When you wake in the morning......

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by fibrorebel, Aug 13, 2003.

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    do you say "Good Morning Lord!" or "Good Lord! It's morning?" Had to ask!! They say that what your first thoughts in the a.m. upon waking dictate your mood for the rest of the day. A few years ago I began worshipping for various amts of time right after waking up. I have seen great differences in how my days go now. I pop in my best worship cd's and just sing away in praise and awe for Him.
    Am eternally grateful he is listening to my faith and not my voice! I worship in the car and different times of day, but never is the same as my first worship time of the day.
    Much Love and Peace to you all, Rebel
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    Sometimes I wake up and am still under the influence of the sleeping meds, but as I lay there waking up I thank God for the good nights rest and for another day. Other days I wake up and "run" from the minute my feet hit the floor and forget..those days are usually the ones that don't go well.
    I definitely needed to hear this, Thankyou for the gentle reminder. God Bless
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    It is my opinion that that was what I was created to do, to glorify Him. Worship is all about glorifying Him, so it feels absolutely right to start off in worship each day. My congregation used to call me the high worhip pastor, because when I worship I get so high it is difficult for me to come down and speak. I used to feel bad that I would lose the ability to speak to them for a few moments, but after awhile I realized that it didn't matter if they had to give me a couple of minutes...if I didn't get "swept away" perhaps His annointing would not have been so strong in my preaching. Yes, you are right in the knowledge that our Shepherd never sleeps and watches over His sheep continuously fending off all evil, so that we may sleep, in His Perfect Peace! love, Rebel
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    to remind and ask myself "Lord what can i do and how can i serve you today." mama
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    Fibro, you are so right. I definitely needed this today. Thanks so much. My mornings are the hardest and its becuse my daily worries come flooding in. I'm gonna start this in the morning. Thanks again.

    Danny in Texas