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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pasara, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. pasara

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    today is a large march and rally on the RNC in st paul. I'd really like to go, but there is no way i could walk or stand there for it. do you know where i could rent a wheelchair, just for a day? and, has anyone been to a demonstration in a wheelchair? is this a ridiculous idea? my teenage son's in the doghouse, so i'd make him push me. (he-he)
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  2. colorfulcolorado

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    That's what I needed to do when I had my spinal surgery years ago. They are under medical supply(as I recall) where you can buy or rent. Hope this helps! Good luck.
  3. pasara

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    thanks for the quick replies. the thing that is more complicating is that i only wanted to rent for the one day (even just a few hours) and on the spot. labor day most medical supply places closed.

    anyway, hubby nixed the idea. even with the wheelchair the crowd, noise, drive to st paul, and general hubbub would put me into a worse crash than i am presently in. plus, it is such a police state mentality here in the twin cities right now, you never know what kind of chaos might occur. getting tear gassed would not be good. i doubt this walk will be a problem, but some crazy things have been happening with the police here lately, so you never know.

    he is right, unfortunately, and i guess deep down i knew it. i hate sitting at home though.
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    I'm so sorry you couldn't participate in the activities for lack of a wheelchair. Maybe you know someone at church, a neighbor, etc., who has one you could borrow for the next time?

    I'm really curious about what happened with the police and the arrests and the "anarchists"...who were those people breaking windows, etc.

    And why were there so many journalists jailed? This IS a free-speech country, and unless they were doing something illegal, I don't understand why they were arrested...

    I'm so concerned about the "police-state" we may be coming into...and why? Surely they are too busy with real crime and terrorist watching to arrest everyone?

    Just wondering....
  5. pasara

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    findmind -
    thanks for asking about the protests. the violence here was done by police. not local police, but ones trucked in from other parts. many if not most with no identifying uniforms, that is from what jurisdiction. there was free and aggressive use of tear gas and pepper spray, preemptive and cursory arrests, and enormous amounts of intimidation tactics.

    it should be shocking to every american citizen, but few are paying attention and little of it is being reported. unfortunately it seems most people would rather see and hear the reality-TV-jerry-springer style reporting. at least that is what they would like us to believe.

    we truly live in a police state and people are too dumbed down and vegged out to see it.

    scary as h-e-double toothpicks.