whent to work analasis thing yesterday

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    I whent to this work analasis thing ordered by my doc every thing they wanted me to do hurt and I told her it did as I was doing it everything I did hurt in a different spot she dold me to keep going it only lasted about one and a half hours it was a night mare. this was only for the job I have I can amagin what it would be if they did a total eval.

    Anyway I could not walk when we were done not even with my cane so they put me in a wheel chair to get to the vehicle that brought me there and I'm verry glad I arranged for a ride cause theres no way I could drive home. after I got home the pain slowely got worse so I called my doc she was not in so I whent to the emergency care and by then I was in tears I'm now on valume and it eased up the low and mid back but my shoulders and neck hurt more then they have in a long time I have no money for a wheel chare but I cant use the cane anymore cause the neck and shoulders hurt to bad.
    thanks to all
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    Am so sorry to hear you had such a bad time with this. I hope you have been able to get some relief from your pain & that you did not have to continue in the program. I am nervous about going through the program as well. It's so hard to have a hidden disablity, isn't it?
    Take care,