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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paulina-jo, Dec 26, 2006.

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    FMS related symptoms onset (interstitial cystitis, IBS, migraines, urticaria, fatigue) dx 35+ years ago. muscle pain, sleep disturbance came on twenty plus years ago, but FMS diagnosis was not made until 1999. having tried multiple things to feel better, and being disabled (LTD/social security in 1997) i have been delivered from chronic pain AND the lumps and bumps of fibro after only 18 months of the guafenisin protocal (being fastidious about remaining salicylate free). i am still purging the related FMS/CFS symptoms, as the protocal suggests, having mostly good days but an occasional symptomatic day with severe brain fog, or skin eruptions, or IBS flare up or pronounced fatigue. a flare up is ALWAYS followed by a day of cystitis type symptoms. i am convinced that the guafenisin protocal is reversing my illness. i also have been working with a talented/gifted chiropractor throughout this period, which i believe has augmented my healing. i find the posting about the structure of the neck/and the surgeon from chicago very provocative. in any case, i am confident that healing is possible. being 49 and having suffered many years, i am optimistic and have returned to working 1/2 time as a preschool teacher. where i remember literally crawling from my bed to the bathroom and struggling to wash my own hair because of the burning in my arms, i can now squat down and pick up a two year old on each hip and stand back up again. i find this miraculous. you all are in my thoughts and prayers and i applaud you for your courage and tenacity as you battle this condition!
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    That's great that you found something to heal you. You should put this post in "What Worked for Me" so that more people will see it!

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