when you go to a real FM doctor, what is the tests they give you/

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trishabeth, Jun 6, 2006.

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    What is the first tests you were given when you went to a real FM doctor to get diagnosed. my famiily dr. had only ever found myofacial pain syndrome which she had to send me to a neurologist to be confirmed. but, I would like to go to a real FM Dr. in my area which is -southeast Iowa-, anyway, I was wanting to know what tests I may have to pay for and if anyone knows of an awsome doctor in my area and share a good experience, it would be appreciated. I am kind of scared of doctors right now. Also, what is the best insuance to get? I am also sufferind with TMJ which I used to have splints and pain med for, that I do not have now.also, neuralgia. Where can I find a good Dr. I am afraid to get turned away. they either dont understand my conditions or, they wont treat me without insurance. I have $300.00 saved up right now to get started with a good Dr.
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    My doctors have given me all kinds of blood work.But the rumatoligist that dx me 6 years ago examined me and he used the test where he touched different areas on my body to see if there was pain .

    I think you have to have at least 18 spots I believe I had like 32.

    Anyhow a good doctor during a physical should be able to dx you if you tell him ahead of time he can look up the c
    charts to show where the trigger points are on your body.

    What cost so much is all the test they take on us to rule out other D's that have similar symptoms
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    Most tests are to rule out other diseases.

    My GP diagnosed me and he simply did a blood test. He diagnosed me on my medical history alone. The blood test was to rule out any other problems.

    GP sent me to a rhuemy who did nothing except upset me. Didn't like her, told my GP, and I haven't gone back.

    GP sent me to a neuro and I do like him! He did some physical tests, trigger points, walking, bending, touching my nose, stuff like that.

    Neuro then ordered MRI and EEG. MRI was to rule out MS. EEG showed I was having seizures. I never knew that these episodes were seizures but I've had them all my adult life. I am being treated for those.

    I take Lamictal for the seizures, Effexor for depression (the constant pain tends to depress you a bit!!), Inderol for high blood pressure, and Estidiol (a hormone I have to take so my calcium works better).

    Others have been tested for a lot of other things. I was blessed with a wonderful GP!!

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    If you think that the MPS diagnosis is correct, a good physical/massage therapist with specialized training in myofascial release might be a good choice. MPS can cause TMJ; I don't know if it can cause neuralgia.

    If you changed your title to state that you were looking for a doctor and the area where you live, you might get more recommendations. (Then again, you might not. I live in central IL and there don't seem to be many FM/CFS practioners in this area.)

    If you haven't read it yet, check out "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain, A Survival Manual" by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland.

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