whats with the chat room???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ltllee, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. ltllee

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    I use to go on there all the time, it was great to be able to vent.
  2. earthdog2000

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    I just went to check out the chat room and there were a couple of ppl. in the depression room. Is the fibro/CFS one not working? Just wondering because you did'nt say.

    Thanks, Julie
  3. luigi21

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    Good point well made, most people despite diagnosis meet in the same room. usually one of first 5 you see when log in, so go to one with highest number at side and go in, if people are idle say hi, if no answer come back later. there was a debate as to whether everyone with different diagnosis should meet in the same room, the outcome was the majority preferred this due to not so many people being around at some point, or people having multiple diagnoses. It can be confusing i have to admit, when i first came i didnt know i could enter the cfs room because i had fibro. and also what if i want to talk about fibro and no one in the room has it? but the overall vote was for everyone to meet in same room despite diagnosis, so if you want to discuss fibro just say and people will respond as to whether they can identify or not. i hope this helps, oh and most people seem to appear later on in the day.

    all the best
  4. joanierav

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    lots of people have left , but lots of new people have taken their place. just remember to check ALL the rooms, before you leave, usually you can find at least one other person.

    yes great place to vent , with people who understand.

    hugs, joanierav