"When I Can't Sleep"

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    When I couldn't sleep
    I used to count sheep,
    As I tossed on my restless bed.

    But since I've known Him
    I quietly lie
    And talk to the shepherd instead.

    And I pray for the sheep
    Who have gone astray,
    And ask Him to tenderly hold
    The little sick lambs, So torn by the way,
    And bring them back to the fold.

    And He whispers to me
    As I softly repeat
    Sweet promises found in His word.
    And my burdens grow less
    As I ask Him to bless,
    For I know that the Shepherd
    has heard!

    ***Alice Hansche Mortenson***
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    That was a wonderful poem. When I can't sleep or feel anxious I ask God to wrap his arms of love around me. I find comfort in knowing I can go to Him when there is no one else I can talk to, especially in the middle of the night. As I lay there I quite often think of my friends and family and offer a prayer for their well being as well.
    Thank you for sharing.