What's up with these @#$% doctors??? Venting.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paula45, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. paula45

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    Sheesh! I just don't get it. I desperately need a new pain doc since my PCP won't prescribe anything more than vicodin for me and my "so-called" pain management "doctor" told me on first visit he would give me 50 mg Kadian (timed release morphine) twice a day. When I told him it wasn't working for my back pain, he said "Well, that's all you're getting". That was a year ago. So after child-like compliance on my part and many facet injections later, and a now angry-acting dr, I've got to find a new one. The only one in my ins. group is 60 miles away. I finally called his office today to see what I have to do to have an appointment. They told me that they have to review all my records from both my doctors before he will decide if he will EVEN SEE ME!! I told them it was no problem with my PCP, but if I send records from my "pain doc" and this new doctor decides he doesn't want to see me, then I'll be without any doctor. It didn't matter to them and they didn't care and there was no option. So I'll cross him off the list too. Honestly, I've been so depressed already lately from the constant pain in spite of the morphine and vicodin i'm getting from PCP, that I'm about ready to throw in the towel. What in the @#$ are they in it for? Is it the money? They obviously don't care about people. What in the @#$ are they doing in such a speciality? Why didn't they go into flower arranging or something? This is absolutely beyond my ability to believe at this point. I'm SO jealous of you who have found great physicians and I hope you count your blessings everytime you see them. Every breath I take hurts and has for a year and a half. And now I'm so mad on top of it, I think I might blow a gasket. Sorry to unload, but my poor hubby is SO tired of hearing it all and trying to figure out what to do with me. You don't have to respond. I just really needed to "tell" someone. UGH! Sorry....
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  2. mitch123

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    Good on you for having a vent (better out than in)sorry about your problem with doctors! I hope you eventually get some more pain relief,
    Take care
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    I can so relate....on Monday I was so angry. Then I ended up sitting here crying all day. I was so hoping that the Dr would help me and that I would have some relief from this pain, when that didn't happen I just hit bottom. So vent all you want!!
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    I'm with you.

  5. elaine_p

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    Or would he insist on getting the records from your current doctor/clinic?

    If he will accept records from you, then you could request them from the current doc and copy them for the hopeful(?) new doc.
  6. paula45

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    all so very sweet to offer your support and suggestions. I appreciate it so much. I'm going to consider all the ideas and rumble them around in my head. I think the new dr. would take the records from me, but he and his office staff are so rude that I think even if I asked for them, he would probably dump me. I think he wants to anyway since he can't fix me and refuses any other med options. I wonder if he's working for the co. that makes the Kadian.

    I might try talking to my PCP about trying something else...I mean no one's even tried Lidocaine patches, for cryin' out loud. I don't think you can be investigated for that (or am I wrong???). Sorry, I'm going off again. I'm just so mad/depressed/hopeless/frustrated....But, thanks again to you all. It's great to have this place.
  7. shazz

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    Here is an idea.
    Call your local hospital and see if there is a FM support group in your area.
    Attend a few meetings and maybe someone will be able to point you to a doc who is willing to help. Sometimes the best doc is just another CPC or some have good luck with their rheumies. (although on the whole they are very stingy with pain meds except for the anti-inflammatories)
    It's the best I can come up with at this time, but I think it would certainly be worth a shot.
  8. zggygirl

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    I remember back in 1998 when I first started the doctor quest. One in particular said "Im not comfortable giving you anything for pain". And I thought "but what about my comfort?" I will never forget that day. I was so sad and disappointed.
    It was in 2000 that I saw my fist GOOD doctor and he was a psychiatrist! I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, in pain, and anxious, I was a basket case. He actually had me laughing about it within minutes of meeting him for the first time.
    He kept telling me I needed to find a doctor to help me with my pain. I saw at least 3 more with no luck for any of my symptoms even aside from pain.
    Then through pure luck my therapist suggested a group therapy for cancer survivers and chronic illnesses. Well after 2 visits there someone suggested a doctor.
    He is so kind and caring. But he only consults so he recommended another doctor. Well here it is 2004 and I finally have a doctor who is willing to look at all my symptoms as being real and is also helping me with pain. And it only took 4 visits to establish a very good relationship. (I pray it continues). He makes me laugh too. I always know that is a good sign if they can make me laugh!
    I do feel very fortunate to have "found" these doctors. I have hope again! Amazing really to be able to say that and mean it.
    So hang in there ok? The good guys are out there and they will find you while you are seeking them.
  9. paula45

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    That's a great idea but, unfortunately, I live in a small college town about 150 miles north of Houston. At this point, it looks like my best shot for finding a doc is someone in Houston. There is no support group in this area. There may be one about 60 miles away. I haven't checked since I really can't drive at all. Maybe once a month I'm able to get to town. Kinda lost here. Thanks for the great suggestions. I appreciate it so much.
  10. kerrymygirl

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    We may just have to gather for a full fledged lawsuit for inadequate care and abuse in our treatment mentally and physically.

    We used to let people die screaming in pain before(HOSPICE)

    Trust me doc`s were the 1st ones ringing their buzzer if we were not there in time for their pain meds. They were used to getting it when they needed it. When in hosp. they were monitered just like every other Joe. I can tell you some nasty words came across, if it was abusy day and we were a smidge behind.

    Many yrs. ago before pharmacies people just grew their own pain meds. The oldest man found had opiods in body for arthritis.

    Ask them would they let there child suffer? Are we to live and die in pain. That is quite a life??? I could hardly stand seeing people crawling into clinic, young,old,pain is pain, just makes one cry to see it. I just do not get it we can send men too the moon,electronics beyond comprhension,but we just let humans day in and day out suffer, in todays day in age. Since I have to have this wish it was before pharmacies,laws that protect the wrong people,etc. Sorry, I have been in so much pain, just rambling,brings up old memories and new. ( Take Care and Keep Plugging.) My injections do not last long enough either. Wish I could afford a daily massage therapist......Hugggsss
  11. paula45

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    Thank you both. I'm sorry for your suffering. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Isn't it sad when it's good to know that other people are hurting the same as you? How twisted is that? I've been through so much in my life...fought horrible depression for 15 years, got better, was happy and looking forward to growing old with my hubby---then this hit. Sometimes, I just wonder what could possibly be next. And, of course, the age-old question we all want to know...WHY. There won't be an answer to that one for a while. I'm sure eventually I'll get enough energy to keep on. When I told my husband about what had happend, he said "well, we'll just have to go to Houston". I know I wouldn't have made it this far without him. He just keeps on trying when I don't want to. Thanks again, guys.
  12. nancyneptune

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    I despise all my doctors. They do not believe me! The pain specialist tells me I don't have Fibro, but refuses to say what I do have. Gives me drugs for Fibro tho. Tells me I'm not getting narcotics. I say, "Who asked you for them?"
    I have so much animosity toward all my docs that I refuse to go to them, it is an exercise in futility!
    When my SSD benefits come up for renewal in May next year, what am I going to say?! I didn't go to the doctors because I hate them? There is no point in going to them. I get Mirapex, which I do need, but as for the reason I'm on SSD, I get no treatment except for them telling me to go to my shrink! **ck them all.
    I can see why we commit suicide more often than any other group!
  13. elaine_p

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    when you ask for your records, you have to fill out a form. They may ask you why you want them (and may be sorta nasty-ish about it), just tell them you want them for your records. We have a right to our records at any time, anyway, and if we apply for disability we pretty much need them.

    I think your doc may have to "approve" the request (which I think is bull, but oh well). But there's absolutely no reason for him not to. And, lucky you, you probably get to pay for them. Get this, if doctors or lawyers request records they get them free!!! Sheesh! (Or maybe it's just this clinic's policy.) I think patients should get them free and everyone else should have to pay--after all, if they do pay they'll just pass on the cost to us....