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  1. silky17

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    Hello to everyone,

    I have a cousin who is trying to get SS and is not to sure on what to take. Can anyone give suggestions and what should she expect to go through while at her first appointment?

    Myself I can't remember for life of me can't remember what I sent.

    Hope all is well with all of you.

    Thanks ,
  2. rockgor

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    If you click on "Disability" in the purple area at the top of the page you will find some info. Might be helpful to your cousin.

    From the various reports on this board, it appears most people have to wait two years or so.

    Tell her Good Luck.
  3. Tamarr

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    There are online groups that help one with all that too, as well as the law firm "Binder and Binder".
    Word of advice--when we go to the SS office they are not really there to help.
    The person interviweing is friendly, and decent perhaps, but they are also told to look for cues and clues that we are not truly disabled!They write everythng down.
    For heaven's sake--my brother-in-law was dying, and they turned him down once before he obtained it.
    She should take her birth certificate, and state ID--[drivers or non- drivers license] wiht her.Also, have handy which jobs she has in the last 15 yrs.
    They will send for doctor's reports, and probably send her to one of their own MDs, too.
    With me, the doctor I saw (of theirs) treated me OK, but lied on his report--actuallly lied!
    So,she must get good doctor's reports that she has this and that condition to back up her application.
    I got it finally, after 3 years!
    Good luck.
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  4. blueski31717

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    My brother in law was dx with 85% total disable per docs from a fall off a truck then he developed hep type c ( the one with no cure) and he was denied disability for 5 years. He finally got a lawyer and recieved disability. 3 years later he died of liver cancer. He was only 45 when he died. He lost everything waiting for disability and could not enjoy the time he had left. Had they of given him his disability earlier my sister would not of lost her house and they could of enjoyed what time he had left.
  5. 143alan

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    my brother was blind and on dialysis for 2 years before he was finally awarded his disability, and because he did not have any insurance and couldn't afford medications he needed for his heart condition along w/ Type 1 diabetes he died at 45. He lost everything trying to pay for medications and doctor bills. His church had a benefit for him and then kept the money that was raised, so that didn't help and I believe helped put him over the edge since he felt so hopeless. My husband had liver & pancreatic cancer was given very short time to live and of course SS waited to approve him 1 month before he died. He got one check before he died and we had thousands in bills waiting for it so I lost everything we had after losing him and I was 4 months pregnant at the time. The whole system sucks..sorry to be so down but it's reality.
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