What's your home decor?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thought this would be a fun topic,,,,Maybe it will help us all to get to know eachother alittle more,,

    I like the shabby chic stuff,,,like baskets, Doilies, and antique linens,,have alot of light wood furniture and a large wicker mirror as you come in the front door,,nothing to spendy just a homey atmosphere,,also i love the floral designs in bedding and curtians ,,,

    Rose and blue are my favourite colors,,also i love lamps!,,,i have one medium size gone with the wind lamp and a newer tiffany style ribbon rose large lamp for the living room ,,,,also a 1960's floor lamp with a round shade,,,

    Hope we can have fun with this topic!,,,sis
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  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    beige leather furniture (so doghair doesn't collect!), red chair, terra cotta floor, area rug is Klimt inspired with terra cotta, blue, green... really want to get more turquoise in tho! Decorative items are very eclectic, range from chinese to mexican to bali to you name it LOL.

    So what does that say about me? I'm a mess?! <grin>

    I've always loved ethnic stuff of all areas, I'm not very discriminating when it comes to stuff like that!

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  3. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    My place (a studio apartment) looks like an art studio collided with a toy store. LOL!!!

    I have a massive herd of stuffed critters on my sofa/bed/futon thingie.
    I have my own gumball machine.
    I have a big poster from a circus, on the wall.

    And the other end of the studio, is an actual studio, with my drafting table & all my art stuff. & art-in-progress projects.

    Furniture is kinda at a minimum. Futon/sofa - computer desk - drafting table - kitchen table - & a rocking chair. Several bookshelves, too. Some with books & some with "stuff".

    The most impressive "decoration" in here, is the wall-to-wall windows with a wonderous view of the city from 15 stories up.

    I LOVE my place!!!!!!!


    PS: The predominant color in here is blue.
  4. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    My home Mediterranian in design. Hardwood wood floors with lots of area rugs. Open floor plan with lots of art work on walls. Earth tone color scheme, traditional furnishings,very comfortable. Altho too large for us,we will soon be downsizing to something more manageble both inside and out!~~Jeanne
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Everydobby's place sounds tres chic.

    I gave the matter of decorating a lot of thought. Finally settled on
    contemporary thrift shop. It's not always elegant, but at least it's

  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks everyone for participating!,,,It all sounds wonderful! i love all your descriptions!,,,I'm with Victoria on the ethnic stuff too anything organic and earthy in nature is also a favoutite of mine too!,,,Iv'e been known to pack home Beauitful rocks and sticks,,,,,only to return them to the great outdoors where they really belong!,,,lolol

    I've read somwhere that your home is your castle and how and what you decorate it with is partly the person you are and also that it proclaims your personality,,,,,,,,yes Pippi i also have those book cases that have some books and some stuff too!,,,lolol,,,,The circus poster and the wall of windows sounds wonderful!,,,and the drafting table (glad your useing that!)

    Forgot to tell you about my sewing machine which now has it's place off the dining room since i just moved into the 1 bdr apt. ,,,,,only place to put it!

    Jamm~~Wow a fig tree!,,thats impressive! a red sofa is nice and i bet you love your new Ikea recliner!,,,I can never get house plants to live in my place,,,

    Terch ~~Open and simple with hardwood floors and a view of the lake and the trees!,,,That sounds wonderful!,,The great outdoors is very dear to my heart having grown up in the sticks,,,

    Gingaree~~Your home sounds wonderful too! Mediteranian,,with lots of wood and earth tones,,,,,,,I've just been through the down sizing thing and it was difficult but needed to happen!,,i just kept as much of my favourite stuff as i could,,,,

    Rock~~I love your contemporary thrift store look!,,,if your comfortable in it then thats what it's supposed to be!

    I'm no decor exspert ,,,,but just for some reason like the subject!,,,sis

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  7. jole

    jole Member

    A mixture of old 'n new, family treasures and thought-up ideas. I have an old victrola, old wooden ice box, two old trunks, an old library table, and an old teacher's desk that I've refinished through the years, interspersed among the house. (All belonged to late family members)

    The rest of our furniture is fairly new, so it doesn't give it an "ancient" feel at all. I love the diversity and texture of things. We have some hardwood floors, and some carpeted areas. My one dining room wall is a rusty/red color with pictures of our parents/grandparents black 'n white photos in black frames, which I love also.

    My colors are more along the Southwest look, although we live in the midwest. One bedroom is done Victorian, and one is done Southwest. The guest room is done "Story Room" as named by the grandkids. Bright colors, shelves of storybooks for reading before bedtime, a rocking chair, and one wall with all their baby pictures...the other wall with our kids' wedding pictures.
    I took the double doors off the closet and turned that into my "office" for computer and printer area, which gives more space to the bedroom.

    I guess my home would be called a family place...past, present and future...........
  8. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Jamm~~Your Cherry wood bedroom set sounds wonderful!,,I'm sure your daughter will want to use it later on in life!,,,it's 46 years old now!,,,,I can see why it's a treasure!,,,The set that i had to give up years ago was wicker and walnut,,,omgosh i loved it but couldn't take it when i moved,,,,,,,,,Yes Victoria you are not a mess!,,,i think it's great to have diversified taste!

    Jole~~Your home sounds wonderful!,,,a mix of antique and modern,,,,preserving the past pieces of furniture is wonderful!,,,Victrola's are hard to come by!,,and the ice chest and trunks are treasures also ,,,,,,Thanks for sharing your past ,present and future home!
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  9. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    My house is in the NE and is a colonial. We bought here in 1995, and I have not redecorated since. I guess I wouldn't find anything that I like better than what I have.

    There are 9 windows facing the street and I wanted the house to look good from the street. Each of the windows are decorated in white eyelet priscilla curtains with large white tie backs.

    At Christmas there is a single electric candle in each window, front door has a 4' red bow with a spotlight on it, and tiny white lights on the bushes~~ if snow permits. I think it looks dignified and sophisticated, not over done. Guess that would be my theme in decorating anyway: less is more. I don't like clutter and have few things on surfaces that need dusting. insert grin...... I described my decor as sophisticated, but perhaps it is just that I don't want much to clean and or dust!

    Guess the best of those rooms facing the front would be the DR which has dark wood china cabinet , table and chairs. I have a pink table cloth under a white battenburg tablecloth. I recovered the chairs in pink fabric and have garlands of pink roses on the curtains. Top of the china cabinet I have a large faux brass container with silk greenery flowing down. A cut glass bowl with rose buds on the table.

    Ah, that was a lovely room... until my spouse decided upstairs was too far for his trap shooting stuff!
  10. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    What a lovely idea, Sis! I love all the descriptions. I think I would call my style "old world" meets this and that! I used to be in a fairly large house and had always loved dark woods, like cherry, mahogany, etc...so all my stuff is dark wood save for my daughters' rooms...

    Now I'm in a very tiny space and my furniture is huge (I kept everything but had to get a smaller dining set)...I sometimes wish I had lighter furniture but I love the look of old world. I'm very old fashioned in some ways and have a modern pop of color here and there...lots of green. And I collect lions and have them here and there...

    A friend just brought back a pink flamingo decorator plate from FL and I decided w/ my girls that now that it's just a house full of gals, we are going to decorate the main bathroom in pink and turquoise w/ flamingos to match the plate...I have a pink/yellow and green striped shower curtian my son couldn't handle, lol...

    My bedroom also has cherry wood furnature (love your idea of passing that down, Jam, that's what I'm all about...loved my grand mother's beautiful home and what memories!)...and is not really decorated...I have a collection of stuffed animals to keep me company, lots of polar bears, penguins and lions...all living peacefully. I wanted to do my room in an iceburg theme...that probably makes little sense, but the subdued colors of an iceburg. It's very cluttered right now so that's a project I'd like to get cracking on one of these days.

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  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    You too??? LOL!!! I can't "bear" to part with my stuffed critters!

    Giant teddy bears seem to have taken over, but I have pups, cats, rats, a giant Mickey Mouse, (+3 little mickeys), a collection of Curious Georges, & 3 varieties of telletubbies, in addition to all the others.

    My faves are my blue dog (not the one from the cartoon) & my Lambchop puppet.

    I keep searching the thrift stores for stuffed smurfs, but apparently, no one is willing to part with a smurf.

    If I was anywhere other than my high-rise studio (aka: the Sky Cave) I'd be in an old victorian. I love the architecture, but loathe the furnishings & clunky, guilded decor.
    I'd be a victorian, with a 1940's interior.
    The 40's are before my time (heck, they're before Moms' time), but i LOVE 40's kitchens & stuff.

    Although..... I also love true Art Deco... Which would never work in a victorian.....

    Hmmm.... Another interesting thought... If I wasn't here, & money was no object, THEN what would my place look like?
    (I suspect my bedroom would still be the envy of any 5 year old. LOL!!!)


    On prominent display are my grandmas' ceramic (resin?) kewpie dolls.
  12. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for posting your home decor!
    Snog~~Wow!,,,,Very large variety of interesting decorating going on at your place!,,,sounds fun though!

    Asatrump~~I love the Colonial Home too,,,,and the front decore sounds wonderful!,,,,9 lace filled curtian windows with candles and the pink table cloth with battenburg over the top sounds wonderful!,,,I love tablecloths!,,,have a couple battenburgs (Small though),,,,,you described it perectly ,,,simple yet sophisticated!

    SJ~~~you just described me when you said that you had to move to a smaller space but kept all your large furniture!,,,,,,,,,,except the dining rm. table and chairs,,,,,although in my case it was a bakers rack that i loved but had to part with due to room problems!
    I love your Old world meets pink plamingos and stuffed animal decror!,,,,,I've saved the stuffed ones too but have them in storage,,,,,,,,,,,,need to get them out!,,,,,Your home sounds wonderful!,,,,,

    Pip~~The victorian home is beautiful!,,,,,I'm with you on the 40's kitchen style!,,,where the Mom's were all dressed up in dresses and beautiful aprons everyday just to do thier house work~~cooking and taking care of thier familes!,,,I have a couple old cookbooks that have that very picture on the front!,,,,,,,,,:),,,,sis
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  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I love decorating and love to look at homes, like home shows and there is a house tour here every year for chairty.

    I like colors and and drawn to southwest colors, my lr and kit is a seinna/terrra cotta color and my kit cabs are stained denim blue. I bought my house as a bank repro 5 years ago. I paid $15,000 for a 1500 sf house, no that is not a typo.

    It was AWFUL, mosty dirty, bath was a total gut, the floors are not level so created a problem with flooring as I did not want carpet so ended up using peel and stick planks that look like oak, everyone thinks they are hard wood but very easy to care for and never look dirty, except the while fluff balls floating everywhere-lol.

    I have learned to appreciate antiques, I got them from my mom then added a peice this summer. I have some china cabinets and made a large pie safe a photo display. Then bought a large cabinet to hide my printer and scanner in and glass door on top to put my prettys in and not have to dust them. I do not like clutter, knicknaks, ect. don't like to clean so mimimized as much as I could.

    If you want to see my house you can go to


    It has been great reading about eveyone's decorating styles and it is great to see some people I haven't in a while- Snog, Asatrump, SJ, Terch- where have you all been hiding/

    Great post Sis, we all need something to do other than think how bad we feel sometimes. I feel my home is my santucary and would be happy to never leave if I didn't have too-lol Now I need to clean said home and get rid of the fluff balls- Carla
  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I love the description of your home!,,,Earth tone colors and blue denim kitchen Cabs!,,,your like me in the way you like to buy older stuff and put your heart and soul into making the piece or (your home) beautiful again!,,,and yes i have my pretties in a wood cabinet with glass fronts too,,,to save on the dusting!
    Down sizing has been my middle name latley due to moving and getting rid of stuff i absolutley had no room for, and stuff i had 2 of,,,,,gave it all to the local thrift store that sells to support scholorships and the united way and the boys and girls club etc,,,I'm heading over to check out your house!,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis

    Carla~~Wow!,,what a wonderful job you did on your home!,,,It's beautiful!,,love your color choices and your flooring,,,,You really transformed that house into something fab!,,,,,The critters are so cute,,,what a great idea to put the big wash sink in to bath them in!,,,love all your stained glass work too!,,,The pink and red heart with the wearable necklace attached to it is my favourite!,,,,,Thanks for sharing!,,,,Sis
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  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks ladies, I have a love hate thing with my house tho. I do love it but it is too big sometimes and get tired of fixing things but I really do love it as I did it my way.

    DIane you are so funny, I lived in a cape cod like your too. Critter freindly is a decorating term I have heard-lol. put love it. Well with beige and white you have no where to go but up :)

    I love oak too, I hate fake wood, so you have a good start. Glad you and the kitties are doing well- now I need to get busy again- glad you came by-make sure you take before and after pics- Carla
  16. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks for jumping in!

    I love the term "critter friendly",,,as Lucky dog and i share the same space,,,,lolol,,,he's a good boy so the only thing i really have to worry about is Vacuming everyother day!,,,,,,fun!,,,,,,

    Cape Cod style sounds nice Diane!,,,sounds like you have a wonderful palet to work with on your redecorating ideas!,,maybe you can add a critter play room!,,,lolol,,,,I'm with Carla on the "real wood " thing ,,,i have oak and maple mostly,,,,,,
    yes the grandbaby is getting closer and closer!,,about 3 weeks away now! although he's laying breech and hasn't moved from that position for about a month now means Janell might have to have a c-section,,,,,,,,,,but thats ok,,,just as long as Mom and Baby are fine!,,,,,,,,,,so exciteing!,,,hugs!,,,sis
  17. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I thought you just had a grandbaby recently or maybe it was a while back, you know how the memory bank is.

    I hope the baby turns so mom won't have to have a c-section- how many will this make you now?

    Yes my house is critter freindly too, I love my floors as far a cleaning, very easy and is the same color as the dirt in my area so at first glance they always look clean but don't give them the white glove test-lol.

    I told Jole recently when we were talking about desgin styles and said my house is much like me. Looks nice at first look but look deeper and you will sagging, peeling, and unfinished things, just like me-lol. Have a good day- Carla
  18. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I posted a "I'm going to be a gramma" post in March and wow has the time flown!,,,,,I'm saving my pennies for the trip down to be with the kids ,,,,I'm driving so it takes about 8 hrs (600) miles or so,, down to the southern tip of Montana,,,,,,,anyway it's sneakin' up on us! just got my studded tires on the car so that will help if i run into any snow and ice,,,,,,

    I'm with you on the peeling , sagging stuff!,,,lololol,,i think we all have those problems!,,,oh' well we can still work on those areas!

    SJ~~~Wow you got to live in some cool houses!,,the tall vaulted ceiling are gorgeous but cleaning them is probably a chore!,,,,,,I'm glad you got to keep your piano!,,,,,sounds like it would be nice for you to have another pet now!,,,,

    I got my girls a pet bunny once and he out grew his cage so we had to give him to the farm next door to us,,,,,it was a sad day because we grew to love him alot and i guess i never thought that he would get as big as he did,,and we had to keep him inside in his cage due to no outside buildings,,,,,,
    My oldest girl has a great dane and he's as big as a pony!,,,,but a good boy!,,his name is "gandolph" ,,,,,she basicly lets him have the couch,,,,covered of course,,,He was a rescue from a local animal shelter,,,,,she loves him!,,,,,,I hope you's have a great day!,,,sis
  19. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    In our living room we have alot of Native American things on the walls--a ceramic peace pipe a friend painted for us, a couple of dream catchers, a couple of decorative plates--one with wolves and the other with eagles. We have a beautiful Beverly Doolittle print in a nice frame too.

    Various pictures of eagles & wolves including a decorative metal hanging of a wolf's head. We have a black velvet--or fake velevet couch--its real cushy, an old trunk for a coffee table with a mirror on it. One chair that are piled with hubby's clothes and the another chair piled with towels and other misc clothes that need to be folded & put away.

    Entertainment center is fake oak, along with stereo cabinet and we mostly have hardware floors with a couple of cheap area rugs.

    Hubby collects 1/8th size cars that are all over the entertainment & stereo stands, the mantle, the bookshelfs. He has some cool looking cars.

    We have a big headboard with a light that is filled with all kinds of rocks and there is another shelf type thing husband made to put rock slabs on too.

    We are rock hounds so I'm sure there are rocks in every room.

    We have a big collection of CD's that we don't listen to all that much anymore and a collection of records that we NEVER listen to.

    Lots of clutter and dust bunnies. I've been trying to weed some of the old junk out, but its hard to get rid of the sentimental stuff--we've been married 30 years.

    Gave up dining room table years ago and moved the computer set up in its place. We eat on the couch anyways

    I have 2 shelfs hubby put up in the kitchen to hold all my cool tins and bottles and various other treasures.

    I have a huge built in book shelf next to the computer where I keep my cook books and my nice Crystal glasses. No place to put my nice Chrystal plates & bowls--so they are hiden away in the bedroom.

    We live in a 2 bedroom duplex that has always been too small for us, but it was the only place 11 yrs ago that would allow us to have a dog.

    Hubby has a garage to play in and I mostly play in the spare bedroom with my various crafts--mostly beads.
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  20. sisland

    sisland New Member


    Your description of your home was very easy to visualize!,,sounds like you and Dh surround yourselves with the things you love!,,do you live close to MT.?,,,ohh! i would love to have a craft room,,,that would be alot of fun to have a room set up for creating things that you love to do!,,,,

    I love Native American art and beadwork,,,,,omgosh it's so hard to imagine how they did the quality of work they did when thier resources were just from the earth!,,,and the Blanket and basket weaving, and the head dresses and buckskin clothing and all the other beautiful stuff they create,,,,,,I watched a documentry about how they made thier needels out of antlers and also strug thier beads onto porrcupine quills and bones were used to do the layering of beads of feathers,,,,,,,,Thanks for posting!,,,,,,,Sis

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