What's up in your garden?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Doznclan3, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Anyone want to share what you have been blessed with lately? I got my garden in real late...but, finally got a crook neck squash and a tomato! We were really excited about the tomato. It tasted so good..haven't cooked the squash yet. Waiting for another one to get a bit larger so we will have enough to go with a meal. Love them. My sunflowers are late too, but are still growing.
    I'll bet everyone else has been eating away!
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    Can be used for bread when it gets large..grate it up and use it in a favorite bread recipe..yummy.
    I think we have some Goldfinch around here this year..they make a pretty sound what ever they are..yellow and black. I love their song!
    Sweet peas do well around here too..and onions? Well, seems they will do well any where in the yard, weeds and all. Had a neighbor that would give us some, they would come back double every year it seemed. They weren't the in the ground type, they were like scallions, only very large.
    We also have hummingbirds. :))
    Wish we had more tomatoes right now! They are coming.
    Jam, why will you have warmer weather in Oct.? Where are you again?
    Our weather is being strange this year. Aug is usually real hot..so far, only low 90's and high 80's...not that I'm complaining!
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    Oh, So. Cal...so warmer weather, more fog, and smoke? Those poor kids probably dread going back to school just for wondering what they will get first, a cold, the tummy flu. That's too bad.
    Hope you have air conditioning, big time.
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    I have peanut butter coming up in my garden!
  5. springwater

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    Cynthia, lol.

    I have some zinnias and salvias. Monsoons are notmuch of a time for many flowers to grow here.
    The geraniums hate too much rain.

    I have a mango tree with three mangoes growing on it. Never knew it took so long for a mango to ripen. been more than a month!!

    We have those fat red chillis, they can kill you, they are so hot!

    God Bless
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    Just wanted to get everyone's attention. I did finally get that crook neck zuc to start coming along. Love it. Steamed with that real healthy butter. Then I put that real healthy salt on it when it's done. Not too much. :p
    Mangos?! I love them too. Springwater, where do you live?

    We have three apple trees, and a pear tree. The one apple tree in the front doesn't do as well as the two in the back, and one in the back is real yummy! We have so much on that tree, that we have neighbors come over just for that tree. Golden Delicious.
    My big sunflowers are getting there..I do believe they will bloom. It's getting warmer here again. Had a cooler time, 80's in the day, high 50's, and low 60's at night. This is really strange for us at this time of year. It's no wonder that I am buying tomatoes at the stands, even though I have two plants..doing very little. A lot of people have had the same problem.
    Well, like I said, no Peanut Butter, but wouldn't that be nice if it could happen? I like peanut butter. Jiffy. Creamy. :)
    Love, Cynthia
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    Actually in the South, after the cotton crops were decimated by the boll weavil; farmers grew peanuts instead. And women baked peanut butter pies, and used them in all kinds of yummy recipes.

    I just finished reading a book that took place in Alabama in the early 30's - where everyone was growing huge gardens - the beginning of the Depression Era.

    So I was wondering if Cynthia was in the South.

    Peanut Butter though....... :)
  8. springwater

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    Cynthia - I notice you asked. I live in nepal, a tiny country sandwiched bewteen Tibet to
    the north and India to the south. I guess we have a tropical climate. Lots of rain for three

    This year the three or so parrots i used to observe some months back, seem to have
    mated and multiplied by leaps and bounds, I can hardly get any peace for all the raucous
    noise they make out side my window. They come, alight on a tree the name of which i dont
    know, but its an old tree and huge and eat the fruit and make such a racket! They also love
    just taking to the skies and shrieking all the time. Very energetic birds and i love looking at them. Some time ago i used to rushing up to the terrace to cach a glimpse of them when i
    heard their shrieks as they flew over the house, this time I dont have to, theyre all over
    the place.

    Im thankful that i can observe and enjoy these birds.

    God Bless

  9. Doznclan3

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    is pretty much done except I want to leave my sunflowers for a couple of more days..then..I will take the seeds out and dry them in the oven for our (meaning my son and my)...rats. :))))
    remember, we have two really sweet girls here. I never would have guessed that I would ever want a rat, but I have one as of this year. They are smart, and loving.
    Windblade, was it you that asked if I lived in the South? Used to..never saw a peanut farm. I lived in Fernandina Beach. Saw and ate, a lot of shrimp though. Love it. I live in Utah now, and we eat that western style of food. I really miss a lot of that Southern food to this day.
    Springwater, those birds sound beautiful..well, meaning, they sound like they look beautiful. I know that big birds can make big noises. Still>>beautiful.
    Jams...I can't grow pumpkins here. Just hasn't worked in this city. Where as, just a couple of cities over, I could. ?? Never tried Gourds, but maybe I'll try that next year. I do love the mums, and they grow well here. I just bought a lot of new tulip bulbs. Mine are needing separated and they just don't grow as large as I like some of them. Also bought some daffodils. I think it will look pretty out there come spring.
    I also have a lot of apples! Three apple trees, and a pear tree. Love pears. They are pretty much there, ready to eat..one apple tree in particular everyone in the family loves to come and get some from it. A tart green apple. Yummy.
    Can you all believe that winter is coming? Not sure about Springwater, but here in the states, where I live..I may be seeing snow by the end of next month. Where does the time go?
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    Ha Ha...how is everyone?? I have missed being here. I have been ok, not ok, then ok again, then not ok again..oh well, you all here know the story. I don't have to go into detail.

    My health is better now, family situations are straightening out..boy, can that cause some stress and flares when you have serious family problems.
    We actually had a day of fast and prayer not yesterday Sunday, but the Sunday before for our whole family. All of us needed help in some way or another. It was a really nice thought knowing that our whole family was praying all day for each other.

    Ok rain..have a question..not about gardening..lol.. Chicken problem!! Of course.

    Have you ever had problems with the sparrows, or garden birds getting into your chicken's feed..or barn..I can see the barn..but I am having such a problem with the sparrows coming to my little coop, going inside, and eating more..and I mean more, than the chickens! Plus, my chickens have been mite/lice free. Now I worry about that.
    Plus, I am thinking that these sparrows are bathing in the nice warm water dish that I have in the coop for my chicks. I am so angry at them, and they are only doing what they need to to make it. Sparrows are smart, and not that afraid of people. I just now came back in with my husband. Had to show him.
    I had just the small coop door open. I thought, I am going to catch them in there. Sure enough, shut the little door, and you could just hear all of the birds going balistic in there trying to get out.
    Well, when we opened the big door, we got bombarded!

    I saw a cute feeder that my husband is now exited to make for me. It's one of those that when the chicken steps on it, it will open, then when the chicken steps off, it closes. :)
    I love the pictures..anyone reading this that wants to get a chuckle, look up treadle feeders for chickens..great idea! And my warm water bowl is fun for the birds too..it looks as though they have been bathing in it! Arrgghh! Can you hear me now??? Rain, now I'm trying to remember the name of that dust you put on your birds if you see bugs. Arrghhh again! I need to check them just to be safe.

    How is everyone..?? I sure hope you all have been doing better than me. I've been well enough to take care of animals, (including the cutest ones indoors..meaning family..:))

    I'm hoping I don't need back surgery. Or hips. I find myself putting off complaining too much to the dr. I take it easy for a while. Then the eyes..I have several cysts on my eyeballs..have been seeing the eye dr. though. So many different kinds of drops..tried, then another, now trying another. Anyway, my list goes on...but the eye problems really worries me.

    Going to look you all up..doesn't look like much is going on. Need to start a thread on something..I will think! Wow, if I can!! :))
  11. windblade

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    Yes, the excess acid - that is exactly what my CFS holistic Dr. said about my eye problems - the vitreous collapse which caused the big, dark floater which hasn't gone completely away. So I need to be careful with that also in my diet.

    Rain - what is Miracle II?
  12. windblade

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    Found out that my knee problem is a torn ligament. Plus have to go next week for an X-Ray to make sure there is no bone damage. I have been doing special exercises, had a glucose injection which has cleared up a lot of 'trigger points' in the past.

    And need to do castor oil rubs three times a day - plus a peroxide soak. And massage. But nothing seems to be helping. Maybe it is a bone problem after all. Or I left it too late.

    Thanks for all the info. on Miracle II. Very similar to the Taurine, Potassium and Magnesium Suppl. that I take. And the other stuff I mentioned here. Plus I have MCS and use citra-solv and other natural cleaners like vinegar.

    There are some days either due to bouts of depression or post-exertion-fatigue where I just don't have the strength to even get up and eat, much less do this whole leg routine. Do you think the Miracle product would be any help with a torn ligament?

  13. windblade

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    It's so valuable that your whole family will pray together - for family needs and problems! That's rare, and allows the Holy Spirit to bring help to you, since you're all so open and asking for help. A real blessing. Your family's love shines through.
  14. windblade

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    Thanks for the input. I'll know more too after I have the X-Ray, and go on from there. At least I've decided to try and be more hopeful, and accepting, and persistent in dealing with it all. That lessens the emotional chaos. I just need to get well enough so that I can get my long -delayed glucose test done. I get so dizzy from hyperglycemia when I fast that I can't risk falling again.

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    Thanks for all the info to check out..I will check up on the acid problem..I do drink some of the organic vinegar with "the mother" in it once in a while..have to be careful I guess..heard it can rob the bones, (calcium).

    It's interesting how the different ways we can fix our bodies to a point with herbs and natural foods.
    I decided to try collidal silver in my eye, started today, plus, I take a bottle of water with me most everywhere, so put a bit in my water bottle. (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but I think you know what it is.)
    Like I said, going to check this info out..probably after Thanksgiving. :) Busy day tomorrow!
    Love, Cynthia