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    When Moses had fears for the journey,
    God asked him, "What's that in your hand?"
    "It's only a rod," said Moses.
    But, God had a miracle planned ...

    And marvelous things were accomplished
    With that plain and simple rod.
    It became an awesome weapon,
    When fully surrendered to God.

    When David faced mighty Goliath,
    God asked, "What's that in your hand?"
    "It's only a sling," said David.
    But, God showed him how he could stand ...

    And face, unafraid, on the hillside,
    That Philistine. nine feet tall.
    And, soon, the giant, Goliath,
    Lay dead from a pebble so small.

    To Bunyan, in Bedford Prison,
    God asked, "What's that in your hand?"
    "It's only a pen," John answered.
    But, led by the Spirit's command ...

    He penned the book "Pilgrim's Progress";
    A blessing surviving the years.
    So, a pen to the Lord, consecrated,
    Has helped conquer doubtings and fears.

    And, still, God is asking the question of us,
    "What's that in your hand?"
    It might be a small gift He's given.
    It doesn't have to be grand.

    But, if it is used for His glory,
    His multiple blessings we'll know
    And, as we surrender to Jesus,
    His love and His peace He'll bestow.

    © 2000 by Betty Jo Mings