When will I learn that I am different

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    I was looking thru my insurance package from PPO medicare approved plan. I noticed tha there was a page on exercise and it was called Sliver Sneakers. It can' be found at many gyms all over the country. So I called my insurance and they gave me the information I needed. So I hurried up and joined the best gyn in town , I have access to every thing the gynm offers from pool workouts to floor exercises , spinning, yoga and plataties,{SP}. I went and tried the therapy pool as it is warmer than the lap pool and I could walk in it and not have the water over my head.
    For aobut 10 minutes I walked back adn forth that was boring so I did some of the deep end water arobics I learned last summer. I did some bycycleing under water, I did sit ups and tried to follow the class in an upstairs room with a window faceing the poo l. the problem was that I could see what they were doing from the waist up and had no clue as to what the legs adn feet were doing. But I tried.. I k now that working out after not doing any thing I should have paced my self and not worked out so long. Then I went and sat in the HOT tub mostly danglyling my feet adn legs tso the knees. I finally got all the way in and even with all the jets going I could not find one that could hit all the sore spots I have. I showered in hot water adn came home so tired that I could not move but I could not sleep either. MY pain levels shot up the next day , i felt like my pants were too small yet they were falling off my hips.

    I spent most of the day yesterday resting from the extreme fatique I had from the 1/2 hr work out i did. TOday I still am so sore walking is pain full, standing is even worse. Why dont' I listen to my body and just do 10 minutes of workouts and not over do it.

    Today my legs ache so badly that i want to scream, my pain is horrialbe and i can't deal with it much more. HOw do I lern what is too much when i work out. Who or wwwhere can I get help with some one to show me the way I should exercise so that I don't add to my pain or hurt me. I have spent two days with fatique so bad that I can't walk , my knees stiffen up on me and lock then i look funny trying to stand up and walk. I ache all over and I still know that I need to work out to get better, both phyically and emotionaly. But I am lost as to find some one to assist me in finding out how mich exercise i should do day one , two ect.
    I am going to try some of the classes that work for me. Most of the pool class's as well as the sliver snneaker class are in the the am and I don't do mornings. They have two water class's from 6-7pm tuesday adn thrusday nights. One is a deep end water work out and theother is called rusety joints that from the explanation says that it iis a good work out... I am hopin g that i can really follow thru qand do thesee class's and not make me feel worse. Help how do I know what iis too much ? I only know a day after
    I am so sick of being in pain that i want to cry. I know that i need to loose wieght and exercise I need to improve my health issure's. Please help me to know what i should or should be doing
    I also neeed to do to help me feel better. Please help me if you can
    Rose Marie
    Stilll in pain , tears and feeling bad
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    That you're feeling so badly. I wish I had some sage advice but I don't. Yes, we're different. Have to do things differently than some. I tend to overdo when I'm having a good day, just to regret it later. For me it's a case of "making hay while the sun shines" you know? Im slowly learning to pace myself and STOP even though at the time I feel as though I can continue. I give myself 10 mins, depending on what the activity is, and if I tolerated it well increase by 5min increments. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does'nt. And it seems as though it changes constantly. This is hard to figure out because of those changes, to me. I hope you find what you can tolerate and cut yourself some slack. You can only do what you can do. I'm hoping for the best for you. Hang in there, and kudos for your attempts for better health! Rebecca

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