Where can I find a great doctor that understands Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bones1978, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. bones1978

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    Please any and all help will be appreciated. I am having a difficult time with my current doctor and making her understand my issues. Anyone that can help Please let me know. I live in Minnesota so a doctor that is close to the Twin cities is something that I am looking for.
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    Click on the purple tab titled "Doctors" toward the top of this message board. The doctors listed have been nominated by patients like us and are categorized by state.

    I hope you'll find someone near you that will help.
  3. tinktink

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    Hi Bones
    Just wanted to say don't give up until you find one. It is well worth it.
    My suggestion is to call around and ask do you as a doctor proactively treat people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If they feel there is nothing they can do for you, move on until you find one who is willing to actively participate in your treatments.
    Best of luck to you. Diana
  4. Cromwell

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    and still looking here in USA in several states too. The only really great doc I had was in Newport Oregon and she was a naturopath with an MD too. I just signed up with soimilar doc here and see her December.

    After spending 30 mins with a gastro doc yesterday who started writing me a scrip for constipation when I am telling him, I do not recall ever once being constipated my whole life, I do not want that scrip he actually folded into a pamphlet and forced it upon me "in case you ever need it."

    They do not GET IT. They do not understand that digestive issues are part of the whole shebang. Well Good luck. Even the pain doc has turned crazy on me. They seem OK at first but watch it as they all seem to be little Hitlers. The best doc I have at the moment is my eye doctor who I am trying to persuade to run a side line for CFS/FM (joke) as he understands how this affects the eyes and is a great guy too.

    It is clear they all think we are unbalanced or whiners or just lying.

    Love Anne
  5. bones1978

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    You are so correct. they do think that we are whinners and complainers. but they are the ones that diaognosed us and now they are shutting the doors on us. what the hell? They make you think that this is all in your head. Well low and behold I remind them that this is not all in my head. Check my Sarcoid levels and you will see that they arre raised. When ever my fibro acts up my other diseases flare also. They are all a bunch of A holes if you ask me. They are all doing a job that they hate and only go in for the freakin pay check.