Whats the best mattress?

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  1. luigi21

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    Hi gang,

    Whats the best mattress for pain sufferers, im buying a new one, but i do find the memory foam make me too hot, is latex any better. Or what about hospital mattresses? be glad for any replies, cheers x
  2. 3gs

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    The one that finally worked for me is an adjustable bed with a latex mattress with a 3inch memory foam topper. Being able to adjust bed was a miracle worker.
  3. Saoirse3

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    We bought one five years ago. It is basically two boxes with air mattresses and a big wooden wedge down the middle. It's horrible. We are in the market for a new one as well, and I tried one that is perfect (for me, anyway). It's by Englander. VERY comfortable. And I have Degenerative Disc Disease, stenosis - anyway, my back looks like a pretzel!

  4. Beadlady

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    We have a waveless water bed with extra back support. I have slept on a waterbed for over 30 years. The only thing that is a challenge for us is the temperature--my husb likes it cooler than I do, so I put a blanket down on my side of the bed and I use my heating pad alot anyways.

    One thing to keep in mind when buying any kind of new furniture is their smells. We bought this waterbed mattress about a year ago and it let off a horrible smell for several months. I slept on the couch for about a month, kept the bed uncovered and ran the fan all the time and the exhaust fan in the bathroom. We can't open the windows in this place--otherwise it probably would have aired out a lot faster getting fresh air into the room.

    I have known people who have been able to buy the floor model of furniture as they have had time to air out.
  5. tig519

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    I had a posturepedic Serta mattress (not a cheap one). It has a slight pillow top and was very comfortable for 3 years and then it started to develop a sag. When looking into the warranty, it needed to be a permanent sag of at least 1", and mine was just under 3/4"- doesn't sound like much, but that was with no weight on it. Just kept feeling worse and worse.

    Finally couldn't take it anymore and we started our search. We were close to buying a tempur-pedic when we were in an Ikea store shopping for something else and saw they had mattresses. One thing that caught my eye was their guarantee. You have 6 months to change your mind on your selection. Although you can't get a refund, you can exchange for a different one. They have all sorts of construction and combos. I selected a coil mattress with a memory foam top and something between the foam and you that does keep it from getting overly hot. It has been excellent for me.

    the other part of their warranty is around sag- any sag, and they will replace for 25 years (for the same kind). Best part? for a king size mattress I paid $600. (didn't get the box spring as I had one, but I think it was around $100). They offer delivery and pickup as well (if you have a store locally) and will set it up and take the old mattress just like your typical mattress store.

    I've had it for 4 months now and wouldn't change it.
  6. wildflowers23

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    I had a mattress made from Serta- didn't like it and had another one made..STILL didnt work. SO- I got memory foam and put in on top - Perfect !!if you have a double bed then get queen size sheets to fit.
  7. wildflowers23

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    I had a mattress made from Serta- didn't like it and had another one made..STILL didnt work. SO- I got memory foam and put in on top - Perfect !!if you have a double bed then get queen size sheets to fit.
  8. Saoirse3

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    I forgot about the "new mattress" smell! I got some of the Bath and Body Works tranquility spray, rosemary and lavender, and it seemed to do the trick. But we got a new car last November and had to ride with the windows open. And In Alaska, that's not exactly a heat wave! LOL!
  9. joanierav

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    hi, was just wondering which memory foam you talking about. the temperpedic one, or ones that we call "egg crate "around here. they look like egg cartons , with the indentations in them.

    i think i can use one. and im interested in which one you meant. the egg crate one would be cheaper, im sure. thank you , joanie
  10. Saoirse3

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    Then it's back to "SAG in awe!" They just don't seem to hold up at all. There are mattresses with the exact same quality as Tempupedic but a lot less expensive. Tempurpedic never seems to have a sale, or if they do, they use the "let's jack the price up $300 and have a sale for $200 off".

  11. rosemarie

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    up to a year ago we had a waveless water bed and I could sleep great. I Loved it but it was a pain in the back to change the sheets, we got this water bed mattress about 11 yrs ago and it was so great, I coudl sleep 99 % of the time , the only time sleep was trouble was when I wasa flaring and I would come to bed late at night and wake up my DH. We had a big problem with it for a long time.

    The waterbed kept getting tiny pinpicks on my hubby's side of teh mattress and I had to always fix teh darn thing. HE would wake up in the middle of the night and would be all wet and want me to fix that leak. Finally after a few years of this the poor water bed bladder had more patches on his side . It got to the point where I Could notd get the patches to stick any more, I could not get the bladder to stay dry so the glue would not sitick and I could not hold the patch in plaec for 4 hours while it dried.

    It had so many patches that the patches leaked. So when we moved after we lost the hosue we bought the bed we have now. I really miss my water bed. WE slept on one for most of the 31 years of marraige. I miss it still.
    I miss teh waterbed it was the best bed before it leaked all the time. I also have DDD, spinal stenosis, buldging discs , so having a mattress that feels good to sleep on is a must for me. I Hope that we can one day soon by a inteigel mattress and I will sleep like a babe I hope.
  12. Beadlady

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    I've never been strong enough to pull back the waterbed mattress to get the fitted sheets on.--always has been my husb's job. I get the sheets already and he comes along & tucks them in.

    Rosemarie--I would check Craigslist and your local paper--you might be able to find a good used waterbed for a good price.
  13. Kasa721

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    I have had lots of beds, but the one that supports in all the right places is my Intelligel mattress. It never feels too warm or too cold. I have fibromyalgia. I spent a day checking out all the "popular" mattresses on tv, and this bed eases all my sore spots, comforts my pain away Every Night.
  14. harboreen

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    I suffer with severe chronic pain for some 25 yrs. About a year ago we purchased a top line temperpedic mattress because we'd heard so much good about them. Prior to this I slept in a waterbed with a polyfill mattress (waveless) for 28 yrs. I wish I had kept it!! I now wake with sooo much more back and pelvic pain and am so sorry I ever changed my mattress.
    A nice thing about my waterbed was the temperature, it had a thermostat and was nearly perfect all the time. I took that for granted until now. This new bed is cold when it's cold outside! Hot when it's hot.
    We gave the waterbed to neighbors down the road- I feel like knocking on the door and asking if they'd like to trade it in for this new one!
    Good luck to you!
  15. healthy51

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    Do not buy a memory foam. They are full of toxins and they make you sweat. Can't get a good's night sleep if you are sweating. Can't feel good if you are full of toxins. If you don't get good sleep, you will be in pain.

    However, you will need to spend some money and buy an organic/natural latex foam mattress. If you buy a synthetic latex mattress, you will again face toxins of some nature. I bought an organic latex foam mattress in August of 2011 and started sleeping so much better. Got rid of mybrand name memory foam. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  16. jenunsa

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    I had a similar experience with memory foam. I had bought two mattress pads (toppers) (used one on top of the other) made of memory foam which WAS extremely comfortable, but they totally off-gassed and made me really sick. I ended up getting rid of them and looking into natural latex mattress toppers. I bought a 3 inch thick one for about $300 and put it ontop of my cheapo regular mattress and it was still too hard for me. But at least there was no off-gassing.

    What I ended up discovering was that I have the least pain and sleep the best on a underinflated air mattress with the latex topper on it as well as a polyester fill (fake down filling) quilty type mattress topper that actually fits around the whole thing and holds it together.
    It's awesome and I love it. But, I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep on an ordinary mattress again.
  17. KKMK

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    I have spent over $10,000.00 on matresses since my illnesses began in 2002 with Lym Disease, the Fibomyalgia, IBS, chronic migraine. (I blame all of it on the Lyme Disease) Anyway, I have had the tempurpedic (don't waste your money). I now have a "sleep to live" matress set and I really like it although I feel like it would be even better if it were adjustable. The waterbed allows for heat therapy (if you don't have a partner who likes it cold). It's all about what feels best to you, but definately get a bed with a warranty and a trial period. If you absolutely hate it after a week, you do not want to be stuck with it.
    Side note: I cut open the "protective cover" on my tempurpedic and it was two thick "egg carton" layers with a memory foam layer on top. You could create your own for about $2000.00 less.
  18. Babs41

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    Has anyone tried sleeping in a Mayan Hammock? They are supposed to be really comfortable to sleep in. Our mattress is getting ready to be changed and was considering one of these hammocks. They come in many sizes including one large enough to fit the whole family in!

  19. pepace

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    I bought an alternative brand adjustable air mattress almost 10 years ago, and I don't think I'll ever buy any other kind. Whatever your pain level is that night, you can adjust the bed to be more or less supportive. Also, after the initial cost of purchasing the bed, if parts wear out, you just call up and replace the part for a much lesser cost! My air pump finally quit after a power surge we had when the power was out for 6 days after a tropical storm. It cost well under $200 to replace it because they pro-rate the new parts according to a warranty system.

    I also use a pillow that is water-fillable to your preference. It has padding on top of the plastic filler, so it is very comfortable. I purchased the pillow at a chiropractor's office.

    When I'm feeling extra-uncomfortable, I use a recently purchased "Cuddle Ewe" from ProHealth, and I really love it. My cat does, too. As soon as she stepped on it the first time, she collapsed onto it and fell asleep! I guess her 17-year old bones find it comfortable too!
  20. Yucca13

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    i've had my natural latex mattress for about eight months now and enjoy it every night. It is supportive, but still feels like it has enough give to be very comfortable.
    It does not sleep hot and does not harbor dust mites. I did a lot of research before buying it and am still happy with my choice.