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    I can't do everything I want to do. My car needed a wash badly, a few weeks ago I was splashed with mudddy water when a semi drove past me and hit a puddle of mucky water. I get a auto car wash but it really didn't do any thing so Saturday evening I went to the car wash across the street and washed it my self. It took $5.00 in quarters and 30 minutes for me to wash, scrub it and rinse the car. I even stopped and rested for 10 minutes as I hurt so badly and was so exhusted that I wanted to just cry.

    Now I am paying for this big time. My arms, shoulders, back, hips , thighs, feet, well my whole body is in pain alot of it. I don't remember when I hurt from doing some thing I thought was so easy. I can't lay down as it my back is tender to the touch as are my arms and thighs, I just ache more than usual more than a flare at this point.

    I know that I have fibro and arthiritis so why is it that I keep thinking I can do the things I used to do? I knew that I would be in pain before I washed the car. So why did I do it?

    Maybe to prove to my self that I can do things I want to do? Well I can't do them any more. It was a dumb thing to do and I am going to pay for it big time.

    I think I can do any thing I want but I can't but my brain does not know that , you would think it would by now.

    I am so tired I just want to sleep but I am wide awake and sleep is not going to come easliy to night.
    I think I will turn the TV on a music station and turn out the lights and see if I can at least relax a bit.
    Thanks for letting me vent
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    My worst day of the week is Friday. That's my husband's payday and I have to be up at 3:30 to take him to work so I can have the car. Then it's grocery shopping, pet store, bank, pay bills, feed the pets, make dinner and go get hubby. He usually doesn't finish his route until 8:00 or later. By then I am so exhausted and pain-wracked I could scream. Then the pain keeps me awake.

    I am thinking of throwing all my pills out and starting over again. Nothing seems to work any more. And on the days I get a little relief I think I can climb a mountain. Then reality sets in and I think "Why the heck did I DO that?"

    I think sometimes the doctors being so negative and not believing that we even HAVE a disease is so disheartening. And you think to yourself, "Well, he's a doctor, he must be right". WRONG ANSWER! Then you push yourself too hard and you feel like ten miles of bad road in a rainstorm. Finding one that will actually work with you is like finding a diamond in your corn flakes. Plus taking control and saying "Okay, this is what **I** want to do!" after hours and hours of research. Yikes! No wonder we're tired!

    Hope you are feeling better! Here's a bunch of hugs from Alaska! Don't worry, they're soft hugs!


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    I guess living in Alaska isn't so bad when you consider car washes. For 9 months you don't wash your car, because it's an exercise in futility. Not that you CAN'T. It's just that any leftover droplets of water are going to freeze, and then you have to scrape. Boo! More work! Then comes "breakup", the snow melts and become a slushy mess. EVERY car is filthy. So you wait until about the middle of May, because your car is wobbling with all the mud and your studded tires have to be off by May 1. Then comes dust, dust and more dust. The street cleaners have to hose down the roads because of the dust. So the car gets washed once a year, so you can remember what color it was in the first place. Otherwise, you just stick a colored antenna ball on it so you can tell which dirty car is yours! Unless it rains and then you go - "WOW! We bought a red one!" LOL!

    Soft hugs,
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    I completely understand how you feel! I had a great weekend...after all it was Derby weekend here in Louisville, KY. I had pain but I was able to visit with friends and even hang out at the local bar and watch the horses race. I had a wonderful time. Sunday night I had to start preparing for my colonoscopy/endoscopy I had scheduled for Monday morning. I felt fine...everything went well...clean bill of health! I woke up yesterday morning and I was in so much pain that I had to miss another day of work. I'm assuming it came from being up and down so much during the prep and actually enjoying a weekend of events...even though I just sat in a chair and had a few laughs. You would have thought I climbed Mount Everest! Anyway, I am back to work today...in much pain...but better than yesterday! We all have to hang in there and do the best we can every day!

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