Where can I find Tryptophan...Please.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hinemoa, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Hinemoa

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    I have had CFS for over twenty years and I found tryptophan to be helpful. Since it was discontinued in this country I haven't found anything that eases muscle pain and helps with restful sleep...except some prescription meds that are hard for me to tolerate. I do take Motrin.

    I tried 5HTP but it wasn't as helpful. Is there another source for tryptophan that I missed.

    It is good to find others who know what this 'chronic crud' feels like... Thanks.
  2. victoria

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    My doctor calls it into a Medicine Shoppe in Arlington TX. , even tho we live in Georgia, 'cause that was the first place he heard about when it first became available again.

    My guess is that if you did a search on google, you'd probably find other pharmacies that have it as well by now

    I use it sparingly, as it seems to otherwise have a hangover effect -- usually one 500mg cap a couple of days a week if I feel particularly awake at night. I also use a low dose of Klonipin (one-half of .5 mg. pill) and or 1--2 mg of melatonin.

  3. Hinemoa

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    I'll certainly check this out.

    The Pharmacy I usually use is Walmart, they are very helpful and have often searched around to get me hard to find things.