What's your Energy Level?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hermitlady, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I often wonder how other people w FM/CFS feel energy-wise. I am for the most part, a lifeless blob. I try to force myself to do things, but I tire out so quickly.

    I am also often quite depressed (taking ADs for 10+ yrs), so I know that is another contributing factor. I'm rarely motivated to do much of anything, and I constantly feel bad about myself.

    On a scale from 1 to 10, my average energy level is probably around a 3.5. Not much life running thru my veins!

    Would anyone like to try and rate themselves on this "Energy Scale"???

    I just thought it would be interesting to hear from other folks here.

    xoxo Hermit
  2. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Hi Hermit - I'd rate my average energy level as a 5. Today would be about a 3. I'm one of those people who doesn't pace when I do things. I go at it, full throttle, and then crash after a few days. Today is definitely a crashing day.

    I don't suffer from depression so maybe that is why I can force myself to do things even when the energy envelope is almost empty. I'm always motivated to do things, it just takes me much longer to do than before CFS.

    Take care.
  3. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I almost always feel tired lately. I have a hard time even getting up off the couch when the kettle whistles. Right now I am a 5, which is great b/c I have a date tonight and should really shower and do something with my giant fro hair. Of course I did just get up from a nap 1.5 hours ago, so my energy level this morning was a 2.

    I think I average in the 3-6 range. It has been about a month since I have gone all day without a nap. I have motivation, I just can't get and stay going. I am also on ritalin, which quit working well a month ago.

    It sucks to be at a 3.5. Do you think your motivation effects your energy or that your lack of energy has taken down your motivation?
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I am rarely depressed and am very motivated (& yrs ago when I did struggle with severe depression, I still managed to have a very, very busy, active life), but my energy level these days is generally extremely low.

    On a really "good" day I might hit a 5 for a couple of hours total, but most days it is more like a 3, & quite frequently it is closer to a 1 or 2. There have even been a bunch of days where I would say it was barely above a 0 (I have now slept as long as 58 hours straight & frequently sleep for 30 - 36 hrs at a stretch - could never have done that before getting sick, no matter if my life had depended on it, if you offered to pay me millions of dollars to do so, if I was extremely sick, etc) So, for me, at least, this has nothing to do with motivation or depression, and everything to do with my body just flat out refusing to work.

    Mitochondria are like the cells' batteries, and I totally believe that the mitochondria are a big part of this illness (evidence backs this up, too).....and just like you cannot will a car with a dead battery to go anywhere, I cannot will my body to work when its "batteries" are almost dead.
  5. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I would say the past few weeks my energy level has been about a 2 or 3. I have missed work due to fatigue, though you can't call in "tired", so I just call in "sick". This is even with a 3-hour nap during my shift. I just cant make it.

    I feel like I could sleep for a week right now.

  6. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Thanks for all the replies, it's interesting to hear other pts experience. It definitely helps me to not feel so alone. I often feel like I'm the only one who feels like this, well I am the only one among my family and friends anyway.

    My house is a dust bowl too, complete w cat hair dust bunnies. I just cannot seem to get more than one room "clean" at a time anymore, and I just don't care that much anyway. My dh is bothered by the messes tho, and I know he resents the fact that I'm at home all day and the house is still a mess. I'm embarassed for anyone to really know how I spend my days sometimes, it's humiliating to be so useless.

    I'm trying to get the energy to shower...then I always have to rest after that. Ugh. It Never ends!!!
  7. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    You know, I have been taking 2-4000 IU D3 for a year or so and I ran out a couple of wks ago. Getting more today. My last bloodwork showed "normal" levels of D, whatever that means!

    Do you think the Grapeseed Extract you so lovingly recommend would help w energy? Remind me again the dosage that is recommended, maybe I'll get some of that one too.

    Thanks for always having some advice, you're a doll.

    xoxo Hermit
  8. shaz73

    shaz73 New Member

    I so know what you mean - I have missed work due to fatigue but you just can't SAY that can you? Its not recognised as being "sick", when of course we know better dont we?!

    I work part time and finish work at 3 pm - often lose the rest of my afternoon having to have a nap at home, when they are things to do. Its particularly annoying as I dont like my job and it robs me of what energy I do have (which is not enough).

    As for rating my energy levels, thats difficult - today its about 4. It rarely gets over 6 unfortunately, although I push through it sometimes and pay price later. On a positive note, considering I couldnt work at all for five years I'm doing pretty good!

  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Hi Hermitlady!!

    My energy level can certainly change. Some days it is almost non-existant. It feels like all of my energy has been sucked right out through my fingers and toes. Walking to the bathroom is exhausting, sometimes even changing my clothes is too hard. My husband will bring me a tshirt to sleep on the couch in.

    Other days I'll have quite a bit more. I wouldn't say it's close to what a "normal" person has, but I'm much more awake for starters. I absolutely cannot overdo it, even though I've been inclined to do so in the past. I can start the day feeling pretty good, but within a few hours feel like I need a nap. I have not been able to do a full house cleaning for a few years. My husband and I used to be able to clean the house on a Sat. morning in an hour and a half. Pick up, clean the kitchen well, dust, vacuum, do the floors, beds, clean bathrooms etc. I couldn't dust my whole house now without getting totally wiped out.

    There just is no rhyme or reason sometimes. That's what is so frustrating - however, at least I am getting some days with more energy than others.


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