What's the difference between FM and MFS?

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  1. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi People

    This probably sounds like a dumb question. I'm forever trying to ascertain exactly what it is I've got after 2 different rheumatologists gave me different diagnoses.

    How would you know if you've only got MFS and not FM. What FM symptoms are not present in MFS? Is the nervous systme affected in MFS?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Cactuslil

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    Remember HAIR! Somehow the "words" FMS, MPC, CFIDS, CPS et al get all fouled up. Some "organization" is always changing their supposed definition but here goes.....

    My rheumy six years ago said I had both; by the time of my first adm. hearing for disability with SSA, their doc called "it" CPS ia. chronic pain syndrome!

    Now dig this, another rheumy said "it" was collagen disease. The FMS of the matter is now partially revealed to be a disorder of the neuronic pathways and the seratonin lives; and it has been proven and documented that those of us with FMS have petit mal seizures continually thus the cognitive losses...and the sleep anomalies.

    If you really want to get deep go check out neurology sites/webs and review the multitude of memory loss classifications there are. Naive me thought there were short term and long! Was I in for a jolt!

    I personally have just about everything in my endocrin system fouled up so I know something somewhere is active on that system.

    A sign of the times. CactusLil'
  3. Kathryn

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    My understanding is that FMS & MPS are often present together. In FMS, the tender points, when pressed, cause pain only in the area where they are touched. MPS trigger points will radiate pain to other areas. MPS muscles, in the area of the trigger points, feel hard and ropey. FMS muscles do not have this characteristic. The main problem when both are present, is that you will never feel better until both are released, and what works for one makes the other worse. You need a REALLY good therapist who understands both conditions to get some relief.
  4. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi CactusLil

    Haven't checked out the neurology site yet but it's very interesting what you said about the petit mal seizures.

    My Mum at age 48 or so, out of the blue one morning at the breakfast table, had a severe spasm in her lower back. No amount of physio got rid of it; she was left with a permanently contracted portion of hard muscle - she didn't seem to get any worse for the next 20 years. Then at age 70 she was diagnosed with mild Parkinsons and has been on Sinemet for 11 years - during that time she also started to lose her short-term memory so an MRI was done of her brain and it was confirmed she had vascular dementia; characterised by by lots of petit mal seizures which have affected the short-term memory part of her brain. Her short-term memory is virtualy non-existent now, although she is lucid in the 'moment', but I do mean just in the 'moment'!

    Doesn't augur well does it? I wish there was a screening protocol for chemical imbalance that could diagnose and treat these problems before they become irreversible as with my Mum. For now take more fish oil!!!

  5. Misdiagnosed

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    You mention your endocrine system - I feel mine is definitely implicated in all this too. I'm 46 now and had been having irregular periods for about 3-4 years prior to all this trouble developing. I was having wild fluctuations in hormone levels and was developing what I thought was a lot of fine facial hair and my skin was getting quite blocked. My GP put me on the pill in the end, but that didn't agree with me and so after about 8 months I came off it. (was a bit risky because I'm a smoker too )

    I went to a wholistic doctor who referred me to to a TCM gynaelogical herbalist - his herbs brought my periods back on a regular basis for a few months, but then my Dad died in the middle of this, which meant Mum had to go into a home so there was lots to organise, and I stopped boiling up the herbs for about 4 months and of course my periods stopped.

    I resumed the herbs in Oct '02 but no periods came and my body went from bad to worse symptom wise till in Dec '02 I was told I have FM. After a rigorous session of Myotherapy releasing stomach trigger points I got my first period since August about a week ago. I haven't had a hormonal panel done for a while so should probably get that happening. Have you read "I Conquered Fibromyalgia and Turned Horror Moans Back Into Hormones' - I ordered it from Amazon yesterday. You never know there maybe something in it that might help. It's all about using bioidentical hormones, not synthetic. Hormones imbalances can mess everything up, but so can all sorts of other things like thyroid.

    Interestingly, in reference to the above post about my mum and vascular dementia, she never took hormone replacement of any kind - maybe that contributed to the development of her conditions - who knows.

  6. Misdiagnosed

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    Finding a therapist who treats FM and MFS is difficult!!

    I do have tender points and I do have ropey muscles, so maybe I've got both. Then I've also had another rhematologist say it was probably a nutritional imbalance because all my problems started with bowel problems and low levels of B12/folic acid. (I've fixed the B12/folic acid problem, but my digestion is still a mess)

    It gets confusing knowing how to tackle all this, doesn't it?

    Thanks for your feedback