When you are going to a new doctor ... what to tell them.

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    What to say to a new doctor:

    My suggestion is to not mention that you have fibro, but just tell him ALL of your symptoms and problems that you are having and see what conclusion he comes to!

    Prepare for your appointment by making a list of all of what is bothering you now -- like your persistent diarrhea/IBS; horrible back, shoulder, and neck pain; intense, debilitating fatigue; and exhaustion from just putting your arms over your head to comb your hair, etc.

    Make sure you give him examples of what you used to be able to do and what you CAN NOT do now due to these problems.

    Make sure the doc knows that you are not able to function on a daily basis like you should be and that is a real concern of yours.

    My daughter is a physician and she said that, unfortunately, the minute that you tell a doctor that you have fibro, they kind of tune you out. She suggested to me what I just told you because I am going to a new Rheumy the end of this month for a second opinion.

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    Your daughter is so right.

    I was even treated that way when I mentioned it to optometrist. Just that cool attitude. The doc and receptionist both.

    I feel like I have to mention it though....because they ask about your meds. I have to explain why I am on certain meds.

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    I think your're right to be cautious.

    I normally take 3 printed sheets to any new doc which chronogically give the past 5+ year history of surgeries, medications, differnt diagnosies & doctors I've seen.

    However, I went to a new dermatologist about 2 months ago & he asked for all my symptoms before seeing my skin. After about 20 minutes of questions & answers he asked me if I was ever in the military as he assumed I'd been in the Gulf War & had GW Syndrome! I was amazed, not only had he listened, but he realized he'd seen a patient like me who had similar multiple wierd symptoms & was in the military.

    Lucky for me, I wasn't. But that still didn't help with my problems. And that was before my positive Lyme & EBV tests!

    Still, I think he was generally concerned & was interested in me not just as a footnote for some article he might write. (This was a university health center.)

    I've had some nurses who are taking down my history dismiss my pain. I think a practice's philosophy of medicine influences the whole office staff, both doctors & nurses as well as techies & reception staff.

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    Geez, which I knew that months ago. Glad I joined this group. It's a wealth of information.

    I told my one Dr. of CFS and FM and he just flat out said no he didnt think so. How in the H@## doe he know HOW I feel???? Then I found out that my GP who discovered the crap in the first place holds no weight in the insurance world.

    In getting my records I have one therapist who refuses to release any of my records! So, off to lawyer I go and file a suit and go to court. Under the HIPPA act 164.502

    ANd I also found out in getting my records that when Long term disability gets it they get paid to turn all your info around and use it against you! How nice huh?

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    I didn't tell him anything about fibro, I just listed my symptoms like you suggested. He gave me some stool guaiac cards to mail back, ran several blood tests for the fatigue, and suggested things to help with the diarrhea (no dairy, kaeopectate, gatorade) and if no better they want a stool sample.) He didn't say anything about my back pain, but I don't know of anything he could do anyway, and my husband is a PT and gives me massages and that helps.

    I truly believe if I had mentioned the "F" word :) I would have been totally shut out and would have gotten no help. How sad! Do you think someday it will change?


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    I hope this changes some day! It's pretty sad that you have an illness that causes you so much pain, but you can't even mention the name of it!!

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    Guys, I am confused....could be fibro fog but, if you were diagnosed with something why can't you mention it? Do ya'll mean that you do not want the Docs to think you are a drug seeker?
  8. kdeenak

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    You can read the post, How Many Are Getting Phobia Of Going To The Doctors??? That is where the conversation kind of got started.

    Typically when you go to a new doctor and you mention fibro, you get treated differently, at least that is my experience and a lot of other people's. A lot of doctor's don't believe in it and they will say they can't do anything to help you or they rush out like you just told them you have SARS. They treat you like you are a mental case. This way you present your symptoms and they can bring up FM if they are are decent doctor.


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    I have done it both ways and they do treat you differently - a haze seems to go over their eyes if you start telling them. I try and get a feel first of the doctor before I decide what I tell them. Unbelievably enough when I went to a Pain Management Clinic, the psychologist asked me if my son thought I was a hypochondriac. I said No, why would he? He knows how I was before this horrible DD hit me and how I am now. Then he asked me if I had any fear? I said no, I don't have any fear because God is always taking care of me.
    He continued to tell me, over and over, not to tell the doctor I had fibro, just to point out where I hurt the most on my back (because I was looking at injections). All he could talk about was how to order from Amazon.com (fibro book) and he showed me videos on the computer of him and his wife ballroom dancing. He has ankylosing spondylitis and was showing me how "great" he is doing. As if to say, if I can you should be doing it too! Uuugghhh!!
    I spent about 4 hours waiting to see this doctor and he spent 2 minutes with me. I never went back.