When to think about changing doctors.

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    While reading "Fibromyalgia for Dummies" I ran across this interesting subject.

    When to think about changing doctors - ask yourself:

    Do you feel your doctor is taking your problems seriously?

    Are your doctor's recommendations making you feel worse instead of better, or about the same?

    Have you been working with your doctor for months or years and you don't feel any better at all.

    Sometimes sheer persistence may be needed before you can identify a doctor who can diagnose and treat your fibromyalgia.

    One patient given as a example saw 22 doctors over a 18 months period before getting her fibro diagnosis and treatment.

    She had very stiff neck and shoulders, muscle aches, etc.

    This patient "Joan" was very angry that so many doctors did not take her seriously. Some told her it was menopause, others that because she had 4 pregnancies.

    Fibro for Dummies recommends you follow Joan's example and not settle.
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    I would ere with caution as SSDI would view changing doctors

    ***Doctor shopping***

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