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    Can any one remember what their first symptoms were of FMS and can they remember if they had a feeling as though they had a flu virus coming on? I would be interested to know what if you have any idea, were peoples first symptoms of this condition. Do you remember having a feeling of flu coming on just before you got this condition.? Did you always get the flu, when there were influenza viruses around.
  2. sean

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    Can any one remember what their first symptoms were of FMS and can they remember if they had a feeling as though they had a flu virus coming on? I would be interested to know what if you have any idea, were peoples first symptoms of this condition. Do you remember having a feeling of flu coming on just before you got this condition.? Did you always get the flu, when there were influenza viruses around.
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    When I first started getting symptoms it was after my major car wreck. About 4-6 mo.'s after. I was fatigued all the time!! Could not even go to the store and walk in w/out feeling so very very bad. No energy or motivation. But when I went home and got into bed alot of the fatigue was better. Stand up out of bed, there it goes again. No amount of rest helped.( Every day this was my life and still is). Then the pain started. Pain, pain, pain everywhere. I did come down with a major attack of a virus 4 mo.'s before I was dx'ed w/ Fibro. I really don't know what to say as to how this hit me except my 2 wrecks in my life. Pamela
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    Pamela, where did the pain first start? mine started in the elbows, then went to the shins, hands and forearms, and neck,it seemed to migrate from one area to another, really scary pains, although I still get mine there less severe, and frequent. The really severe pain lasted about 3 weeks, and there was extreme fatigue, and a low grade fever, my bones clicked a lot, and still do a bit. stabbing pain, burning pain, aching pain you name it, I had it, I thought I was dying. Prior to getting the elbow pain, I felt like I had the flu coming on. I now think what happened, is that it was an over reaction from my immune system to a virus, basically my body attacking itself, long after it had dealt with the virus or something like that, and now it's left me with this FMS. Although I think it probably was already present to a lesser degree, and about 10 years ago I had something similar, but without the pains, just aching pains That was put down to post viral fatigue syndrome. I'm really keen to find out how many people recollected the onset of flu like symptoms, but I believe most people on the board probably had gradual onset of the condition so probably won't recall conecting flu like symptoms occuring before the other problems caused by this condition.
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    Sean...I remember well--how this all started! It started with excruciating pain!
    Perhaps because it hasn't been as long ago, as some on the board--or perhaps because I did a 360 degree turn from wellness to awfulness.
    In the first week of May, this year, my family went on a vacation to New Orleans. After only being there for six hours, I was admitted to the emergency room in horrendous pain, passing a kidney stone. The rest of the four days after discharge, I spent my entire vacation in a hotel bed. Arriving home after the 10 hour trip, I was once again admitted to the hospital, with a 104.7 degree temp. This time with an E Coli infection in my kidneys. One day after being discharged I developed excruciating pain in my shoulder, radiating down my bicep, forearm, and into my right arm. After months of this...I am yet to have a pain free or fatigue free day. I was diagnosed w/ FMS and CFS just this month. I went from a healthy person (a blackbelt instructor in taekwondo) who worked out 5-6 days a week and taught classes nightly...to a sedentary person, in what seemed a blink of an eye. I also have a tumor the size of a golfball on my left kidney. I certainly took good health for granted for many years.
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    I was rear ended in March 99 and the pain never got better to amount to anything. I was going to pt and taking medicine and still not getting any better. My shoulder froze up so my dr sent me for more pt. Pain was no better so dr sent me to rhuemy. Rheumy diagnosed me with FM and sent me to ortopedic dr. Dr gave me a shot in my shoulder and presribed more pt. For about 72 hours after the shot I thought I was going to die with the pain. But then relief . With the shot and pt I could eventually move my arm again. Yay! But sorry to say the pain continued. Now instead of just my shoulder and left hip huring from the wreck I have numerous other pains as well. IBS, muscle cramps, fatiique, allover pain, muscle weakness, absolutely no energy sometimes, brain fog--mix up words something awful(at least we can have fun with that sometimes), body temperature is wacky, also have bulging discs, degenerative arthritis in my hip, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies. May be something else. Oh yes, freezing hands.
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    Yes, I have both CFS and FMS and it was triggered in late 1990 just before the start of the Gulf War by a mycoplasma infection. I lived next to a military installation at the time. I can, however, trace some symptoms back into childhood (many of us can).

    I've been on antibiotic treatment for more than a year now. I try to go off them from time to time, but my symptoms get bad again, so back I go. I'm hoping to feel well enough in Jan. to be able to try to go off them again.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Sean,
    As my first post in this community, I can honestly say that all my life I have slept too much and never felt rested. I too have been in several car wrecks by with no symptoms afterward. I've had two cases of the flu, once while I was pregnant with my first child and once only days after I had my last child. So sick I hallucinated or just don't remember several days. It wasen't until July of this year that I started in w6ith the weakness, aching muscles and felt like my muscles were shortening up and had to continually stretch them,which brought some relief from the burning. I have "minimal" peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I used to be the sharpest nurse in the hospital, now I am currently not working due to the fact that remembering is is getting to be a joke. I'm not going to hurt my patients!!! The worst symptom that I have, seems to be the Fatigue. Some days it's hard to get off the couch to find something to eat in the kitchen. My pain started in my hands and feet at the same time, and radiated up to my shoulders and hips. I also have frequent headaches. Saw my FP and had to give a pint of blood to be tested that all came out ok and then saw a neurologist,due to the tremors in both hands. He then told me I didn't have parkinsons' and referred me to "a good psychologist who could put mind, body and spirit together" for me!! Ya know, if they can't see it or test for it, it doesn't exist! I thanked him politely and informed him that I had had the same psychiatrist for two years due to clinical depression that I have had since I have been a little girl. Anyway, I hope this answers your questions for You!! Thanks for listening, Sonya
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    It started as pain in my arms and jaw. I went to an orthpoedic surgeon and they said I had tennis elbow--not that I ever played tennis, mind you. Then I spent about $7000 on dentists for the jaw pain. Well, I still have tennis elbows, tennis feet, tennis shoulders, tennis legs, tennis back (-: and TMJ. Only when I developed CFS on top of the fibro did the flu-like symptoms hit. The fibro started 10 or fifteen years ago and the CFS has been going on for 3 years.
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    During a time of emotional stress. My family had a house fire, there was alot of emotional stress involved. I didnt take care of myself, because of untreated depression. It all started with a flu, not long after the house fire. A flu that never went away, yet got worse.

    Looking back, I had symptoms of Fibro at a young age. Restless leg syndrome, muscle twitches, I was very sickly and anemic at a young age, and throughout early adulthood. I slept alot, fatigued. Sleep apenea also runs in my family. No one else in my family though has symptoms of Fibro. Maybe its becauce I was sort of the one that kept the family together, the type A personality. The one that carried it all on my shoulders. I dont know, just rambling.

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    Whiplash from the car accident had just been resolved by accupuncture when I got a cold/flu that was going around at work. This was VERY unusual, as I never got colds, even when everyone else had them. As it was, I was working all alone when I finally succumbed, as so many others had called in sick. I had to stay home for a whole week....unheard of! Then just after I went back to work, I felt a stabbing pain in my upper spine (right where my worst injury in the accident was) and was no longer able to turn my neck. The next day I woke up with numb arms and legs, unable to get out of bed for 20 mins. or so. Within a few days the pain in my spine had spread to all the traditional tender points. I should mention that I had been waking up every 90 mins. at night for about a month when this happened, so the sleep problem came first. The first Dx was MS, but after spinal taps came back negative (this way way before MRI), it was FMS.
  12. SharonR

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    And any surgical nurse can tell you how the body responds or reacts during any traumatic surgical event. The body is programmed not to respond to pain during this event, but if you have ever seen what transpires, then you know.
    Knee surgery to correct ligament tear.
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    I am begining to believe my "flu" like pain started when I was around 6 or 7, perhaps younger. I had a kidney disease when I was very little which stayed with me for 5 or 6 years. I ran very high fevers and would hallucinate. My legs would ache so badly that I would just cry with pain. My grandmother (God rest her soul) was my wonderful caretaker. She would rub my leg with alcohol and as I think back, I really believe that hurt even more. I couldn't stand for anything to touch my skin when I was having a bout of whatever was going on with me. I was never quite with it.........I had fun and played during good times but I never had a true sense of "well being". I grew up, got married, had children.........Got the different flu's going around.....Hong Kong 3 times. But I can honestly say that I believe I've had this DD since childhood. It just got worse as I got older and had more hurt and stress in my life. I also did some self abusive things in my younger years........Alcohol & drug abuse. That however was 14 years ago and I am blessed to not have that a part of my life today.........Although some of the stupid things I did, and hurt I caused still will slap me in the face occasionally. But back to the first time the "flu" really started taking over my life. In the 80's. I started have times of aching deep in my bones. Especially my legs. I would call in sick with the flu because I could hardly get out of bed and hurt all over. ALL I would do during these times was sleep. After a day or two I had to go back to work. The sleep helped because I just didn't feel all the pain I had been feeling. But I have always missed school and work because I get the "flu" so danged much. Five years I got the "flu" and lost my job, and was sick for almost three years. For almost 2 years I have felt great!..........But> Now, I got the "flu" again a few weeks ago....And it HAS NOT gone away. It is worse than it ever has been and hit me like a MacK Truck. And Sean, I don't think it will ever go away again. I'll probably have some good days, maybe even a few good weeks......but I know, lurking inside of me is a monster just waiting for the right moment to attack! I'll get more stressed that usual, I'll "overdo" it on my good day and I'll have to fight with this monster. He'll win for a while and then I'll have a reprive. Sometimes I just touch my elbow on the desk or chair and the pain is almost unbearable. My wrist will hurt. Oh there goes the pain in my back again, no it is starting in my neck again, ouch my finger hurts........oh the headache is awful. Constant, flu......all the time. And never enough restful sleep.
    and thank you all for being here.......I've never needed you so much as I do now !! I'll try and give you the love and support you need as well.
    Linda Sue
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    Hi Sean - I didn't have the flu when my symptoms started. My very first sign that something was wrong was my constant, relentless fatigue. I did think though after being so tired and run down for weeks that I MUST have CAUGHT something. I finally went to my GP after 3 months of feeling like this and he said that I was JUST depressed. Nope, not depressed. Been there and done that so I knew how that felt. I still kept on truckin thru my daily routines with the kids and work and all. All the while though I knew there was something wrong with me. It was getting harder and harder to keep up a "normal" life. I started slacking on the housework, which for me was a real eyeopener because I was a neat freak to the max. I found myself wanting to sleep instead of mopping and waxing and folding laundry. I went back to my GP and told him that I had read an article on Chronic Fatigue and told him that I thought that is what I had. He said there was no such thing and sent me on my merry way. That was in 1997 and I wasn't officially diagnosed until 1 1/2 years ago by an endo.

    One thing that does come to mind that I had right before I got so tired was that I had a severe case of ringworm that I got from my kitten. My whole family got it. My youngest son and I had it so severe that it was even in our mouth. About a month or so after that incident is when I felt faitgued all the time. I don't know if there is any connection there or not, just throwing it out there.

    The body aches and pains didn't start for me until last year. I started notiing that I could not stand for long periods without leaning on something or having the uncontollable desire to just sit down now matter where I was at. My lower back would ache and I would feel like my legs were going to buckle from under me. Then I started getting the aches in my shoulders and arms and basically everywhere. Funny thing is, when the pains started I thought that I had the CFS licked because I had a few months that I actually felt kind of normal again. Now I have both FM and CFS in full force. Some days are better than others.

    Best of luck to you.

  15. sean

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    Got fibro 2 weeks after knee arthroscopy, biopsy taken, found rare invasive benign tumor (pigmented villonodular synovitis) Although I had M.E 10 years ago for about 9 months, and have had persistant candidiasis for even longer. I suspected the surgery could of been a possible cause.
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    I have trouble with timelines so it is difficult to put a date on when I started hurting. I do think the brain fog and memory problem is related to the diseases (especially Pseudo tumor). I did have a head on collision in '96 and thus started the initial "overall feeling bad". I experienced severe depression among soft tissue and cartilage damage and months of physical therapy. I could not work for a whole year. Then things looked up and I could feel my body getting somewhat better. I never really did feel "normal" again. As the years continued I would develope periods of depression general flu like symptoms, low grade fever, painful feet and ankles, weight gain, muscle pain etc. I was constantly going in for flu, colds, sinus problems etc. Month after month I was antibiotics for a mycoplasma bacteria. I honestly thought gee, this is the way it is. This is how it is to get older. I would ask people around me about being sore when you get out of bed. Is it normal to feel bad and they would just shrug me off or say something like well you are getting older (I was only like 26). So I just lived with it. Thinking, well maybe it is normal maybe it is just getting older. Several years later when I stopped smoking and the panic attacks occured and depression crept back in, I went to the Dr (a new one) and told her how it is that I hurt everyday, feel sick constantly etc. She assured me it was not normal. We went thru all the blood tests and I did have something not right abouth the results. I kept showing up a high SED rate. I was checked for Lupus, RA, thyroid problems, blah blah blah. But I can honestly say I am not for sure exactly when I noticed I was sick. My symptoms have intermingled and mixed and I am so confused on what disease or syndrome is flaring up now. I also am not so sure that I have been fully diagnosed yet. I have really had to do alot of investigating on my own. I get super stressed out and feel totally horrible so I know that my physical body is directly affected by my metal and emotional state. But how do you stop the stress?
  17. Knute65

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    and now i'm damb near 65 been going through this lousy mes for a lot of years. all the regular stuff .Then along came the headachs and pain in my neck that Icouldn't take.Then along came shoulder pain that didn't go away.Thenheadache at the base of my skull. I thought well I'll get on social security,and I made it with only two nurosurgens, one fused my neck with bone from my hip,and the other onn said I had a rotor cuff tear in my shoulder and choped it all to hell,if I didn't make it then I still had the other one sharpening his knife to section my greater occipital nerve at the base of my skull, but I didn't need him because they took me in to a psychiatrist that had a board with round holes and a bunch of square blocks that I just picked up and threw at him, and in1976 they gave me my social security Knute65
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    I had Mono it cleared up then 6 months later, my energy just started to go down hill. then more things started to hapen.
  19. mellow

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    Looking back I think fatigue was the first sign. I have had RA for 17 years so I didn't really associate it with anything else. At the time I was told I was suffering with depression (even though I didn't feel depressed). The fatigue continued on and off for a number of years and then the pain started. I didn't think anything of it at first but it was always there and things started getting worse.
    I don't remember any flu like symptoms but I did have a lot of stress in my life. I recently had a virus and my FM got a lot worse.