when did this board change...difficulty finding info

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cph13, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. cph13

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    Hello everyone!
    I guess U cud say I'm an old timer. I LOVED this site. Always informative, lovely, helpful people, USER FRIENDLY. Why did someone fix something that was not broken. I can't find anything. If I do find something it shows in a weird format. Am I just stupid or is there a trick to finding results for let's say "amino acids" or "vitamins". I never add anything to my protocol w/o using this forum but now....it's really difficult. My patience is thin, my brain is fogged and I'm upset that a wonderful site has been totally turned upside down...well, for me anyway.
    If anyone can tell me the secret to viewing ALL old posts on a particular subject I would greatly appreciate it.

    does anyone agree with me????? Maybe I'm just getting old.
    Change is something I just can't handle I guess. My best to all my ol' friends if U are still on here

  2. rockgor

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    undergoing changes for the past several months. Don't know if Pro Health
    is still working on it or not.

    You might find some answers on the new Tech support board.

  3. daylight

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    If your looking for your old post or someones .Just look at the top of this page in the right hand corner and you'll see a under the message boards "your profile " click on it. Then on the front of your profile look underneath where your username is and you'll see in blue all you old post numbered just click on that and you'll get to your old post .
    Now if your talking about the regular "search" this has been a bit temperamental at times.
    I've tried looking stuff to research and sometimes it works and other times not so much.

    I hope this helps some.
  4. cph13

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    Rock, Kina and Daylight:
    very dissapointed in prohealth. Man, if it ain't broke don't fix it!
    Thank U all for jumping to my aide. Perhaps, there was some web disaster for them to reconsider restructuring the site.
    I found my search and my old posts. I can't figure the order though. Some are alpha, others are not, the dates are messed up going from a post in 2005 to yesterday. I hope they are still working on this. It truly is a shame in that some of us use this as our personal diary. I remember so and so talked about this but I only remember their real now..NOW WHAT? Combing through hundreds of posts...guess I was on here a lot is overwhelming but....I'm back...maybe more educated...maybe I just think I am.

    Oh is there a place I can mark that I want a response to my question or comment sent to an e-mail addy? (I can't keep tract of that either unless I put in my name,chheeeezzz)
    Anyway, thanks for the help;
    Blessing to all
    old, new (especially) and healing,

  5. daylight

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    You go to your profile (about me section) at the bottom of the page it say "edit profile "
    click it . Then got to the bottom of that page and you'll see email (reminders ) click yes
    then any post that you contribute to will be post to your email . No one else will see your e mail account. It's a good feature here.