when you say crazy rashes, please explain

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  1. momof27

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    I have had a rash on the inside of my arms for three weeks and it stays it looks like bites but no itching it has spread a bit ,its weird and still hanging on????????
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    The rashes can be speckled or raised looking, sometimes they're flat and look like tiny little red pinpoints. They almost always itch. They can look like patches of dry skin, which the doctor seems to think are psoriasis. They can be anywhere. They can last a few days or a few months. They vary. I also have an ongoing battle with neurodermatitis. Sometimes stressful situations can set off a rash for me. Hope this helps!

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    try googling urticaria (hives).

    They can be a reaction to something in contact with your skin (pets, washing powder etc) or as a result of a virus, all sorts of things.

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    When it first came on, exactly what it looks like, anyhting that makes it worse etc.

    I'll put my thinking cap on if you can give me these details and do my best to help.

    I'm an expert on rashes...LOL :)

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