When your in pain does it ever make you feel nauseous?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 11, 2005.

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    I am hurting really bad with leg ache, pain in my back, hips & knees. This has been going on for quite a while as I had worked very hard to get the house cleaned up for an apparisal. That was just over 2 weeks ago. At first it was just the pian in my back and this really nasty feeling of exhustion all the time.

    Then it has gone to legs that ache more in my thighs instead of my calves. I also just ache all over. I thought that I was just flaring from the over work and over doing it so much. I am so tired of this and it is getting on my nerves and I only have 1 left. LOL!

    Well I woke up about 4:45 this morning with a headache and I was hurting so much and some what nausous. AS I walked up the stairs I was slighly dizzy so I came in to my living room to lay down as I could not waalk back dwon the stars so I just laid on the couch and my stomache was so icky feeling and I was so nauesous and I had not eaten anything since before I went to bed last night and I was just feeling so rotten and Iwas almost in tears from the pain of my back , & legs. I was going to take a pain pill but I was so dizzy that I didn't dare walk as i would have fallen and only made things worse for me.

    Does this ever happen to anyone else? I have been feeling so much more pain these past 2 weeks but I thought that part of it was due to the ever changeing weather and humidity and barametric pressure { I have watched the weather to much}LOL. Now I still don't feel great and my head aches as does the reat of the pains I have had during this time.

    So is this just me or does anyone ever get feeling worse , getting dizzy, and sick to your stomache, and wozzy feeling. I can't stand this for much longer .And I don't know what to about this. I tried to call my pain doctor but he was out of the office for the holiday and as his kids were out of school and I could not ask him why or what was doing this to me?

    So that is my question when your in alot of countious pain that feels like it will never leave me alone again , does it make you feel worse and nausous too? GEt headaches feel like that mack truck has been running over your body back than forth for the past weeks? Am I just loosing it ? or do you ever feel like this too?

    My wrist is hurting too but that is because we had some weather change her in Utah and it always hurts the wrist that I shattered. So I think that is why the darn wrist was in pian and hurting up to my shoulders too. I just guess I am falling apart now.

    So me and my sick feeling body are going to go to bed and hope to sleep. I can't take the last dose of my pain meds becuase I got behind on them to day while feeling sick and not wanting to lose my lunch { I have a thing about throwing up it just grosses me out and makes me worse and feel so bad that I am afaid that it will never leave me alone , I had antibotic induced colitis years ago after having my tonsils out and then the antibitocs my me sick and I was throwing up for days and had other problems too it ended me in the hospital and I had to have 4 units of blood since my hemocrit was so low and would not come back up fast enough for them. So being sick and ending up in the hospital is a bad memory and sicne I was just there two months ago having my gall bladder out I don't want to go there again.

    And both of the hospitals don't belive in any thing that involves pain control. For them I take TOO much pain meds and I am a drug seeker too. So there is no point to go to the hospital for me at least. They don't understand that when you have pain all the time 24/7 that it is always with you and nothings seems to make it go away and all you want is to have it to ease so you can rest and sleep.

    OK I stop complaining about me and how I feel. I just really wanted to know this question from above that when you have been in pain for a long time does it make you sicker , with dizzyness, nausea, feeling icky and things like that . And your balance is out of whack and I was thinking that I felt like death warmed over.

    So have I just lost my mind? Or does anyone else get this way?
    Slowly going nuts, and aching badly,
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    I've noticed that in the last 12/18 months my pain tolerance has dropped dramatically & I am quite prone to getting, cold, shakey, sick to the stomach, nauseous, watery mouth, & excessively fatigued from the pain :(
    Not alot that I can do to combat it, but slow down & try to gently stretch my muscles.
    ~*Gentle Hugs*~ hun, hope that you are feeling better soon.

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    I feel exactly the same most of the time and on top of it had really serious migraines in the last 9 months... They even started to call me "the barometer" in my family... I can predict rain 2 days in advance... lol !
    No seriousely, these pains are absoloutely excruciating, and those darn docs dont' get a frigging clue of what it means. They even told me that I had to be admitted into psy ward at once, on which I laughed and left!!! ( a professor, mind you!!!)- Some days are better and these days I do all I have to do and enjoy every little thing I live. Some other I feel like throwing up and cry my eyes out and am crippled in bed and ramp like a baby when I have to go to the toilet... So I take a medication with codeine and then, I am totally useless... Which of couse annoys hubby and my 4 little ones... But hey! We're doing our best and hanging in there!!!
    Some days the pains are so bad, that I even pass out.. and then when "back to reality" I feel like I want to die... Nobody understand, which of course depresses me even more, so I end up praying and asking for help.
    The only people that can really understand are on this website or people with FM... So let's make the most out of it and cheer eachother up !!!

    XOXO Nathalie
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