what's wrong with ppl today? Rant and some good news too.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by akandmk, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Hello all, I haven't been on here for a while but after my little rant I do have some good stuff to share with you all. I've noticed the last few times I went out in a flare, like yesterday that people are so darn rude. I mean you all understand this zombie shuffle right? Okay so I went out to a couple of places yesterday on day 5 of a horrible flare ( it seemed like it was winding down a little yesterday) and several ppl that were in a hurry almost mowed me down trying to get past me. And a few of them almost bumped into me. They could clearly see that I was limping along with that zombie shuffle so how hard would it be to just ask to go around me? I would have clearly stepped off to the side so that they could go around. My husband who is very protective of me started getting really upset at these horrible folks and let them know how rude they were. Okay got that rant off my chest, now onto a small one about scientologists. I am saddened by John Travolta's son's death because I have my own kids and know that it would kill me if something happened to them. But for his religion to say autism doesn't exsist really ticks me off. There is enough science that shows it clearly does and if his son had it he should've gotten help for it. There could've been a tumor that made that poor child have those seizures. I'm mad as heck for all of us that do have a child that has autism.

    Okay enough of that one too. Alright here is the good news ladies and gentlemen. My husband bought me a full length massager that has heat and let me tell you guys that it may not take all the pain away but wow it does help. Mine was 30$ at walmart and it massages from the middle of the neck down. This thing helped take a full blown omg please help me flare down to okay this sucks but is doable. So if you can afford it, and I know that alot of us are strapped for cash, but if you can I say it is a good buy. You can have that thing working on your back, butt, and legs while your heating pad ( I have two) on your front. Happy New Year and let us all pray that we all have less flares or a cure comes out ( one can always hope). Oh and bring on spring already!
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    Most of the time I don't really notice how people are -- I'm fairly high functioning. But there have been times, and I can't certainly relate.

    One time...a strange one...I was on vacation and had come across some bee pollen at a farmers' market and wanted to try it out. So the next fine day, I awoke and sprinkled some on my cereal. Well, I had the most horrible HORRIBLE flare I've ever had in a short span of time. (No doubt I was really allergic to some of what the bees were bringing in!) Within an hour or so, I was bent over and hobbled like someone twice my age. It felt like every muscle of my body was a giant bruise.

    It so happened that was the day we had put aside to go and play mini golf, so off I go. When we reached the golf place, it took me a full five minutes to get out of the car and into the shop. I was really struck at the odd looks I was getting -- as if I somehow offended people by just LOOKING as if I were in pain. Of course, I just couldn't move fast enough for anyone, either.

    I'm really amazed that there are people who prefer to treat us as if we don't belong 'out' -- as if they shouldn't have to be bothered with someone slower, or someone whose appearance ruins their day just by being in their field of vision.

    P.S. The massager sounds great!

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    I'll tell you what is wrong with people today; there are SO many rogues and theives out there; there are SO many people that only care for themselves; there are SO many GREEDY people out there, etc. There are SO many rude, and I mean RUDE people out there.

    I have been watching the news for the last several months, which I had not watched it before. There's always something on the news like; someone broke in a killed etc., a store was robbed, etc., the CEO of whatever company, was caught embezzling $$$$$, a judge and two of the admin. assistants were caught embezzling $$$$$$, and on and on. Why do some people think they have the right to just "take" what other people have? What gives them the right to rob stores and other people; are they just lazy? Do they not want to work? Get this: there are so many young kids stealing from their own parents; can you believe that??? I was raised quite differently from kids today; I could NEVER take from my parents.

    Sorry; I could really go on and on with, "what's wrong with ppl today". I'm sorry that you had a difficult time with rude people. Unfortunately, there are rude people everywhere. You would think that "excuse me" are words that aren't used anymore; or "may I". Well, there's nothing we can do but accept the way people are. I can see that it's more in the younger generation but I don't understand why.

    I'm glad that your husband found the massager to help you. Sorry I got on the rant but I've been in that situation with people and it really hurts people's feelings when other people are rude.

    Take care,

  4. SolSerenade

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    <<Alright here is the good news ladies and gentlemen. My husband bought me a full length massager that has heat and let me tell you guys that it may not take all the pain away but wow it does help. Mine was 30$ at walmart>>

    could you possibly post which (model, brand) massager it is that you like. I cannot get out to shop.

    thank you!

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