When a Good Night's Sleep Is Just a Daydream...

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    When a Good Night's Sleep Is Just a Daydream...
    by Karen Lee Richards

    "Sleep issues are huge when it comes to FM and ME/CFS, and I've had more than my fair share. After experimenting for months with different combinations of sleep-supporting herbs and nutrients, I came up with an all-in-one balanced formula I call FibroSleep. It works like a charm for me." - Rich Carson, ME/CFS patient & ProHealth founder

    As Rich said, the inability to get quality sleep and wake feeling refreshed is a major problem for most people who have fibromyalgia or ME/CFS. More than 75% of people diagnosed with FM and approximately 60% of those with ME/CFS have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and/or awakening from sleep feeling rested and refreshed. But of course many millions of others struggling with sleep disorders can benefit from natural sleep support too.

    Understanding the Problem

    In order to understand why people with FM, ME/CFS, and other health issues have such a hard time getting quality sleep, it is first necessary to understand what happens during a normal sleep cycle.

    Although you may think of sleep as a time of rest, your body is actually quite busy doing some of its most important work, like repairing cells, secreting certain hormones into the blood, and consolidating memories. It is also thought that the immune system turns on during deep sleep to combat illness...

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