when I was a bartender we called New Year's amateur night

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by griswoldgirl, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. griswoldgirl

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    --------it's when all the people who do not drink all year and do not know their limit come out once a year to be an idiot! I usually stay home.

    for the first time in years my hubby and I are going out, he does not drink and me I am a tea toteler due to DD and meds. (I had my hay days in the 70's and 80's, do not like hangovers, so do not get drunk anymore and have not in years!!) I am looking forward to it. I feel pretty good today, still have to use cane to walk and keep knee steady-but hey!! it matches my outfit. LOL It is silver and black and so is the sweater I am wearing!

    Happy New Year to everyone. And if you are at home, some of my best new years have been spent home with Dick Clark and watching the ball drop!!! It is the safest place to be.

    May they find some answers to this DD that plagues us all in the New Year. May God give us the strength to handle the pain and obstacles that come our way!

  2. danisue22

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    Hi Cathy, It was so nice of you to reply to my post.I was wondering what DD stood for . I sure hope you have a great time tonight.It is'nt very often that we even feel good enough to tackle a night out let alone New Years Eve. My hats off to you.Thanks again for stopping to say Hi.It's so nice to have a place to share feeling , pain and yes our joy also. I wish all of you a pain free as possible 2003 . God Bless .

  3. tandy

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    It'll be my first time out in 3 yrs!!!in a bar that is~
    I was hoping to feel a little better than I do.....but hey-I'm going,nothings gonna stop me now!!I usually don't drink either so I'll be one of the 3 beers and she's otta control!!!LOL hope its worth given up a night on the couch!!??Everyone be safe&Happy New Year!!
  4. stillafreemind

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    from another former bartender! LOL..New Years was always a zoo..was it not?

    I am glad you are going out..have a good time tonight! My hubby and I are running up to Moms. My brother,his wife and two grown kids will be there also. We try to celebrate Moms birthday .. it is in a couple of days. We do not drink much either..I am probably better off for it<G>!

    Have a great New Year and hope you have continuing health improvements.
    .. Sherry
  5. Shirl

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    Looking at those one nighters with the drinking, was always a trip.

    I am one of those people that could drink a bar dry and never get a buzz on, so I know what you mean about being a bartender, I didn't tend the bar, but still saw the best and the worst of drinkers anyway.

    I would sit and watch the show too! It was always 'showtime' for me.

    You have a great time tonight, and drink a 'soft drink' for me!

    Love you choice of colors, black and silver are a favorite of mine!

    Happy New Year,

    Shalom, Shirl