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    As far as symptoms, for a person diagnosed with CFS and FMS?
  2. Shirl

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    They cross over. I have Fibro, but I still get the fatigue for days at a time. But the pain I get in a flare is pass belief! I also get that terribly tired feeling too.

    As for the exercise, welllllll that depends on the individual, as for myself, I have to be very careful or I will put myself in the bed for days screaming in pain from exercise!

    I only walk, normal walking and I use a Nordic Tract for about five minutes a day.

    Right now I am suffering with the upper back pain from riding eighty miles Sunday and walking around a medium size Mall.

    I am sitting here with a back massager/heating pad on my chair. It will take me at least another day to feel better again. In plain English, I 'over did it'!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    There are a lot of researchers who believe they are just different manifestations of the same illness.

    With FMS to be "official," one must have 11 of the 18 tender points with some in all quadrants of the body. There are people with FMS who have very little pain and lead almost normal lives. There are those who are in horrible pain. FMS patients all tolerate exercise differently, but generally speaking, the more one can tolerate, the better. Fibro Fog is a symptom which makes one feel as though he or she is in a mental fog.

    People with CFIDS do not have these tender points, unless they also have FMS. People with CFIDS usually suffer more from fatigue, but pain can also be an issue. CFIDS causes neurological cognitive problems like the inability to concentrate and memory loss. It is different from Fibro Fog because we can feel fairly clear headed until we must remember something or focus our attention. We can also suffer from the foggy feeling. People with CFIDS often have chronic sore throats, swollen lymph nodes, and low-grade temperatures.

    These distinctions are not black and white, but rather generalites on the two conditions. These, as well as many other, symptoms can overlap and the distinctions become blurry.

    I've been sick for 12 years, but my tender points didn't show up until about 2 years ago. Some with FMS don't have these tender points, but it is difficult to get an FMS diagnosis without them. People like this are usually diagnosed with CFIDS which may or may not be accurate.

    Again, I think the majority of us have, or will have, both. I do treat my CFIDS separately from my FMS and have had good success at doing this. I started with my worst symptom and then went to the next worst and so on. Over time, I add to and refine these treatments. Using this shotgun approach of many treatments of different types, I have found that a synergism takes place and the healing improves over time, but it is very slow going. I have to look back at two years ago to see the progress.

    Love, Mikie