When He is Near

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    When He is Near

    It's quiet in the church and I
    Can feel that You are here.
    In fact, I can't remember when
    Your presence was so near.

    Alone, within these hallowed walls,
    I bend my knees to You.
    Sincerely, Lord, I seek Your will.
    Your deeds I yearn to do.

    The busy world is rushing on.
    But, just for now, I rest
    And draw my strength from You,
    Who always knows what is the best.

    And, quietly, in tender ways,
    You plant the seeds of love.
    Within my heart comes forth the will
    To do that from above.

    Oh, I would stay! For, in the air,
    Your Spirit lingers strong!
    I hold my breath and listen close,
    Expecting angel songs.

    But, human hands become Your own,
    When human hearts revere.
    So, I'll arise to do Your will;
    Secure because You're near.

    © by Joan Clifton Costne
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    What a beautiful poem reminding us that God's presence is always near. It reminds me of the verse, "Be still and know that I am God".