When is the right time to file disability?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bren2135, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Bren2135

    Bren2135 New Member

    Hi Friends,

    I thank you all for your support. From my previous posts you know my doctor has referred me to an oncologist, so I am really appreciating your kind words and encouragement.

    Question: I'm going to file for disability. Should I wait, till I see a rhumatologist (am suspecting RA or OA lately)? Should I wait also, till my oncologist makes a diagnosis? I'm scheduling with a psychologist next week too. Do these reports need to be on record BEFORE I file?

    Who collects all my many years of medical records? I haven't the energy -- and, isn't that expensive? Some of them are on microfilm by now!

    I'll listen..
    Thank you, again..
  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I'm sure it will help others here.

    I can not be much help but I do know that if you have left a job there is a certain amount of time you have to claim. It would be great to have those reports but make sure the time is right.
  3. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I just filed & know I'll get denied due to income. I worked 15 weeks/part time Jan-May & made more than the $860 allowable income limit per month.

    However I'm in therapy right now for lower back (DDD)& MPS in shoulders. I figured I'd get started while in PT & by the time I get denied & appeal I'll have more to add to my records & with no additional income I might qualify by then.

    I haven't seen a Rhumy yet, but am gonna ask my MD this week to set up an apt for me. He can get me in much sooner than if I call myself. It's in my records that MD & PT (physical therapy) state I have FMS/MPS, but SSA likes to have the Rhumy say so too I guess.

    I haven't decided yet if I want to turn it over to a lawyer on first denial or second.

    SSA will have you sign papers to send to all the docs to get your records. Many gather them up themselves, but some docs won't give you records beause SSA requests them anyway, or they charge you for them. A lawyer can also have you sign papers & they get your records for you for a fee of your back pay, if they take your case. I just found out most of the docs I had seen 6-7 years ago have destroyed my records because I hadn't kept seeing them. So I only have current records from MD, surgeon & Physical Therapy.

    If you can pass the income qualification then you might wait until you see the docs you posted about, so that info gets in your records. If you just can't handle the stress or have the energy to deal with applying then you need to find a lawyer to do it for you. They will take a percentage of your back pay. Can't remember the cap amount right now. Hopefully someone else will post it.

    SSA hopes you don't have the energy to deal with this & will just go away. Hang in there, fight or what you earned!

  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I missed your posts. So sorry. I have to check back and see what is going on here. I do wish you all love and best. I would be tempted to say file now as even with cancer one may not get disability when with our dd there may be a chance of it. I say this as I have had friends who did not get disability with cancer if it was treatable, and most have had to carry on working.

    Prayers for you.

    Love Anne

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