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    Over the weekend I developed numbness in both my right hand/fingers and right foot/toes. This has continued and I called my doctor this morning to make an appointment to get checked out since this is an entirely new symptom for me.

    Then, both my ankles started swelling so bad that I cant get any shoes on my feet unless I buy extra wide shoes for men in a size about 3 sizes larger than my regular size. I have never had swelling in my feet before, even when I was pregnant.

    Then today my legs got so weak that I couldn't even walk and I collapsed in our driveway. I was incredibly lucky that my husband was home at the time since our phone isn't cordless and my kids aren't old enough to dial 911 for me.

    My husband called my doctor again and was told to take me to the ER. They did some tests at the hospital. They did a CT Scan of my head, bloodwork, and took a urine sample.

    The CT Scan was fine, my urine was normal.

    The bloodwork showed a couple of things.

    One was that my calcium was low and I was told to follow up on it with my doctor.

    The second thing was that my anemia has gotten worse. On March 5th my Hemoglobin was 10.7. Today (March 27th) it was 10.0. The ER doc was worried about this and told me to follow up right away with my doctor so we can see if I can avoid having another transfusion.
    (We have never found out why, but my iron is constantly dropping even when I take supplements and eat an iron rich diet. Every couple of years it gets low enough to require blood transfusions. I had my last transfusions in October 2006 and my hemoglobin was almost 13 following the transfusions.)

    What we didn't find today was anything that would be causing the weakness, numbness, or swelling. My blood pressure was 99/66. My blood sugar was 89. They were able to rule out stroke and heart attack. My kidney function was great too.

    So I came home after 3 hours with a wheelchair until either the doctor finds what is wrong, or it gets better on its own.

    The REALLY ironic thing... my husband said that I have been more helpful, independent, interactive, etc tonight than I have been in months, maybe even years. I feel more independent too. But it feels wrong to be excited about a wheelchair. It seems like it would be holding me back, not making things better. Anyone else have a similar situation with mobility issues?
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    Hi there. I am so sorry you are having these problems! I just wanted to give you a few thoughts.

    First of all, do you use any artificial sweetners? These cause terrible numbing in all parts of my body. I have had times when my feet and legs were so numb, I couldn't feel them. I have been taken to ER thinking I had a stroke after ingesting nutrasweet and splenda. If you use them at all try stopping immediatly and see what happens. It takes a while to get out of your system.

    Secondly, there are a few people on my lyme board who have these same symptoms. Have you been tested for lyme disease or other insect carrying disease like babeoisa (sp) and others?

    I hope this is temporary for you and that you are well soon. Hopefully the doctors can figure this out!
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  3. elliespad

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    One thing I thought of with LOW Calcium and anemia is Hypo Parathyroidism. These glands are located near the Thyroid and regulate calciuim. HYPO Parathyroidism is rather rare, so this is not a big possibility but thought I would throw it out there. It occurs most often as a result of trauma/damage during thyroid surgery. There can be genetic causes and autoimmune causes as well.

    Here is a laundry list of symptoms. Treatment involves taking Calcium and Vit D. Hopefully that wheelchair will not become a permanent appendage for you.

    Hypoparathyroidism is characterized by weakness , muscle cramps, abnormal sensations such as tingling, burning and numbness (paresthesias) of the hands excessive nervousness, loss of memory, headaches and uncontrollable cramping muscle movements of the wrists and feet. Other symptoms may be spasms of the facial muscles (Chvostek Sign), the contraction of muscles produced by mild compression of nerves (Trousseaus Sign), malformations of the teeth, including enamel and roots of the teeth; and malformed finger nails. In some hypo-parathyroid conditions, there may also be pernicious anemia, dry and coarse skin, patchy hair loss (alopecia), thin, scant eyebrows, patches of skin that have lost pigment (vitiligo) and mental depression.
  4. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I am sorry you are having these problems.And hopefully the wheelchair is'nt permanent.

    But it is safer being in one than falling down and doing damage to yourself.

    I dont have Anemia I think, but I have been having the terrible weakness in my legs and arms.So I have been housebound for awhile now.

    I pray that you can get thru this and up enjoying the your life again.:>)

    Take Care!!
    Hugz, Jordane
  5. LeightonLAM

    LeightonLAM New Member

    I was bit by a tick last week. Is it possible for symptoms to show up this soon? how do I find out if it is lyme?
  6. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Please get a lyme test ASAP. It could be the cause of all these issues. And it's so much better to catch this early like my sister (twinofdar) said.

    Please mention the tick bite to your doctors and ask for an ingenex lyme test.

    Good luck to you. I hope your doctors can figure this out quickly.

    (((soft hugs)))
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  7. WhoTookMyBrain

    WhoTookMyBrain New Member

    I'm so sorry. I have this as my primary symtom but without the swelling. It feels like there is a rubber band just below both knees and below my ankles with everthing inbetween feeling like freezing jello. My toes feel frozen as well. I just got back from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and everything was ruled out; picture of health. They ran neurological tests but nothing could explain it except for the fact of MFS, sleeplessness, disorintation and aches in my joints. Conclusion...FMS. I bought a recumbant bicycle and it seems to be helping. I'm 42 and have a cane and have ordered a walker w/ seat for longer walks. I was just diagnosed today with hypoxia (kin to sleep apnea I guess)so maybe it has something to do with it; I don't know. But anyway, see if your hubby can help you raise and lower your legs to get some excercise until they can find an answer, unless the Dr.s have ruled that kind of exercise out of course.

    Good luck! We do tend to become more attentive when we realize we're at someone else's mercy I suppose.
  8. and I were talking, after my PT the other day, I have major generalized weakness in my legs, pirformis issues, my IT bands, are *connected* to my hip & knee, down the length of my leg..I found it odd, that it IS actually a 'band' as I'd told many doctors, sooo many times, that, the muscle pain (DEEEP) in my upper legs, has always felt as I had a thick* tough rubber band, from hip to knee, that someone was pulling on each end of, and that it felt like it was being RIPPED, the pain was so bad, achy, burning..

    ANYWAYS--a couple of years ago, I was in PT with a diff PT gal, younger, she told me this specific area of weakness/trouble I was having in a muscle, was common in MS'ers..

    Despite the fact I've been dx'd with MS since 5-04, my new PT, who has been one for 15+ years, says, my right leg was buckling, and causing me to fall- that more than likely the culprit was CFS. (GREAT!)

    I'd thought, MS, injury from years ago, etc.. but, there are many contributors to my weakness, spasticity, etc.. but she feels my collapsing, & buckling, was CFS.

    That then reminded me, when I was 15, and dating someone, he'd told me that he was leaving a gf's house once, walking to his car, and he just collapsed...and was diagnosed with CFS- at the time..all I knew was it was severe fatigue..he didn't seem to have any* symptoms of CFS, so, it really stumped me that he was dx'd with CFS, from a collapse!

    Anyways,,I did have a broad based quad cane, rx'd by my pt/neurologist.. and then my integrative medicine doctor also later rx'd a wheelchair.. it really was fatigue (and hip, back, foot, neck pain) that made it sooo hard for me to walk sometimes 25 ft into wal-mart..

    I completely understand the 'relaxed, and thankful' feeling, sort of, when you first get a cane, chair, etc.. it DOES take stress of the spouse, too, it can* give more freedom, my husband & I were able to shop as long as we needed too, even in my back & hip pain, my legs were not fatigued..and it was amazing, the first time I was FORCED to rest against a rack in the store, while hubby searched for 1 of the 2 junky a## wheelchairs at wal-mart once...I'd fought it forever, cried, etc.. but, that night... I was not even picking my feet up, i was BARELY moving...and so lethargic, I looked drunk, or drugged...etc.. and hubby & i were getting NOWHERE, and NOTHING purchased...

    Hubby came back with that hunk of junk wheelchair- and within a MINUTE or so, of sitting in it..my MENTAL state, improved 100x's... I "woke up" sitting in it, helped him think, shop, etc.

    However, I kind of ended up with drs who didn't care whether I'd gone into a powerchair, and stayed in it the rest of my life, for the most part...and I knew that WHEN I could walk, or felt* like I could... I just hadddd to do it.. Last march, I put my quad cane away, and swore to never use it again.. (when I did fall- STILL- despite using it.. I would land ON IT, the metal plate at the base..and OMG!! Also, I'd often nearly throw my shoulder out, trying to stop a fall with the cane... so, I just said, I'd rather fall WITHOUT it, If I'm going to..

    After 6 months on glutathione, and tonsssss of other treatments.. I was able to walk better..though, I still get verrry sudden onset weakness, and direct sunlight in the summer will take out my legs, arms, and any* brain power still.. Hoping I get through without it..

    I wish you the best of luck, and do hope you won't need it permanently, but, if it helps, gives you more freedom, etc.. USE IT. I was nearly ripping hubbys arm off, because as we'd leave a store, I couldn't walk well at all, and would reallly lean on him, holding his hand... doesn't work well, having your 5' 4" wife, pulling downward on your whole arm, when you're 6' 2"..

    Take care,

  9. TallMOM

    TallMOM New Member

    I have had several strokes, that we never found the cause. Over time I have regained use of arms and legs. I all so went from cane, to wheelchair. Get some gloves for your hands, I get mens weight lifting. I love the ride down hill!
    I hope you will be feeling better, and they find out what is causing the weakness.

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