When it rains, it pours... (SSI denial and more)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kenderyl, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I've been away for a number of months due to some personal life stressors as well as the hectic schedule of being a mom of 4 and going to the many therapies my Dr prescribed.

    Sadly, I received my first claim denial yesterday in the mail. I can't express how terribly depressed I am over it, and after all the evidence I worked so hard and long to obtain. With the many stressors in my life over the past few months (a break up, a rekindled relationship, financial woes, medical ailments, etc) I just didn't need more complications to my life. Atop it all, I recently discovered that I am pregnant - the biggest complication of all. I suffer from a severe condition called hyperemesis gravidarum (Please see www.helpher.org for more information) while pregnant and already, at only 10weeks gestation, I have been on a medicine called Zofran (designed for use with Chemo/Radiation patients while undergoing treatment) to help prevent me from needing a PICC line and TPN (something that I have had to get in prior pregnancies).

    Having to now struggle with HG, FM, CFS, PTSD, Depression, *AND* fight the SSA for disability benefits has me (sorry to be dramatic but it's the truth) wishing that I'd just die!

    I tried to contact Allsup and Binder & Binder only to find out that they only assist in SSDI cases. I don't know where to turn now. :(

    Because of my combined conditions and the added complication of bleeding/contractions during this pregnancy I'm usually confined to the couch so if any of you have words of advice or well wishes, please email them to me instead where I can retrieve them from my cell phone.

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    You really have you hands full. I wish I had some powerful and compelling words but my brain is fried. I wonder why you filled for SSI only and not SSDI or both?

    I recently was awarded by SSDI benefits but I too had to fight for them and it took over 2 years to win. I still have to pick myself to belief it is real:)

    I hope that your pregnancy...congrats btw:), I hope your pregnancy is as uneventful as possible.I hope that you find the strength to continue your fight with SS.

    Please take care of yourself and I wish you well!

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