whats the course of CFIDS

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    Hi This may seem impossible to answer...what is the general course with someone who has CFIDS....does it go away?

  2. CooBax

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  3. hopeful4

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    Judging by all I've read from members on this board, it does not just "go away" without treatment. Different treatments seem to work for different people.

    Some of the things that a person may need to address are:


    sleep disturbances

    mitochondria function

    balance hormones by evaluating hypothalamus and pituitary function

    enhance immune system

    identify and treat underlying viral, bacterial, yeast or other infections

    identify and treat unique health issues of an individual

    nutrition, supplementation, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle changes, exercise, complementary therapies

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    Some people get it once, and it goes away after a time never to return. Sometimes, like myself, it can go into remission and return with a high fever and viral infection. Both my bouts lasted 14 months. I am presently in remission and living a normal life. I work fulltime and socialize, although I can't stay up as late as I used to and try to get more rest.

    Many people on this board have "recovered", although some have been ill for years. I think it depends on the underlying cause/s and if that is treated. I believe this message board has found treatments on the cutting edge. Most doctors don't know a thing about CFS.

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks for the replys on CFIDS. My Doctor actually said I could get great info on line!!! Thanks again.

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    disabled me, I have very bad relapses that last for months and times inbetween where I am much better but nowhere near healthy.

    It affects everyone differently. Many people recover within the first two years but if you have it longer than that it may never leave.

    There is no definite treatment for CFIDS, pace yourself, rest when you have to, take supplements etc.

    There's lots of info on past posts if you put CFIDS or CFS in the search you will find loads.

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    I was diagnosed with CFID's meaning blood test positive for HHV6, EBV and CMV versus just having CFS. My Doctor put me on Kutapressin injections on a 10 month protocol that brought me out of it. The manufacturer sold the product and removed it from the market in 2003. The good news is it has just been put back on the market as Nexavir. You can read about it and other drugs on www.HHV6foundation.org.
    It comes compounded in a gel. It was a pproved by the FDA in 1929. There have been years of successful research for CFID'S and Autism.
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  8. drreese1

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    This drug works great! I'm thrilled it is being remarketed for CFID'S and Bacterial caused Autism. I found a great website wwwHHV6 foundation.org

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