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    I am getting ready to publish my first kindle book! It will be a short fibromyalgia guide, primarily to help "normals" understand our battle a bit better, and also just to compile information from many sources. I would really like to add some stories from fibro patients to round it out, and need some brave souls who are willing to contribute your stories. If you are willing to do so I would like as much info as you are willing to give (though remember that these boards are visible to everyone, so no "identifying" information please) and hopefully this would include at least your first name (make up an assumed name if you like), your age if you don't mind (if you don't want your age included, i will respect that), the geographic area in which you live, how long you have been struggling with FM and anything else you feel is relevant. It could include the story of how you got diagnosed (or the lack of a diagnosis), changes in your life since the onset or diagnosis, list and/or description of your symptoms, etc. Include anything you think other fibro patients, or friends/family trying to understand, would find helpful or interesting.

    I have not been able to find on here a feature that would allow you to send it to me privately, but if someone knows of such a thing that would be great.

    Thank you in advance to everyone willing to contribute!