Where are my fellow full time workers?

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    JEANSKI New Member

    I am going through a rough time right now. Between the rainy dreary weather and my back deciding to seize up I am not doing so good. Looking to see how others are doing. Feel free to vent here or if you have anything to share regarding getting through the day i 'd love to hear from you. I am feeling really alone. Thanks.
  2. Densgirl

    Densgirl New Member

    Here! I am one of two people in my support group that is still working full time and the other girl is in her 30s. I am 58 next week and feeling it. I have just started the guaifenesin protocol and I'm either blocking or just not up to my reversing level yet. Not looking forward to getting worse. I have actually been feeling better since starting it a week ago.
    But, as a rule rainy, damp weather makes me feel worse. I sprained muscles in my back last fall, so I know what you are talking about.

  3. ourlife

    ourlife New Member

    i work full time sitting at a desk all day. It absolutely kills my legs and back and hips. I have actually snuck off and took a nap i can't hardly go. I am up and down from my desk a million times a day. I have even stood during meetings. I am here if you need to vent also.

    JEANSKI New Member

    Hey guys. I knew I wasn't alone. Thanks for sharing. Today of all days is a bad one. I forgot my meds, which includes thyroid, effexor (which has awful withdrawel side effects) and tramadol. Told myself to remember to put the bottles in my bag....and forgot.

    So, I am really feeling poorly. I feel nauseous (like needing to vomit but won't get that relief) and have a headache and my back being in pain is too much to bear. Not to mentionno thyroid so my energy is nil.

    I work sitting most of the day and I can't sit or stand for long with my back. It's hell. All I want to do is go home, lay down, and take my pills. I was out of work yesterday and it was bliss. I could lay down and not feel pain. Today I have at least 2 1/2 more hours to go and I have no idea how I am going to get through this.

    But I will. But at what cost? I am having probelms with my sleep which is a HUGE part of my probelm. It is making me suicidal (which I wont, it's ok) but I don't like those feelings of wanted life to be over. I don't really want life to be over. Just my pain and fatigue.

    I work in a dental lab and am sitting here listening to drills....aaarrgggghhhhh...it is the worst possible sound for me to be hearing today of all days. It's going right through me.

    I know I need to do something about my sleep. Any ideas?
  5. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Jean,

    I don't work full time (or at all---I don't have the energy yet, although I have seen a big improvement), but I am concerned about your lack of refreshed sleep and your feelings of suicide. It's NOT okay, when the pain and fatigue are getting that bad. You need to get help NOW. See a doctor and seek help so that you get better and not worse.

    I would STRONGLY HIGHLY suggest a sleep study if you haven't had one. I FINALLY got one after almost 5 years of having FMS and wish I had done it sooner.

    The lack of refreshed sleep over time is getting to you, and the sleep study can reveal what's going on. You would be amazed at the changes that can be made to improve energy and improve sleep. If your insurance will cover it, I hope you will get one.

    Many sleep meds actually make sleep problems worse---you will sleep, but the sleep will not be refreshed. My sleep study helped tremendously. My lack of energy now has to do with other things that aren't all fibro-related. While my energy issues are not resolved, they have greatly improved as a result of the sleep study.

    Make sure that a board-certified neurologist that specializes in sleep disorders conducts the study or a sleep doctor. Hope this helps. FEEL BETTER!

    All the best,


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    JEANSKI New Member

    I have had good results with sleep meds. But I just went off mine becuase I finally got meds for pain (tramadol) but it interfered with my meds for sleep so i quite taking those. I hadn't realized how badly I would be affected by this. I see my dr on Monday. I am hoping he can prescribe something that won't interfere with that med. He is my psychopharmacologist so I don't know if he can rx a sleep aid or if it needs to be in the mental health arena to be rx'd by him. I guess I will find out. The ssri's interfere with tramadol. Maybe I can do a little research into what i can take with the tramadol.

    I had found a pain clinic that also incooperates acupuncture and massage (which is what I know works for me but is too expensive if ins. won't pay) kind of an east meets west thing. But their hours are my exact working hours...I don't have enough time off to see them. It sucks. Those kinds of things get me down. I have dreams of not paying my bills and using the money to feel better by getting acupuncture and massage....a girl can dream no?
  7. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hello Jeanski,

    First wanted to say .. you are not alone my dear. I know a lot of times it feels like it . because nobody really understands how much we struggle. I am sorry you forgot your meds today.. I used to take effexor , and it sure does make you ill if you forget a dose. hang in there honey .. the day is almost over and you get to go home. I commend you for making it through . please don't give up . keep trying . ... I know sometimes I get so tired of hurting and the fatigue that I too feel like giving up.. and then I think of what that really means . and get mad at myself. we can't give in.. keep fighting ..its worth it . you are worth it. its worse today because you forgot your effexor and it makes you so darn ill... hang in there .. you are loved.. the best thing is to do just what you are and come here for support and to Vent .. Huggles.

    I 'm here too.... working through my day.,... i also work at a desk. on my computer taking calls. I also take Resolutions calls.. these are the customers our reg. agents can't handle,.. ether because cust is yelling or being and Idiot LOL... some days its real hard not to laugh at them.. or they get me so stressed . makes my pain worse. I know. .

    anyway ... I feel you ... I to have to struggle through each day... just sitting at my Desk kills me . my legs hurt , thighs. feet. hips. back upper back. you name it hurts. my right hand that hold my mouse . goes numb and get pins and needles or I can barley write with a pen. hurts so bad.. mild Arthritis so they say..

    most day I don't know how I'm going to make it through.. . but I think of how much worse it could be if I was not working .. my husband can not pay all the bills.. he pays way to much child support. so I have to work.. at least until I get some things paid off..

    ok .Well thanks for letting me vent also... its good for the soul....

    Keep strong and don't give in.. You have family here... Huggles... and best wishes..

    Ps.. make sure to look into the sleep study as mentioned. ok..
  8. momof27

    momof27 New Member

    I have 10 children still at home and I home teach 5 of them , what hurts me the most is some mean people have been blogging and say I don't work because I adopted these children and they are disabled soooo that means i don't work and suck off the government for my lazy way of supporting myself.
    That hurts sooo deep because when I could work with this DD I did. thanks for the vent.

    Just cooking dinner for 12 is a allday event, thats not to mention 10 loads of laundry to keep up with it each day, I have fibro. me/chronic fatigue and mcs its so hard.
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  9. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Life's Catch 22s. Keep fighting. It's tough, I know. I take certain meds because I absolutely have to. It's very hard to find ones that don't interfere with each other adversely. Many people who don't work can't afford acupuncture and massage. I have to keep dreaming on that one myself!

    Perhaps you will find another pain clinic that offers the same thing that will have extended hours or will be open on Saturday. I know, it might sound lame to suggest it right now, but you never know, a lot of pain clinics are starting to get on the accupuncture/massage bandwagon.

    I admire you for working. I'm VERY bored and wish I could work. I'm busy doing things at home, but I have a masters degree! Would be nice to use it. Kind of a grass is always greener thing. Plus, you're making money. Not to take away the crappy stuff you are going through, but remember the positives of working (I'm sure you know) and the downsides of not having a job. I know you feel miserable---I really do help you get some relief on Monday.

    Feel better and take care, Erika

    JEANSKI New Member

    I really appreciate all the heartfelt replies. I am MUCH better today. MUCH. I do remember what it was like to not work and I do believe it can be harder. At least it was for me. I need a REASON to get up in the morning. It does make me feel good to be able to support myself. No doubt about that. i've been on the other side of that scenario. I have 3 awesome kitties I get to have because I work and support myself. They are a great reason for me to be thankful for what i have.

    It was just one of those days. I am so glad I came here and was able to find such a supportive group. Thanks again.

    All of us have our ups and downs regardless of what we do in life, work, don't work, whatever. But overall it's pretty good to still be able to connect with others, even if it's over the internet. Or to have people or pets in our lives that we love and feel love from.
  11. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I am so glad to hear you are doing somewhat better today .. !!!!!

    How true . we all go through our up's and downs.. true. I am gald you decided to post :)

    just wnated to say Hi and send hugs , and to let you know you have been in my thoughts ..

    So many times I am greatful for every body on this board. this for many of us is our only support group. as for me I don;t have the energy to run around and meet out side the home. so you all are all I have besides family .

    Take care .. Spirit .
  12. Doober

    Doober New Member

    Work 40 plus hours in a week and depending on what is going on, I would work many hours during the weekends as well.

    When I get home, I help with Dinner and what ever I can and then I get in bed and watch TV or use the computer. By this time, I am dragging and pushing myself because once I set myself down in front of the computer or plop on the bed, it becomes extremely hard to get myself moving again.

    Some days not so bad, but other days it is to the point where if someone just walks by me and I feel the wind I cringe. But we got to do what we can to get by in this world.

    momof27 - do NOT listen to anyone when they say those stupid remarks about what you do everyday. Taking care of that many children and adding their education to your list is NO small task. Most of those people could not make it past day one putting aside the fibro that is a part of you. These people look at one piece of the puzzle and do not see the whole picture of what you do (I guess horse blinders are not just for horses anymore). You should be commended and not spoken to in an insignificant way.

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  13. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    For those of you that can work especially full-time workers, can you tell us if you have CFS and/or FMS and whether you rate it mild, moderate, severe, or very severe?

    I housebound with severe CFS only able to walk up to 20min 1-2X/week on a good day. i wouldn't be able to work even part-time at Mcdonalds if my life depended on it. I would most likely collapse that day i'm working or the next day for sure-DPEM. what's your secret?
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I have FMS and it is getting worse and worse over time. However, my motivation is i have 2 teenagers, one in college and one about ready to go in college. I have to work, they are my willpower. The mornings are the roughest, and luckily my work is very accomodating with me being late almost every morning and we do not have to dress up here.

    I do have a sit down job so it is not that bad and i can get up and take as many breaks as i want. When 5:00 hits i am out the door and get home as fast as i can and put my comfy clothes on and relax. By 9:00 i am usually in bed reading and falling fast asleep. Of course if i didn't have my meds there is no way i would be able to work so thank goodness for those too.
  15. Doober

    Doober New Member

    a FM sufferer, depending on the day it can be mild to severe.

    The day can start out mild and by the time I get home I am at mid-level to severe.

    My modivation are my family too. Also, seeing how hard it is to survive theses day for anyone (Unless you happen to be a bank or financial company exec getting bonuses even when the companies are failing) I don't think I can handle taking a 60 to 70 % pay cut.

    Some people can work and get through the day, for others it is much more difficult.

    regardless of those who criticize those who are on SSI or SSDI, that is what the program was designed for.
  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You are exactly right, everyone is differnt, my case I am sure is much much milder than yours and anyone who can't work definetly deserve SSI, that is what it is there for and believe I am sure there will come a time when I will need it. For now, with my meds and my relax work environment I am able to work. If i didn't have either of those, there is no way i would be able to work.

    If anyone criticizes you or anyone else with FM of CFS for being on SSI, just tell them to jump in the lake.

    I feel so bad for the people who cannot work so that is why i am so thankful that i am still able to.


    JEANSKI New Member

    I believe CFS is harder to work with. I completely understand why you can't work!

    I have FM strictly. It is severe (on my scale-i've been moderate before and I am once again experiancing a severe bout lasting over two years now) I am fatigued but from the pain and it is not an everyday thing. I work at a dental lab in the office. I sit and stand during the day and run around the lab doing stuff. What has helped is I have a routine at work so I know what to expect and can plan how to take care of myself depending on my needs that day. But it is also flexible enough that I can take care of those needs. I can rest if I need to and people are helpful if I need help some days. (i don't ask often though) I take pain meds and use a heating pad when necessary (even at work) i've learned that sleep is MY secret weeapon. If I get proper sleep I can function farely well for a few hours (enough to work) than go home and kinda crash. If I don't sleep I spiral down really quickly.

    When i started with this illness I was unable to work (actually it was school for me) I had to quit school. I only worked 20 hours starting out in the working world and it was HELL. I got help from dr's to take care of my disordered sleep and that helped enourmously. Not to say that everyday was easy, on the contrary. It was a battle and some really difficualt times but I was so scared of never being able to take care of myself and always being a burden to my parents. I took jobs that I was comfortable with and slowly worked up to 40 hr weeks. I will never work beyond 40hrs. I try to keep it around 38.

    I don't do much after work. I take care of the cats and then plunk down on my bed and watch tv or read while having my dinner of cereal and milk. :^) Too exhausted to make a proper dinner but I like cereal and milk also. LOL The cats keep me company. They are my complete joy in this life. On saturday i have enough energy now to drive a half hr to visit my sisters and neices. Than sunday I kinda poop out again. Its enough to get my shopping done and laundry every week. Its really comforting to know I am not alone in this!

    It has been 16 yrs and I am working full time and have lived on my own for a few years now. Whenever things get difficult I try and remind myself that I could be home with my parents and have much less freedom (not to mention I wouldn't have my three cats which are my love!) that usually snaps me out of whatever pity party I am throwing myself! (sometimes)

    Yes, I would like a more "normal" life but not to long ago the life I am living now looked like it could never be mine. And it is. Anything could happen over the next ten years! I am only promised today so I try and enjoy it. :^)
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  18. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    This full-time worker had to quit working!

    I am a stay-at-home domestic engineer. I worked in medical transcription, made good money, good benefits and loved my job. But after bilateral shoulder surgeries and bilateral collarbone AC excisions, I had to quit. Then had to have neck fused and now have nothing but fibro problems coming out the kazoo!

    I got CFS 30-some year ago but still could work. But now with the pain, everything seems amplified. The fatigue is worse and the brain fog is not conducive to doing a very good day's work.

    I feel guilty for not bringing in financial help for the family and feel like most people think I am just "lazy."

    I don't know how you who still work do it but sometimes one has to do as there is no other way.

    As for feeling alone, coming to the board here helps with that. Just knowing others, so many of us, are feeling the same as you, feeling frustrated and alone. Sometimes the board family is so much more understanding than our "blood family."

    Hang in there and know we are all in this together...

    Hugs and best wishes....
  19. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    question... how did you know it was time to stop working ? I am fighting this already ... I really feel I am just making myself worse off by working, but really want to get my credit cards paid off first. I do have disability Insurance at work short and long term ... pays 60 % of my normal pay . long term for life as Long as I get approved.
    but dont; know yet .. I feel I need to get my DX for CFS first . as right now my Fibro Doc says I have it but they don't deal with CFS at there office.. maybe I need a new Doc.. but again don;t you just hate trying to find a good Doc... you have to go through so many to find the right one for you .. I am starting to work the CFS with my family doc.. I'll keep everybody posted. was really going to see him this week . but have been in such a flare I could not bring myself to go anywhere after work . except bed that is .

    anyway .. just wondering how you knew it was time to stop working

    Prayers today is a good day... Spirit
  20. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I had had surgery four months apart on both shoulders and collar bones.

    So being I was head of the transcription office, it was my repsonsibiility to do what didn't get done by others as we had 24-hour turnaround. Lots of stress and repetitive motion physical stress too.

    I would get home and be so tired I would collapse in a deep sleep and when my kids would come home from school i would say "Hi" but didn't even know they had come home. They would say they were going Somewhere and I would say okay and then later wonder where they were because my brain was so tired it did not even remember what they had told me.

    The pain was so unbearable I was on a lot of meds and that was hard to work and stay awake let alone not make any errors. Med transcription is a job where you can't sit and do nothing if you don't feel good, the show must go on.

    I had PT, etc. and nothing helped. One day my neck, side of face, arm and hand went totally numb and I had hurt so bad for so long I got up from my desk, took my things and left. My hubby said "that is all you can take, you are quitting." Our last kid was then just finishing college so I had been able to put them through school which was a priority. Luckily with tightening the budget, my husband makes enough bucks that one income we could get by on, thankfully. So with that, I quit. We did a lot of brainstorming and were able to pay off credit cards, etc., and actually are better off now than before. It is amazing what you can cut back on that you think you can't.

    It was very hard to do though. I loved my job and was good at it. I felt guilty I couldn't keep up and help with the finances and so angry and grieving that that part of my life was not going to get better. And still I am not better, body is breaking down worse, old age i guess but I am only 54 so should have a better quality of life.

    I live in a big town with a med school where they research these DD's but they really aren't much help here. It is very hard to find a good doc and so the search goes on for relief. I keep looking though.

    At least now I have so much less stress of working, could not do it. It is hard enough to keep the household going. I push myself to do this because my hubs works so hard to bring in the income. I do housesit for my neighbor and that is not too hard and brings in some income.

    I do still push myself but at least I can lay down, throw up, whatever the occasion calls for in the privacy of my own home!

    I return prayers for a good day for you and hope this helps you figure things out. I know some folks have to work and they have no choice. I praise God daily that he has blessed me with the ability of being able to stay at home because I can't work. I am trying to get disability but my doctor who was treating the DD's retired and my new internist does not believe in the stuff. But I have so many other muscle/skeletal issues that are proven by MRI's and other tests that I may be able to get disability without using the FM/CFS reason.

    Soft hugs,

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