When Life Gets Hard

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    When Life Gets Hard

    I wanted to find some words on a card.
    That would help to get thru it when life gets so hard.
    It seems you can't bear it - perhaps can't go on -
    When deep in the heart there's no trace of a song.

    Some words that would comfort -
    when late in the night the trials return and -
    you're too tired to fight.
    Or the tears flow so often it seems you'll run dry.
    And life gets so tough that you just want to die -
    Or at least go and hide -
    where you're safe from all pain.
    Someplace you can rest 'til you find joy again.

    What are the words you so need to hear -
    That will help and will heal and remove all the fear -
    That builds up inside 'til you think you'll explode -
    What are the words that will lighten the load?
    If only I knew the right words to say.
    To encourage and Bless you or comfort some way.
    I know not the words but this I can do.
    I shall offer up Prayers to the Father for you.

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    thank you so much,your post help so much