and doing fine. We have had a cool spring, so I waited and waited to plant. I think we are out of the cold weather now (finally!).

    Take care and hugs,
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    Good Morning Terri, glad that you popped in, very nice to hear from you!

    Today we close on the house....we have a walk-through at 1:00 pm then close at 2:00 pm. Besides that being a big day for me, I have to drive today and I haven't really done that in months. My car is full of new things, microwave, coffee pot etc...all of the 110 appliances that we needed to buy since ours were all European. I still have to buy a vacuum cleaner but I'll do that online, can't wait to have mail delivered to my house. For the last 16 years our mail came to the base and was always picked up there. Made it difficult to surprise hubby with gifts since he got the mail after work most days!

    My friend with MS is driving up from Virginia to help out this weekend...not sure how much help since the hot weather is hard for her but she has a very sharp brain so she can help me with my blood sugar brain drains. Moral support is priceless too. It's funny we shopped online for houses for the last year and spent hours going over each one, but this house that we bought she hasn't even seen since she was away for 3 months helping her friend who's husband was dying of cancer....she's an angel!

    Hubby woke me up at 3:30 am this morning snoring...can't wait to have my own space again....our household goods will be delivered in the morning tomorrow so I might not get a chance to check back in for awhile.

    Has anyone heard from Molly? Anne Theresa please check back in when you get a chance....I worry about you!

    Hugs all,

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    Nancy & Terri, it's so nice to hear from you both!

    Terri, I'm happy you're still busy with your music. It must be rewarding work to accompany students, during what I'm sure are very important & formative experiences in their young lives.

    Congratulations on discovering the link between your diet and RLS symptoms. It can be very difficult to find such culprit(s) and it takes a lot of determination to adjust your diet to gain optimal health and wellness, particularly when it involves letting go of foods you enjoy. I've given up some foods to better my health but I'm not as diligent as I could be. You are an inspiration and I will work to follow your lead.

    Nancy, congratulation on your new home! What an incredible sense of relief it must be for you, after living for so long in motel rooms.

    I've not heard from Molly for several months.

    I hope your cold symptoms have subsided and that you're feeling well enough.

    As for me, I've been holding my own. My depression has lifted somewhat this past week (as it does) so I've been able to get some grocery shopping done and catch up with the housework. I had a nice day, last week, watching a movie with a friend and I've been enjoying my solitary activities, reading, writing, spending time with my bunny (Harry) and watching television.

    Sadly (the wonderful) doctor that has been caring for me over the past four years is leaving the clinic and so I'll be assigned (I'll have some choice, as to who) to one of the other doctors. This particular doctor has been so kind to me, he's helped with my complicated health issues, battled the insurance company when they were determined to push me back to work even though I'm not able, supported me during my break-up with Dave and in many ways went above and beyond the world of medicine to ensure my personal wellness. He's a gem!
    I have one more appointment with him next month, then I won't see him again. I want to buy him a card and write something nice (I don't know what ??? ) inside of it.

    Last month, I traveled to the next city to see a specialist. His report, by the way, spoke to the severity of my health issues in such a way that I doubt the insurance company will be bothering me for a while (thank heavens!) Anyway, one of his recommendations was that I join a program at a community centre. He suggested a very beginners exercise program, perhaps yoga or tai chi, water aerobics or the like. So, I plan to take his advice and look into this. I think it would be a good thing for me - as long as I don't over-do.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    It is great hearing from all of you. Even with the stressor's being faced.

    I am very tired and want to sleep away the day. Coming out of bad flare. Of course, the nasty weather we've had for months hasn't helped.

    Thinking of all of you. I'll be checking in soon to see how you are doing. Glad to have you back in the part of the world Nancy!

    Gentle Hugs to all!