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  1. MaryCecelia

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    This is my 1st time here, & I'd appreciate any feedback. In Sept. I went to a new family doctor, & he thinks I have fibromyalgia. He bases this on the fact that 4 of the trigger points he touched caused me pain & because I always feel fatigued. While I do feel stuff & sometimes experience back & neck pain, pain is not a major problem for me. The overwhelming tiredness is what's so bad. Even after sleeping for 10 hrs., I feel as if I've never slept. He insists I have more pain than i realize & that causes fatigue. He's had me take Flexeril, Cortisone, & Zyrtec (in case allergies are keeping me from maintaining deep sleep) & given me 5 Lidacaine injections. None of this helps the fatigue. Does anyone else have fatigue as their #1 complaint? Any advice? Thank you!
  2. fibolady

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    i would certainly seek another opinion. he sounds like he is just picking cherries off a tree to see if anything might help. this is not a good approach if you do indeed have fms.

    the pain does not cause fatigue for fms, it just causes pain. when you are in pain, you just hurt. the fatique with fms comes in waves and can accompany the pain, but they are really two separate issue in my opionion. some times i can have the fatique but not be in any worse pain. make sense?

    hope people with cfs respond, because they can help with more knowledge on the fatigue, which they seem to battle everyday.

    i wonder why he did not address the sleep issue first. getting the best nights sleep helps in all areas, fatigue and pain. that is when our muscles repair.

    good luck,
    warm regards, fibolady

  3. evileva

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    I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (hell of a long name,huh.) and Fibro. With the cfids I experience profound fatigue EVERY day. This is the kind that you get up and move to the couch and then you sit and think about getting up to take a bath and you continue to sit.... well I think you get the picture. Where as with the Fibro I have pain everyday but it varies..it can be here and there and sometimes not so bad and sometimes REALLY bad. So at least that is how it works on me, I don't know if this helps you any, but do as much reading on the subjects as you can. Good luck.
  4. Mikie

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    There are a whole bunch of conditions which can mimic ours, so it is critical for docs to run a whole slew of tests to rule out these other conditions.

    It isn't even necessary to have any tender points to have FMS. Mine didn't show up until late in the game. Your doc may be right, but you want to be sure this isn't some other illnesses which resembles FMS. Find a doc with some knowledge about diagnosing and treating FMS. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  5. MarieHerman

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    MaryCecilia, I agree with Fibolady. I would seek another opinion. I have had Fibro for almost 3 years and that doesn't sound like the "normal" (if there is one) regimen of treatment. You would want to see a rheumatologist. And there are other tests that can be done to rule out other conditions. Hang in there, Hugs
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    fatigue is my most prominent symptom and I've got the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.... we recently did some polls here and it looked to me that fatigue is a very primary symptom for many of us.... I was told I "couldn't" be in pain as a child so I don't really identify pain now.... so I call it feeling bad or fatigue and I also call it severe! And you have described it to a "T"./... Good luck!
  7. blessings

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    At this time and for quite a while, fatigue is my chief complaint, tho I have a list of them. I feel as if I have fatigue on top of fatigue and have ever since I had a virus in Sept. One of my dr.s just this past wed. said one of the problems was I have post viral syndrome; from the severe virus in Sept. With a compromised immmune system, I don't even shake off colds anymore. I too have allergies and I know that can tire you as well as side effects from meds. Maybe I have become rather used to the pain, but the tiredness is not abating and I cannot get used to that. However, I do keep hoping and holding on, as we all do.
    Hoping you will feel better soon.

    Blessings to you
  8. cece

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    I'm in the same boat - fatigue -- WAVES of it. I refer to them as "tsunamis", they're so bad. Have you had a 'sleep study' yet? Please get one - that way, a sleeping disorder can be ruled out or diagnosed. Has your primary referred you to a rheumatologist? It's important to see one - FMS comes under their aegis.

    Just do the best you can and respect the illness (do projects in bits rather than all at once; rest in-between steps; don't push yourself too hard. These have been hard lessons for me to learn, personally, but this is the guidance everyone (docs, laypersons, counsellors) gives me.
    Best of luck!
  9. VenusFire

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    It sounds to me like it's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, not Fibromyalgia. I'm not a doctor, but I had 5-7 different doctors and PA's tell me 2 different things. According to studies, it's not necessarily FMS unless you are responsive to at least 11 out of the 18 trigger points. It took me 5 years to finally get a straight diagnosis. One of my docs (who I have been seeing for years) told me that there was NO WAY that I had FMS, my lifelong PA told me that there was a possibility, another PA told me that I was showing STRONG symptoms, but that he couldn't be sure. So on and so forth, until I was recommended to a Rheumatologist who could give me a diagnosis. Rheumatologists know about pain syndromes (i.e. arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, FMS, etc.) and can help you to find the right answer. Good luck!
  10. Dianeme

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    MaryCecelia: I have had fibro for 8 years now and I find if, if being the pivotal word here, I can get some sleep, my pain isn't as bad, but it's always there. Some days it's more intense than others. I am always fatigued though. It doesn't matter if I slept during the night or not, wheather I have done more than I should have or not, I am always fatigued. Along with the pain, sleepless nights, fatigue during the day, pain, and the list goes on, as definite signs of fibro. I would, however, see another doctor before I start taking medication for things that "might" be. This condition is definitely one of the most difficult to understand and diagnos but see a doctor that has a little more knowledge about fibro than the one you are now seeing! Hang in there! there are plenty of us to support you!