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  1. susabar

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    I'm going to try to keep this short but I have no choice but to work full-time, my husbands been gone 2 years, our daughter is 13 and I can't do anything right. I am in healthcare and we are so overworked and I can't keep up most days.(although I am amazed at how much I can accomplish) Some co-workers are making my life miserable because they are," picking up my slack ". I just don't know what to do right now. Your the only people who know what it's like....

    thanks for listening

  2. FibroPainSufferer

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    When you said that your coworkers are picking up the slack, I just had to reply! All last year I had problems with my husband. I won’t go into the long details but it caused me to miss a lot of time from work & I spent many days crying to the 2 woman I worked with. I worked in a small room with 2 other women & when you see them everyday for 8 eight hours, they know just about everything in my life. Anyway, the one woman was very understanding & helped me out a lot while the other went around my company, which is a small company, and told everyone she was “picking up the slack” because of me. I was going through such a rough time that when I found this out, it made me feel worse. It got so bad that when an empty desk opened up out on the main floor, I asked my director if I could move. I did & I’m also no longer in that department. Now I work directly for my director, sort of like her assistant. I took a lot of the things she was doing to give her more time to focus on other things & she no longer needs to work 12 hours a day.

    I never confronted this woman even though I’ve had other problems with her. I just didn’t have the energy at the time but I’m a strong believer in what goes around comes around & guess what...it did! I would never wish any harm on anyone but recently she found out she might be sick, not life threatening sick but something that makes her very tired. She’s having problems with her husband, her father & people at work who were once her friends. She was talking behind their backs & they found out. No big surprise there!

    My advice, which may be hard to do, is to let those few people who are giving you a hard time say what they want. As long as the person who can fire you knows what is going on with you & he or she understands, then forget the others because they are NOT your friends!!!

    You seem like such a nice & caring person!!! I can’t give you any advice on being a mom since I don’t have children but I can tell you that looking back now, I have no idea how my parents put up with me when I was a teenager!!! And 13 is a hard age to be so maybe she’s taking her anger out on you.

    I truly hope things get better & you are in my thoughts & prayers!!! We don’t live too far from one another, I’m close to West Chester, PA. You are right, the people on here really do understand!!!! Your few co-workers are cold & unsympathetic!!!

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    Not going to give you some trite "cheer up" speech. I can't imagine how hard it would be to work full time with these problems AND raise a daughter by myself. I whine that I have to work 2 days a week. Guess I need to buck up and count my blessings. I wouldn't have the courage you do to keep going in those circumstances. Don't know of your religious beliefs, but I'll pray for you to keep going and to have strength to get thru this. Hope that won't offend you? Good thoughts in your direction can never harm I don't suppose. Hang in There! -Buffy
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    Healthy people just have no idea what we go thru. I had a friend turn on me in a very evil and hateful way because she thought I was lazy and unmotivated etc. It was so hurtful. So I understand and care. I hope things get better for you!

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    I really admire the sacrfice you have made for your daughter. Clearly, if you did not work, she would not have the life she now enjoys.

    I cannot believe how people these days have so little compassion for others. Just plain cruel at times. Your co-workers could have a opportunity to help you and never complain, or say a word. God gives us those opportunities, to help others.

    Personally, I have tried hard never to turn my back on those "opportunities". Yes, I paid a price, but for me there was no choice.

    Perhaps you can be re-assigned to a position where you the work is less physical. I don't know if you are a nurse? But is there is positions that are more desk work?

    Hopefully you have a good doctor to treat your pain. It makes such a difference.

    Yes, healthcare workers work very hard, and they are always under-staffed. I was a nurse at one time, many years ago - and the reason I left it was because the work was just too much. Over 30 years ago I went into insurance.

    Perhaps you can look into working in a doctors office. That may be much easier than working in a hospital.

    If you ever get really bad, you can look into temporary disability, to give yourself a break. Nothing is easy, and I am sorry you work with self centered people refuse to have understanding. One day they may have the same thing happen to them, and find out how it feels.

  6. enjoysue

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    I'm sorry about your co-workers. Google teenagers guide to the real world. I think it will open your daughters eyes. I suggest it for all parents with kids. The book is there to read online. It shows them all that they do not know so they aren't such no-it-alls. Even my 3 20+ year olds could use it. LOL
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