Whats your experience with probiotics?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by _randy_, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. _randy_

    _randy_ New Member

    I am taking them now. So far I have noticed more fatigue and a cramped neck. Please tell me what side effects you experienced and how long you too them. Thanks!
  2. pam_d

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    Probiotics have been a godsend for me. Now, I will tell you that I had a tough time with them at first, getting used to them. They did not cause anything like the symptoms you describe, though, just some mild stomach cramps. I started out slowly, actually taking the capsules apart so I could dump out half; I started with half cap, then built up to one. Now, I take two in the morning on an empty stomach (really how you are supposed to take them, but I started off with food, too, just to help with the cramping; BTW, most people don't seem to experience that effect, though, most people here, anyway, usually have little problem with them).

    Now, I love them! I had months of strong antibiotics last year and chemo treatments (leukemia) which totally messed up my stomach. Major IBS issues (something I didn't normally have). Probiotics saved me; in about 2 weeks or so, my stomach was fine again (good news because I was returning to work again and obviously needed my stomach to be OK).

    I use a product called I-Flora, by Sedona Labs; I get them online. A naturopath I once went to (and trusted his advice) strongly recommends this type, but there are a lot of good options. I like I-Flora because they don't require refrigeration, as some do, so they are great for traveling. too.

    I honestly don't think your neck cramps have anything to do with this (not a doctor, though!) and I personally never experienced any extra fatigue with them, but who knows?

    Good luck...let us know how you're doing!

  3. Shannah

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    I am not a typical responder to probiotics. For some reason, they intensify my overall pain significantly.

    I have tried to research reasons for this and have posted on various health groups and have come up with no explanation so far.

    Best Wishes
  4. artkin

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    I've read (I0ve link, but it's in Italian sorry) that our body react at mercury exposure (i.e. from amalgams) increasing candida overgrown (candida transforms mercury in metil-mercury (sp)
    Maybe (and I underline maybe, it's only a hipotesis) taking probiotics kill part of this candida (which in a non toxic mercury level is a very good thing) and the remaining mercury goes into the blood stream, increasing pain.
    Have you checked your mercury level?
  5. harmony21

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    randy you maybe herxing...... take it for a while longer and see although iam saying this not having tried probiotics as yet

    Good luck I hope it settles for you and works as its said it should

    angel hugs
  6. artkin

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    As far as I knonw mercury level can be checked in the urine (but if candida converts it this test can be not meaningul).
    Alternative doctors in Italy use a test called mineralogram (sp?), but I don't know if it's precise or not.
  7. kateg

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    I have taken Probiotics for 5 yrs. If I don't take I will have stomach problems w/bad taste in mouth. Not all Probiotics are equal. I have found Klare Labs brand the best. Has to be stored in the fridg. or the bacteria die. Hope this helps.