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    I need a prayer please...

    I have been in a horrible job now working with two very
    unpleasant younger girls (ages 22, 26). They happen to be sisters as well. I am 36. They call me "Mom". I actually dont mind that but they are very disrespectful and treat me horribly. The have their own "issues" that they chose not to see...and thats fine. I end up praying for them...they really are messed up young ladies.

    This is one of my major stresses I have been up against with all the other ones that all of you who know me know about.

    The past yr I have been stripped of my responsibilities at my job so the 26 yr old could have her 22 yr old sister work there. This all began behind my back when I was on my honeymoon last August.

    I love my boss he is a real sweetheart. But hes also very niave and the two girls play him so badly that he just doesnt see what is going on and its horrible circumstance. You see, he is out doing appraisals ALL DAY so he has no idea what I go thru during the day. Ive been there a yr and half and since last June the pressure stress and tears have been so bad.

    Anyway, I am mistreated and yelled at all the time. I am treated like their personal slaves and I have lost ALOT of hours and pay because work has gotten so slow and the refuse to give me the work so they can do overtime and make money. Mind you, they both live home and have no clue what its like raising a family of 4 kids and a household to pay for.

    I have prayed and prayed the past few months for God too open doors for me.
    With the way I have been feeling I have been scared to look for a new job becuase of my low self-worth and self-esteem, and because of my illness too.

    Well, today the gentleman that works next to my office came to me and offered me a job. He works for a Mortgage Company. Right now all I do is work for a real estate Aprraisal firm. He offered me a job(p/t which he knows I need) to become a Mortgage Officer. He is willing to train me and said he feels I have a wonderful way with people and my personality will help me succeed. During the day I can actually be home and do all my phone calls, etc., from home.

    The only dilema I have is that at least 3 nights a week Ill have to drive to a homeowners home to go over paperwork,etc.

    Well...heres the dilema....Hubby works from 3-11:00pm. Right now I dont know who I can get for a babysitter to help a few hours at night a week.

    Im asking for prayers because I truly think God has opened another door for me. He knows my situation and has heard my prayers.
    I can actually be HOME and get more rest in the mornings now. The hours are flexible for me because I will be in charge of what I do.
    I KNOW the pay will be so much better. Im just really in a jam and dont know what to do with the four kids. Again, thats why I am asking for prayers. Its the only thing in my way right now in getting this job.

    Im scared, but Im sure Ill do great. I do love people and thats what it is all about. The job also has growing capacity. I can excel so maybe someday soon when kids are older, I can get into it full time and really make a good salary and help with financial stress here.

    Obviously Tom (the Senior Mortgage Officer) has alot of faith in me to want to put in the time to train me for the position so that makes me feel good.

    Right now I am in a dead-end job that has been stagnent since I started and if anything, I have not climbed up the corporate ladder, I have been knocked off it from these two unhappy girls and completely stomped on and mashed into the dirt. Its a job that is going no where for me. I am at a stand still and learning and exceling no farther than I started. Hence ALOT of the reason why I have no self worth or self value...especially since I let the two young ladies get the best of my talents and confidence I use to have.
    I know its my fault that I allowed them to rob me of it, and I realize its time for me to leave. The only thing I will miss from the entire job experience is my boss. Too bad hes too niave to see how they rob him of time and money and how they treat people. Hed be mortified if he ever knew.

    This new job opprotunity has promiss. I KNOW its a God given opprotunity.

    Please everyone...I really want to make this happen. Not just for me, but for my children and my hubby.
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    Dear Lord , please hear my prayers for this young lady. I'm praying that you lead her in the direction she needs to go. She is struggling right in her life, especially concerning her job, please stay by her side, holding her hand, give her some peace and comfort. I pray all of this in the of Jesus, amen.

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    It sure sounds like this new job will take alot of stress off of you.

    I will certainly be praying that everything works out for you.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_22.gif' border=0></a>
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    You have brought her this far. We pray that you will continue to open doors. That you will provide a babysitter that will we the perfect person to watch those children. In the name of Jesus. Amen
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    These little immature girls are having way too much influence on your life. If you have to go out for the 3 nights, it'll be early in the evening - I'll bet you can find a nice teenager to come in and babysit for not much money. This sounds like a very good deal for you, plus getting out a few nights a week will be very good for you in other ways, too. Good luck with everything. I'd start looking for that teenager...or maybe even an elderly woman might be a good babysitter. Jo Ellen
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    Well, Jesus said to go in a closet to pray, so I wouldn't worry about praying outloud. I don't read the Bible every day either. It takes some quiet and solitude to do. Once I get started though, it's hard to stop. It's just so interesting and mindblowing information and it reads just like poetry in so many places. The two Timothys and the two Peters are good for short reading. Glad you've joined in. Jo Ellen
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    I posted another update about this job. Found out it wasnt right for me...but its ok. Im not upset.....please read my post.

    And thank you ALL for your kind words of hope and strength.

    <<< HUGS >>>> to everyone here!
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    I will definitely be praying for you.