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    You guessed it, I am from Florida have lived here all my life, raised 2 daughters myself, now find myself helping my 2 sick girls and 4 grandchildren, I like outdoors,fishing, camping, gardening, etc. will be 59 may 7th. very outgoing, love working with my support group,of 160 members. work 4 days a week, thats about all I can think of at this time to tell you about myself, Oh my name is Jean, would like to know a little about each of you, if you would , if not,thats ok too.
    Love reading this board at the end of my long days, Thanks to all.
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    This is stressing me out, I tried 2 times to edit my messages and it post both times without my changes, I added FIBROMYALGIA as the type of support group. and did not like the way another paragraph was typed but couldn't make the changes. what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
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    Annee from Canberra, Australia here.
    My husband GB has had cfs for over three years now.
    We are coping by seeing this as a phase we are going through - a relentless phase.
    GBis fortunate at present as he is able to work 4 days a week. He crashes totally on the other three days and when we arrive home from work he is asleep on the couch within 10 minutes - pretty much for the rest of the evening.
    He does what he can ( hardly anything - but I do not mind)and I guess I let him think he is putting in alot more.
    It is tough making our loved ones feel good about themselves - perhaps another post on this might be appropriate.
    We have three sons 22, 17 and 13.
    We have 1 dog, 2 cats and 3 fish - all terribly indulged.
    I work full time, and drive GB to work. In fact I do all the driving. Actually I do just about everything and I say this not in a negative way. It is just the state of our world right now.
    When our 2nd son Pete was born, he was 13 weeks prem and I was hospitalised for many weeks before his impending and scary birth. GB visited me every day, was there for me in every way. We were in our first year of our marriage so it was tough times. GB was strong for me then as I am for him now. I guess life balances out - somehow, even if we cannnot quite see it right now.
    I read your recent posts with tears and admiration. I am here for you.
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    I am the caree here but since Brutus is my husband best friend, and needs to be looked after I guess I can fill you in on us. Some people say we are joined at the hip. This could be true as I need him to take over conversations when the fog hits.
    Don and I met at a bar when I was in college. We met March 3 and I moved in with him March 5 we got married April 30 1976 and I moved out of town June 1 to finish my training as a mental retardation counsellor.
    I have always had fibro but never knew why I hurt all the time. My earliest memories are of pain and migraines. I did not realize that everybody didn't hurt all the time. So I had learned just to ignore the pain. The only pain I would acknowledge was the migraines. I took fiorinal for that and became addicted to it.
    In 1977 I became pregnant and that year a really bad hong kong flu went through Ontario and I caught it. After Raymond was born I was constantly tired, but I ignored this as Don was laid off the day our son was born and I went back to work at the nursing home and Don went to school. In 1980 I was pregnant again and in Jan of 1981 Dan was born. I was tired and sore from that point on but still didn't know why.
    Don was always there for me but I felt guilty if he came home and had to help me because he was working long hard hours as a welder and I felt it was my job to look after him.
    This went on until about 10 years ago when a locum dr. thought I had lupus. Went to a Rhumy and she said I had fibro. Great a name with nothing more. Don did research and the boys helped me out a lot with the housework and shopping and stuff.
    Life goes on and we did and do a lot of things as a family since when you are sick people tend to lose interest in you. My parents and Don's mother tend to ignore that we even exist. His father died about 7 years ago.
    We go camping and hunting and just driving to enjoy the scenery. We like canoeing and sitting and reading at a campsite.
    We are into politics quite heavily so that keeps my mind semi active and it is a lot of fun.
    Don could do so much more with his life if he didn't have me as an anchor around his neck but he is still with me after 26 years in april.
    He is my best friend and I would be lost with out him.
    We live in a small mining town in northwestern Ont. canada on the shores of Lake Superior.
    So that is pretty much who we are and what our life is like. We now have a daughter in law and the sweetest tallest 15 month old grandson that I have ever seen. His dad is 6'2 and Sean is well on his way to passing him.
    We have 3 cats. tried to have a cocker spaniel for a month and we had to take him back to be adopted by someone else as he was a nervous wreck as the cats made his life hell. They would sit and stare at him. He is now in the next town a 2 hr drive away. I think much happier as well.
    take care
    mom lynda writing for Brutus.