What's the best mattress/topper for FM and lower back pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yorkielove, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. yorkielove

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    I would like to hear from other sufferers out there what you sleep on to help with the pain. Do any of you have the "Cuddle Ewe" that is advertised here? Right now, I sleep on a Craftmatic bed with egg crate topping. It has been great for years, but still I get up in the morning hardly able to move. People tell me to get a sleep number bed, others say to get memory foam. I have FM plus lower back and hip pain. I have had five back operations and both hips replaced. As I get older, the pain in my back and muscles seem to be getting worse. I would really like to know what is most comfortable to sleep on. Thanks for your imput!
  2. dolfenn43

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    Mine so far is a good semi firm mattress. And I use a thick feather fot the top of the bed. My hubby not to happy cuz it makes him sleep hot. Other than that it so far is good for me.

    If you get one make sure it has a bunch of stitched squares so the down feathers dont bunch up in onw spot.


    Ive always wondered if a soft mattress topper was good for fibro?// It seems to help, I think. Who knows. Some days are good and some are not good, no matter what bed, med, food, sleep etc., you try.... lolo

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