When did walking make me exhusted

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 5, 2012.

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    My daughter took me into town Saturday , we did some of her errands and walked around in the mall, by the time we did my errands I was so exhusted that all I wanted to do was sleep. But sleep didn't come any time soon. I really hate it that I can't sleep even when I am so fatiqued. I ached all over and felt so awful that I just wanted to cry. I finally went to bed Sunday morning around 4:30 am and could not sleep . I woke up at 9am 11 am and then just got up. But I dozed all day long.

    It really makes me angry at my self when I doze off and on all day long because I could not sleep at night. Now it is Monday morning just barely and I am wide awake still. I am not sleepy but boy do I ache all over. It has been windy and cold here. Not much snow it warms up then gets cold then warmer and back to being winter.

    My body is complaining about the weather , cold and too much walking. Not one of my better days. But I will survive.

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    Sorry you are in so much pain, but glad to hear that you were able to get out and get some errands done and spend time with your daughter.

    I know for me its not just the walking that wears me out but also the sights and sounds~~sensory overload.

    Maybe a warm shower or bath will relax you so you can go to sleep. I also sleep better with my heating pad on medium--it shuts off after an hour.
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    Best medicine is for you to accept yourself with the odd hours of sleep and waiting til 4am in the morning to get to bed. Try to do something, if you are able, to pass the time away.

    I decided to give up chastising myself because I didn't do this or that and am finding that I am doing much better with tasks, sleeping, etc. when I accepted the best medicine: loving me for who I am at this time in my life.

    good luck, blessings


  4. artyreader

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    My sleeping, with this fibro and other "fun" health challenges has been all over the map for years, and for some time now I have found it works to have basic but not too rigid schedule of doing errands, doc appts etc in the mornings (since I can no longer afford car, and can't drive the way I used to anyway, I'm forced to walk--and sometimes take buses when necessay--to get groceries,etc.)

    I usually only have about two "good" ("good" for me, not the energy of a "normal" person) hours to do stuff in, and then, most afternoons I need to sleep for a number of hours.

    I may be the only member of this board who LOVES to walk, seriously, despite the pain, I have to do it anyway to get around, and it helps a bit mentally to just get out of house, and I know that I have my afternoons (most days) reserved for sleeping (anywhere from two to four hours, usually about three)

    I Love what you said about not chastising yourself anymore because you didn't do this or that and you are finding you do much better with tasks,sleeping,etc, when you "accepted the best medicine"--loving yourself for who you are at this time in your life.

    What great wisdom and sweetness and truth. We all need to not be so hard on ourselves--the world is good enough at being hard on us for our "differentness".

    Just think, most of the most beautiful songs, poems, other works of art, great inventions and many other wonderful things were done by people who were "different" and even despised and misunderstood by the norms of their culture and times.

    I'd wager that the majority of the people who are on this message board live in the U.S. (though a big hello to people in other countries on this board!!!), and our "mainstream" culture here tends to be very go go go, lots of people are way overscheduled and frazzled and force themselves to work, and live at a crazy pace. No wonder some of us have not been able to keep up and our bodies have slowed us down.
    No, it's no fun to get wiped out doing what a "normal person" could do "easily". But what is "normal" in our culture is, well, kind of crazy and not very healthy.
    I truly believe that if more people took naps, our world might be a bit gentler. . .
    Peace to y'all,
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    I swear by my heating pad--that is one of the best inventions ever made, I think! And so wonderful that it "thinks for itself" and shuts off after a time so as not to burn down house and home!

    I've got severe arthritis in my back, and fibromyalgia and am also a VERY unusually anxious and "high-strung" person who both loves certain stimulating places--especially if outdoors in a fascinating city like New York-- but can also get overloaded, especially if I have been too long inside a store and breathing in the stale air and all the loudspeakers blaring "Clean-up on Aisle Seven", for example, and smells and even being annoyed by all the people talking so loudly on cell phones and them not using very good grammar!! (Hee hee)
    Much love and self-acceptance and quality sleep to us all! (At ANY time day or night that our body asks of us!)
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    I have not been to a movie in a couple of years. For me it is not the sitting for 2.5 hours that makes me hurt it is the level of the Sound in the theater and how LOUD the movie is played at. I swear that some one turned the sound levels of the movie on HIGH , it is so painful for me to have even the TV at home turned on loud enough for my hubby to hear what is going on in a show.

    To go to a movie is painful for my eye, ears, head, and body, it is like I feel the sound, each note or music each time the tempo increase's and the tension is reaised the sound hits me hard all over my body. I can't sit there with ear plugs in my ears all the time. I still can hear what is being said but it is painful for me.

    I really want to tell the theater the theater owner to turn down teh sound to a level that won't having me sitting in the bathroom crying becasue I hurt so badly from having the sound up so high. It is bad enough that I can go to the restroom and still hear the movie and know what is going on in it.
    I will wait and buy the movie that I wanted to see because I can control the level of sound in my house.

    I am working on accepting my limitaions , I don't go to the mall often in fact that trip was the first time in several years. I don't go out that much not even to church due to the level of noise from crying babies, the sound of the lights and microphone, the general noise of everyone talking all at once drives me to tears. It makes me eye's ache, head ache and slik ot my stomach from all the sounds that are in the chapel.

    I miss getting to know the people I live around but the if attending church cause's me so much pain that I am in bed for the rest of the the day and exhusted, fatiqued for the next two days it is just not worth it to me.

    My biggest problem now is that I am wiling to do almost any thing to get out of my house. I am alone from the tiem my DH leaves for work at 6:30 am till he comes home at 7:00 pm at night. I don't get many visitors as I really don't know any one I live by, my daughters have either moved further away or work all day long so I don't have them to take me to town when I want to go or need to go and do errands.

    Hopeufully my hubby will come thru with a newer car for me with in the next few weeks. Then I will be abel to take my self to town and back with out asking some one else to drive me.. But untill then I have to ask some one to drive me into town and do what errands I need to do. This week I need to pick up a written script from the doctors office and then take it to the pharmacy to be filled. I can either fill it then or wait till the next day when my hubby can take me in to town. But that is not a good out for me as he wants to go in do what I have to do and leave and I want the out -- out of the house just walking around Walmart for 1/2 hour or so, that is all i need. I am going stir crazy alone in this house.

    . I have tried to use the public transpertaion but I have to walk up to five blocks to get to the bus station and wait there for the next bus which could come in ten minutes to an hour or longer. The same is true on the return home. I don't have teh energy to walk in the cooler weather we are having and waiting for the bus to come. I don't think i could walk that far with out sidewalks. I Live in a small town and we don't have any sidewalks on the streets I live on or have to walk to the bus stop.

    Thanks for letting me complain about the things in my life that I can't change.
  7. artyreader

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    and I admire you for venting your frustration on this message board--it is healthy to do that, and it takes guts! And that's what we are all here for on this board.

    I can't tell you how many times I've cried out about my own pain, restricted life and limitations, also, and I can REALLY relate about your wanting to get out of the house and feeling trapped.

    You sound like a beautifully sensitive person (and sensitivity is a GOOD thing--we need more people like you in this often harsh world!) but those who are extra sensitive to sights, sounds, smells, etc are often not understood by the mainstream of our society. And suffer more with all the bombardment of stimuli around us.

    The sound level in the movie theatres nowadays is ridiculously loud--it is an assault on the senses. I have seen a few movies in the theatre over the last year, and I really enjoyed them, but I'm so sorry about you not even being able to do so because of the loudness.

    I've even heard many "normal" people complain about the sound levels in theatres nowadays. (Everything seems geared to 15-year old boys!)

    I don't think it would hurt to tell the movie theatre manager about the sound level and that you would love to come more often but it's way too loud.

    Even if nothing comes of it (and you may be surprised--like I said, a lot of people I know who are healthy and energetic complain about the noise level at least in some movies, and maybe indivdually people have complained; or, if you had the energy write them a letter)

    .At least DVD's exist--I watch most of my movies at home, too. But you want to get out more and I hope you can very soon. It's so hard to be isolated and alone when "everybody else" seems to be having an "active' normal life.

    I go through that a lot in my situation of restricted health and finances and I can really relate to your sadness and frustration and feeling "stuck".

    Best of luck to you Rosemarie and may you soon
    get that car that will give you the necessary
    "wings" to "fly" out of your restricted and isolated situation. Your feelings are entirely normal--it is very hard to be in that situation.
    Peace and good wishes,
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    Thanx for the much needed reminder. My husband says the same thing to me. For me right now, it is easier said than done but..........do-able. =))
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  9. emah

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    I agree......we will be ok. TY for sharing.
  10. emah

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    I am sorta in the same boat as you. Especially that part about the hubby wanting to go in to the store, get whatever, and get out.

    I rarely drive cause of the meds I take and I don't have a car anymore. Here where I live they do have transportation for the disabled and you make reservations to go wherever and they pick you up and take you back home. Even though I am grateful, that can be a hassle too. I would love being able to take myself to and fro. This has been a life changing event. Learning to ask for help has been humbling.

    But you know what?? We are going to be AND we are ok.

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